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  1. anderson forgot his hat smh.. dope
  2. i would've been nervous every time Patrick got hit
  3. would love the flyers to trade out of this pick
  4. does Bettman havae parkinsons? not joking or anything i just thought i noticed something
  5. Praying I make it home in time
  6. This is be all in for..I just don't want Galch to signal anything about what we're doing in the draft if you know what I mean
  7. Very interesting.. were about to be pretty stocked at Center.. right?
  8. At the end of the day, we'll be thanking Pronman for putting this into perspective.. it'll make us appreciate having either of Nolan or Nico.. giving us a scare of what could've happened puts things into perspective lol
  9. Why would taking Nico result in the trade making more sense? i hope you're not implying that an NHL GM wasted a 2nd and 4th so someone on this team could have a new buddy
  10. Sabathia just left with a left strained hammy.. Great.. thanks a lot Beezer!!
  11. Who would've thought that even with Tanaka having such a bad year... that the yanks would have the second best team ERA in all of baseball?!? It's insane really http://mlb.mlb.com/stats/sortable.jsp#elem=[object+Object]&tab_level=child&click_text=Sortable+Team+pitching&game_type='R'&season=2017&season_type=ANY&league_code='MLB'&sectionType=st&statType=pitching&page=1&ts=1497368737908
  12. Quintana at the deadline.. maybe his price has dropped due to his production this year. Younger, cost controlled pitching.
  13. Onddeck

    Nico or Nolan

    This isn't really a big update at all.. you know that Patrick was set to meet with 13 different teams right? And Hischier to meet with 14
  14. 1. eh, im definitely as hesitant as you are.. in no way should the play of Headley affect the development of Torres. Its hard to believe but this is still a rebuilding team and the team cannot try and take shortcuts here.. Don't forget about Dustin Fowler- I would actually expect to see him called up if we need a replacement in the infield 2. Not worried about Machado's slump at all.. It is interesting to think about what the team will do at the end of the next season.. Yanks are pretty stacked at SS/3rd and tons of OF prospects as well.. so Machado/Harper will have to move someone 3. I'm SURE we'll be seeing Frazier up this year, certainly when rosters expand. 4. Harper is definitely solid (i'd prefer Machado over him). and i have no problem with him charging the mound. Thats part of the game, just like throwing at a batter is.. If you want to take that risk and harm me with a pitch, then beware!
  15. yea im sure there will definitely be results/ videos that come out after the physical tests, there have been the last couple of years anyway keep in mind there have only been like interviews so far this week, so no use looking for results yet
  16. Onddeck

    Nico or Nolan

    we stil have like 4 days of interviews right? which means we wont see any of the physical combine work till later in the week
  17. nice dude! im technically in northern liberties, but definitely a lot of cool spots... i never get to barcade as much as i should though
  18. Onddeck


    The WORST... I'm sure he's a great brewer himself too smh
  19. Onddeck


    nice man, let me know how you like it! i also have really started to like Flying Dog brewery (Snake Dog IPA & The Truth imperial IPA)
  20. hahahah yea i went through and saw those posts, love reading our pre-lottery thoughts
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