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  1. Na you were not out of line. those fans were dickheads. First, its an NHL game-if those fans thought they wouldnt have to encounter loud fans they're out of their minds. Second, the game was in OT, and getting extremely exciting-f*** them if they are trying to tell you to quiet down.
  2. Yeahhhhhh i was so pumped last night. It was only fitting that kovy scored the clincher too. I gotta say though, I could've done without giving up the 3 goals- especially to Edmonton. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win and we cant stop
  3. Onddeck

    Koval CHOKE!

    haha no way. i think shootouts are the most exciting plays in sports. One on one, his skills vs. the other's- definitely something i love about the game. Just as in soccer, i think the shootout is a great way to end a tied game.. and its not like the team that loses the shootout loses any points- they'd have the same as if the teams stopped after OT
  4. Stat exam at 9.. but this game vs. Edmonton is definitely more important to think about

    1. Dead


      Ace the Stat exam, and the devils will win 10033-1

    2. Onddeck


      shiiit does this mean i failed that exam??

  5. Onddeck


    I sh!t on 19 year olds
  6. If you are referring to the criticism of Kovy than I definitely disagree with you. I know i stand for a lot of people when I say that I stick up for my team and want whats best for them. Its not that I would yell at Kovy but, especially with that contract, you better expect someone to say something. I'm passionate about this team and i'm definitely gonna say something if there is something I dont like. There may be some people who are fake fans and will completely turn on someone at the instant a mistake is made, but im saying theres many who are just saying whats on their mind. I BELIEVE Kovy will step up and i BELIEVE the devs will turn around. There is a difference between being a "turncoat" and pointing out that a player needs to show up, specifically one that is somewhat new to our team. Besides, a team obviously needs people to say something and show some kind of passion, isnt that what we're here for?
  7. Onddeck


    Lovin it. @Colin226, I like that idea.. itd be pretty sick to show Kovy in the next game that we're all still behind him
  8. Hey, glad I could finally get in these boards. Originally born in Atlantic City, I lived in Colorado for like 15 years. I now go to school at Temple University, so I greet you from behind enemy lines, in philly. Whats goin on this season?? Marty has unfortunately shown a sign none of us wanted to see, and Hedberg clearly isnt great. We could use a better defense, I know, but I really wanna see hope in a goaltender. Too bad we cant necessarily bring anyone new up either, looking at Kovys enormous contract. -Speaking of Kovy, tell me the majority of you saw his clutch shootout performance last night...- Maybe NJ just needed me to show up here on the boards? I dont know but we better start seeing something! Thanks guys I look forward to njdevs.
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