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  1. well yea i guess Gelly is the worst out of them.. but think about it, Merril is the only one worth giving up that will get you anything in return.. as stated above, Gelinas isn't bringing you back anything
  2. he is having a great start to the year... but the people had a point in criticizing Zajac.. there were times last year when he absolutely could not finish.. like borderline open net shots he'd miss. i would never defend a single facebook fan.. but i know i criticized him some Zajac in the past, and it was warranted
  3. btw are our keepers just for next year? or like forever? haha
  4. Zajac getting some well-deserved love http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=787774
  5. i feel like the devils tonight had more shots than they knew what to do with. seriously! this game could've EASILY been 8-0. how many one-timers/ point blank/ breakaways were they unable to convert on? awesome, just awesome. the pens on the other hand didn't even look like they belong in the NHL, they looked like they were standing still
  6. oh no way!!! I cannot believe I missed it. fvck. Ughhhh. Is this the only one?
  7. oh my god.. I can't even imagine.. and could never even begin to understand what they went through
  8. Absolutely disgusting. Hang in there buddy. Prayers with the French people, absolutely
  9. the Pirela trade is whatever, the guy wasn't gonna help this organization. Dealing away Murphy makes too much sense. I do like him and think he will be a solid player, but hes obviously blocked my McCann... and you knew Sanchez was going to get an opportunity. But for Aaron Hicks? I don't know how to interpret the return. On one hand, we get a young player who can run the bases and can be an exceptional outfielder... which is where my questions arise- what on earth is our outfield going to look like next year? I am very hopeful we land Heyward this year and, although I do not think adding Hicks will erase that, it does mean that a lot more will have to happen. Is Gardy going to be traded? Beltran is probably just going to sit next year, to be honest.. my bet is that its either going to be Gardner, Ellsbury, Hicks or.. Hicks, Ellsbury, and Heyward. A lot of questions here, but could make for an exciting offseason
  10. o i definitely agree that i would not let a logjam in the outfield prevent a Heyward signing.. just with how the Yanks have been true about this luxury tax promise, I would be a little surprise if they let Beltran's contract just waste away... and sign a huge contract for Heyward, especially before our other huge contracts come off the books.
  11. great write-up, basically everything i would have wanted to touch on. Heyward is the going to be the best hitting FA signing until Harper in three years. I would love if they threw money at Heyward (he's only 26!). of course, like you said, we'd then have a logjam. arguably the only movable player the Yankees have is Garnder, and that is certainly an option. otherwise, Beltran will have to settle for a PH role. The other big question mark (for the best I guess) is this scenario at first base. Are we really going to sit Bird the whole year? At his age, that has to stint his growth. The better option would be to send him down to play everyday, but that sucks too. Tex isn't EXTREMELY unmovable, just has that no-trade clause. Teams may actually pay solid for a great-fielding 1B that can absolutely rake the ball. I still think SP is an area of need (although we have talent, they are inconsistent and wayyyy too often injured)
  12. so bummed i missed this one. i caught the nhl.com highlights, but im still gonna be looking for the fights and the Larsson play. How big did that reversed goal turn out to be? awesome
  13. are there any potential suspension repurcussions with a misconduct? If so that absolutely needs to be reviewed from the NHL office. Unreal. But a great W. Look at our schedule the past week and the week ahead. Philly (always tough), Chicago, Vancouver, Chicago, Pitt- we'really playing well at a great time In case you didnt kno, we're playing pretty aqesome you guys.. and fun to watch!
  14. stop dude we're trying to read the thread. SD is completely in the right here
  15. awesome. super bummed i didn't get to see the whole game. but what a fantastic result. if its a continuation of how they have been playing, then i know it was fun to watch. i've seen the highlights, though, and wow did Palmieri have a great game. he sniped that 2nd goal past Mason, and what an awesome feed to zajac- who had another strong game. Offensively producing Zajac is my favorite Zajac .
  16. Can somebody please land a big hit? One time...
  17. Damn.. that was quick. We were playing so well too. Wtf??
  18. Holyyyy sh!t. This is the most exciting hockey I've seen this team play in years. What a shift!!!
  19. yea that was such a solid pp. I feel like we had 8 sog on the pp alone
  20. I'm bummed I missed out on Crawford's SO last night lol o well!
  21. What the hell was go supposed to do there,sit there while Johnson tries to murder him? That's a bullsh!t double minor
  22. Hahaha Bobby Farnham is such a goon name. Awesome. In reality though I'm sure we won't be seeing too much of the guy. Is he being sent right to the ahl or are we keeping him up?
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