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  1. Better not give em back the first..
  2. If Sid sits this one out.. I'll watch it.
  3. Hopkins is 6ft, i'd say thats not bad at all. Would like to see a good playmaker for kovy n zach.
  4. This is our chance to grab a centerman, Though I'm Really liking the looks of Landeskog.. its just gonna be terrible to see edmonton pick in the top 5 yet again, gonna be the next pittsburgh. Larson would be nice, but we had our defensive days.. lets start putting the puck in the net.
  5. Would be nice to see Nugent-Hopkins in the mix..
  6. Atta boy. This kids awesome.
  7. Patty is the sh!t. You hit the nail right on the head on that one. The mans dedicated, and is hell of a player.
  8. I wouldn't mind cotourier @ all..Kids a big body and has good vision. Btw.. Canada is winning this game. Lets go boys.
  9. Whatthechuk


    This is fantastic. Chelios seems to like the AHL, maybe rolston can feel good again. He stinks, and bringing anyone up is better. +1 on the move lou.
  10. Gf Bought me mini devils stanley cup, devils hoodie, devils sportsbag, devils puck before the season started. I think im the jinx.. terrible situation.
  11. Get the win so I can hear Coach Budreux tear up the caps on HBO. Shows unbelievable.. Go Devs.
  12. Im just hoping for a totally different looking squad with Zach/Kovy anchoring em. I could care less if they dumped everyone but the top 2 and tends. Pay what you have to do get a great puck moving D, and we should be contenders again next year.
  13. Pretty slow second, lets hope we come out with some fire in the third.
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