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  1. vipbox.tv atdee.net (formerly atdhenet.tv) myp2p.cd As always, don't click to download anything, the pop-up boxes can be closed out, some are time delayed.
  2. I agree. There is a price for everything I suppose, but I'd rather see this kid develop in NJ. The sky is the limit with him. NJ has always been solid on scouting which leads me to think there is no way they move a 4th overall pick two years after selection. If they do move him, the return had better bring out the "O" face.
  3. What's all this Gomez to the Ducks talk when he (Gomez) has been with San Jose for almost three days practicing? I would think the Sharks would be the hottest rumor right now. http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/2013/1/21/3900368/nhl-free-agency-scott-gomez-san-jose-sharks http://espn.go.com/nhl/player/_/id/312/scott-gomez
  4. If the supporters section all wore NHL approved authentic jerseys (no knockoffs) perhaps unknown poster wouldn't be so upset. The fact that some fans are getting so up in arms over a group of enthusiasts is rediculous. Take your energy and form your own group if you want. Just don't start crying the blues when you face the same adversity you have doled out toward the organizers of the supporters section. Keep in mind, any group of people has a couple of clowns in its mix. Don't be so quick to judge the masses because of a couple of toolbags. Better yet, join the group as I see it is open to all to be a part of. Some of you are acting as though you are not invited.
  5. You are an absolute Hero. Make it a PERMA and I'll build your statue out of SJPs jersey collection! Seriously folks, the Supporters Section is a great gathering that has picked up momentum thanks to the initial efforts of a few followed by the enthusiasm of their mass. Fans should be contributing to unity in the stands instead of letting egos get in the way. Also, some of you who like to call others out all the time sure are funny when you complain about those who do it to you in return. You know who you are. For those of you who don't know, read the threads, and they should stand out. They hang out in pairs. Black pots and kettles anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  6. I think more people will get the hint if you put NSFW rather than an asterisk. Take it however you want, but its merely a friendly suggestion for following proper internet protocol. Edit - disregard, i see what you mean. good call.
  7. In any event, just put NSFW regardless of your intention. Just an FYI
  8. Ochocinco yes, but TO?? F that. The Jets should stay as far away as possible from TO.
  9. Wow, that's what I call healing power.
  10. Nabby is going to be on suicide watch with the fishstix
  11. Wow, this guy is quite possibly the most physically worn out player still playing the game. His style of play often leads to a short career for a forward. As Carpathian said, he'll probably get hurt.
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