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  1. Will be in attendance tonight thanks to the free tickets with the app. Tough that's they just played last night though LGD!
  2. what an odd exchange.. anybody who's anybody shouldn't be saying ANYBODY is "robbing us blind this year" when we're 5 games into the year... smh
  3. nice dude! since i made that post above, i bought a 2011 G25x.. super stoked on it!
  4. OMG HALL and ANOTHER sick dish from Zacha!
  5. would've killed to see this game live. what an exciting one! and how fitting is it that two guys who used to play together worked together to get a game winning BEAUTY! LGD
  6. cool yep, figured it out. got lower level seats on that Sat TB game... so sick!
  7. alright so do you just click on the game, choose any seats and then enter your promo code? im about to get the tickets but am i missing something somewhere that says I can only choose from "these" seats?
  8. yea mine took like two days.. just got my email like 10 mins ago
  9. LGD!!!!!!! hoping for that free Center Ice preview
  10. It's impossible to not like this addition. hes a very solid player- I remember just like two years ago I was hoping he or ROR would end up a Devil No risk, high reward. It's concerning why he was ever on waivers in the first place but I'm excited to see where they play him
  11. thats awesome. but they also have Voracek rated the same overall as Hall (90)
  12. he's doing something everyone else in his position would be doing
  13. haha back to where we were this morning
  14. like most, i still cannot believe the Devils may still be a finalist to land the kid.. ill take him any day of the week!
  15. i mentioned this in the other thread but I was i Edgewater the other week and it was like a part of NJ i've never seen. Beautiful place, and im sure all those towns along the river are
  16. wayyyyyy OT: but is anyone here from Edgewater? I was there this past weekend and that place is soooo nice
  17. thats a slippery slope of saying "sign in NJ because we're close to NY.."
  18. ill admit- i wouldn't have known the answer here
  19. yea you HAVE to be thrilled with this contract. great news!
  20. Onddeck


    WOWWW... this is awesome
  21. i cant believe Vern Fiddler is a real name
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