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  1. Wouldn't this be a conflict of interest? How can you be part of a team making decisions that would effect teams your competing against? I wonder what would happen if by some miracle he is able to play again, and if he assured the league he can't play agian then why wouldn't they force him to retire? Also isn't collusion to have a understanding with the league that he won't play again? I could understand a job in the offices with the Flyers but not with the league.
  2. Scott Gomez returning? http://www.fansfavorite.com/2014/08/sources-scott-gomez-to-return-to-nj.html Apparently he was seen on the ice at the prudential center.
  3. I'm sure the ratings are effected by the fact that you can't even find the game on TV half the time. Half of the games are on some obscure channel in 1984 low def, can;t even see the puck in the blur. I have cablevision in Morris County and they plain suck.
  4. I really hate that they don't postpone games or issue a refund, im a season ticket holder who has a hour drive without snow most games. Guess ill try some friends in NY since they can get to the game by train unlike most NJ residents.
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    I guess I am a lurker on these boards but after tonight's game I have to post. I have tickets in the lower black seats at prudential center row 2 by the flyers we have had the seats for years including in the old stadium. Most games are quite with rival teams we get some banter or chanting this Includes many flyers fans in the past.. Tonight we got attacked by 3 drunk violent fans unprovoked and witnessed 4 other Philly fans all men walking up from section 7 attack 3 young women trying to punch them and then 2 young men trying to fight anyone on their way out. How does the NHL not report on this? I have witnessed 17 years of devils hockey and never seen such a violent disrespectful group of fans. I have a video I will post a link Tom it is on YouTube It's the three guys who attacked us and then attacked the women after the video.
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