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  1. adam85491

    Go Pelley Go!

    Exactly why did you post your jersey? I recommend getting a better camera, as the green looks black.
  2. I would kill for standard definition, let alone HD. The struggles of a south jerseyian...
  3. i think it's absurd there's a flyers plate
  4. UFC and boxing focus strictly on fighting and shots to the head. Why is a 30 second fight in a game considered to be more deadly than the career paths in those respective sports? It's been a staple of this game ever since the first puck was dropped. With the decrease of illegal hits and new advances in equipment, players are safer today than they have been in the past. Granted that all goes out the window during a fight, but I just think there would be far more cases popping up if fighting was that bad for the game. I'm falling asleep so this argument might not be overly strong.
  5. elias and urbom have had the worst games of their seasons tonight
  6. urbom has been awful tonight
  7. pierre is usually a twad. even when he praises the devils which is incredibly rare, he's still a twad
  9. adam85491

    Just STOP

    I go to the games and I'll be willing to meet face to face with anyone that has an issue with me. I can only make myself so accessible given that it takes two hours to drive to the arena (see what I did there?!?!)
  10. it's not the goalies its not the offense it's the defense. and if you can't see it now, you never will
  11. Not to be mean, but, you're blind or stupid if you're seeing this.
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