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  1. They retain Lemaire b/c his style will give Brodeur the most chance to get shutouts to add to his stats. Screw the team's chances at the Stanley cup, that's not as important.
  2. The Devils shot themselves in the foot by playing Blowdoor after Moose was on a roll as the above poster said. I guess he had to try to get his 30 wins, that was the most important thing.
  3. I would have selected "love them all" if Brodeur wasn't on the list.
  4. I hope Moose can get a start. Why are they letting him cool off? Anyone notice how brodeur stopped having all these injuries after the team started playing better?
  5. I fully support his family's wishes. The sooner we get spoiler brats out of the game, the better.
  6. He was a victim of circumstance? I think not. The team was a victim of HIM. Good riddance.
  7. Good, then we have a good chance to continue the streak!
  8. There's a nice dual-rink in Parsippany that is free, near exit 42 off 287. I suggest staging this at 3 locations: north, central, and south. Few will drive across the entire state to play some roller. Good idea tho!
  9. I am vegetarian and outraged that the Devils promote such thing. Meat is murder.
  10. Let's hope Lemaire puts some defensemen on the point during the power plays today.
  11. Why would the coach put two forwards on the point on the power play with a one goal lead and only 7 minutes remaining?
  12. They should have sold prior to moving to Newark. Who would buy them now? I'd love to see how much they've been losing since moving, and it will get even worse now the novelty of a new arena has worn off.
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