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  1. well he's now traded away Seguin and Hall
  2. could you imagine if you added Hall and Shattenkirk to this team... awesome
  3. if you go for Shattenkirk just make sure you understand theres a risk that he leaves for nothing next year.. thats why im not giving up much for him
  4. careful.. isn't he a FA next year?
  5. but shouldn't we look to replace Larsson's defense?
  6. the excitement of this trade is definitely carrying into free agency because its almost clear that Shero isn't done. what concerns me, though, is that i thought i saw a quote in the other thread how Shero said he's going to target an offensive Dman- which is scary considering its Larsson's defense that the team will be missing most
  7. im actually shocked. i always thought he was just a guy you didn't want to play against. ive seen videos of him helping out kids in the hospital, etc.. and he has always seemed like a genuine guy off the ice. im actually extremely surprised, i would've thought Nashville won this trade
  8. wow. i don't even know where to begin. I wasn't able to comment yesterday but just got done reading through all these comments- Derek21 great write up! and this is a no-brainer to me, i love this trade. Lars was a solid player and i loved rooting for a guy we drafted. He is a solid Dman but hasn't seemed to live up to the potential, especially on the offensive end. Even defensively, though, i know i've seen him flat footed at times. Now we have a superstar for the next 4 years at an extremely affordable price, unreal. And we all know Shero isn't done. LGD!!
  9. found where our offense is gonna come from
  10. so i havn't had the time to post like i used to lately, but im still always looking at rosters/standings, no worries. i had moved up to 4th a couple weeks ago (all-time high) but now im sitting back in 8th... smh
  11. the trade is a steal from a baseball standpoint, without a doubt. obviously it's Chapman's off the field issues that led to him being had for so little. once we find out what really happened in that case, we can get a better idea of how much use we'll get out of the new closer. I would hope (and guess) that the yanks did their hw on him before making the trade. Keep in mind that at last years trade deadline, the Reds were asking for two of either Judge, Severino, and Bird for Chapman. So yea, this was a major drop in asking price. Jaigelo could be a decent hitter but his defense is rumored to be pretty awful.. we basically gave up close to nothing... although I will say that Rookie Davis is an A+ baseball name
  12. o yea. Eaglejelly trades: John Tavares Dirty Mike & the Boys trades: Victor Hedman Alex Galchenyuk
  13. yea but it's been said that Ackleys arm is shot after he had TJS.. He might not be able to play 3B.I was a fan of the Castro trade, but am slightly confused by the dealing of Wilson. I had said that trading away Warren was fine because we have guys like Wilson.. Now we gotta hope Lindgren, etc can step up I saw one of those prospects posted like an 8+ ERA last year in the minors... Woof.. The trade just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. My guess is that Cash is going to flip at least one of those guys. I still trust him to send out a solid bullpen in 2016
  14. he started this point streak like the day after he was traded smh... lmao
  15. a backup 3B isn't a terrible idea with the last roster spot btw.. but i agree, i hope we're not done.. i think we have a huge hole that needs filled as far as SP goes, and would like to add another arm in the bullpen
  16. Yankees deal Warren and a player to be named (might actually be Brendan Ryan) to the Cubs for Starlin Castro. I know Warren was a reliable arm out of the bullpen, but I am a fan of this trade. First of all, Warren has expressed multiple times that he wants to be a starter, and I just don't see how he can do that in NY. We get a solid young 2B to play next to Didi. I know Castro didn't have a great year but he showed what he can do in 2014 and I think he has a bunch of potential You gotta expect that Refs is going to get traded. Mgmt does not see something in him. Next on the list is starting pitching.. And then I'd like to see a move to solidify the bullpen also
  17. Let's go boys! This game to me is the Habs to SD... Or the rags to everyone else LGD!!
  18. Winter meetings coming up, Yankees names keep coming up in rumors, which is to be expected. The consensus is that they're looking for young, cost/year controlled pitching.. Which I'm all for. Looks like Atl will be asking too much for Shelby Miller,but he would be ideal. I'd be very surprised if our Miller gets traded, but I think there's a decent shot to trade Gardner. I would love it if we could get our hands on one of those pitchers from Cleveland..
  19. beautiful. absolutely beautiful. tied it with 20 secs left and win it in OT?? this is exactly the type of game we'd lose last year. night and day in comparison to last year.
  20. good for him, i hope he can find himself a nice spot there.
  21. I wouldn't have done the Castro trade anyway. Castro isn't anything special to be honest
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