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  1. The "Elite Eight" started. Matchups are: Madden vs Marty Nieds vs Lemieux Parise vs Stevens Elias vs Daneyko http://public.bracketeers.com/matchup.php?id=471&m=57
  2. Haha. Round 3 underway. I already voted and don't have the direct link, but if you go to http://public.bracketeers.com/booth.php and then click on Favorite Devil of All Time link you can vote.
  3. Round 2 underway! http://public.bracketeers.com/matchup.php?id=471
  4. Round 2 is underway. Thanks to all who voted in round 1. Here are the matchups: http://public.bracketeers.com/matchup.php?id=471 Marty vs. Stastny Kovalchuk vs. Brylin Rafalski vs. Langs Chorske vs. Madden Nieds vs. Terreri Peluso vs Gionta Johnny Mac vs White Lemieux vs. McKay Sykora vs Stevens Broten vs. Richer Rolston vs. Parise Mogilny vs Andreychuk Elias vs Arnott Pandolfo vs Gomez Zajac vs Daneyko Muller vs Holik Happy voting! woops, posted in wrong thread. Would mod be so kind as to move this? Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately, no. I picked players who were with the team for more than 2 seasons. It was difficult picking only 64. It was purely random for the seeding, except for the top 8. I didn't really put much thought in the seeding.
  6. I'm sure similar things like this have been done before, but I made a march madness type bracket with 64 former/current Devils players. I'm curious as to who will end as fan favorite. And this is your favorite, not who you think is the greatest/best player, but for some of you that might mean the same thing. I'm sure that there will be some players that you may find should have been on here, and some should not have. I tried to do the best I could for only 64 players. Each round is 48 hours of voting and I'll post when the next round is available. Happy voting! http://public.bracketeers.com/matchup.php?id=471&m=1
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