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  1. yep. i remember that i was furious about his effort, even in a meaningless game. this effort will bring him 10$M per year from his buddy Medvedev, playing for SKA St.Petersburg.
  2. not only stewart, they need to resign pietrangelo too. but i think they will go after vanek and offer some of halak/elliott, stewart/paajarvi a pick and maybe a prospect since the signing of roy i believe vanek will land in st. louis in the near future.
  3. Since Vaneks caphit this year would not fit to our team it's a nice dream like SD said. But imagine for just 10 seconds what a Line of LW Vanek and RW Kovy could do to the Rags and Pens and Philly
  4. We need this Ass. Coach especially for the PP right? What about Scott Niedermayer (even i don't know what his Coaching Duties in Anaheim are - Def / PP / PK etc.). Just to see Niedermayer and Stevens together on the Devils Bench would be awesome. I'm also fine with Brylin but maybe someone more experienced would be nice. At least we need someone who can figure out our PP. Since Oates and Shaw (who had good PP's with their former Teams TB - ranked 8th and SJ - ranked 4th, 2nd, 2nd) could not solve our problems in that area i hope the "New PP" will not use Kovy at the left Point. Really EVERYBODY (even in the Australian desert) knows where the puck will be passed next........
  5. That's right. No one takes Sal (35+ Contract and way overpaid, Volch has a NTC). As much as i like all the moves Lou has done this offseason, Tallinder is worth at least a 5th Round Draftpick. Like SD mentioned maybe Buffalo wanted us to take a contract back. But please don't use the cap space to resign Zid. If we do it, no one of our d-prospects will see playing time. I want Larsson at first (or Harrold) to take Zids role. He has the passing skills and the vision....and he needs to play more. Would PDB scratch our captain Salvador (by far our worst defender in the on the nhl roster) to give Merrill, Gelinas or Urbom playing time.....i doubt that. PDB likes experience. Also i see not to many playing time this year (except injuries) for our two forward prospects Matteau and Boucher.
  6. has anyone any numbers on that deal??? good signing if the price is right.
  7. hmmm....nothing on iginla??? and absolutly nothing on derek roy......don't know why nobody wants him ...who signs him has a very good chance to get vanek next year
  8. Clarkson replacement.....but to much bucks. (i thought about 4mio / 3y). so we have 8 mio. left in cap space are broke and still need to resign rfa's josefson and henrique. and i think henrique will not play under 2 mio.
  9. if i could wish i'd like to have clowe and roy or grabovski. but i think the money is not there before we trade someone of our d. (tallinder, volchenkov, salvador)
  10. i would not bring back zidlicky with our D-men situation. give larsson his playing time and role (at least try it for 10-15 games, everybody says his passing skills and vision are the best on our d) if he can't do it, lou signed harrold as a mini - zidlicky...maybe some of our prospects, i think of merrill (got 12gp 8 pts in albany) can make the step in training camp. even gelinas (had a broken jaw, so he lost half a year) should get a deeper look in training camp. our prospects cannot shine if we play our vets that can't do it anymore (volch, salvador, tallinder)
  11. good to hear he is resigned, but i'm not happy til i hear the amount of money he will get for the 1-year contract. hope lou don't overpays (1-1.2 Mio.) just to keep him in nj. he must crack the top-6 and so he should (must) put up 30-40 points. he is really useless as third or fourth-liner cause of his defensive play. saw him playing in the wc on a line with kovy and radulov for the first four games. kovy and radulov put up the points and lokti didn't look like he was in the right place on the top line. later he was demoted to the 3rd line and also scratched for one game. so let's hope he finds his play again like in the first 10+ games with the devils last season.
  12. will be interesting how much money our RFA's (Henrique- Loktionov- Josefson) will get...i don't think henrique will sign a deal longer than 3years after his poor season, but i can see LL throwing out some money (i want 2M$ per year / 3years - but i fear it can be around 3M$ per year) just to keep him on the roster (and we need his points badly). Loktionov should not get more than 1,5M$ and Josefson not more than 1,2M$. Tedenby and Kinkaid are also RFAs. what do you think??
  13. You're absolutly right. Brodeur is starter next season with Hedberg or Kinkaid (he is a RFA this summer) as backup. Wedgewood will be promoted to Albany and Frazee will be gone. Our problems at the Offense are prioirity for now, no doubt. It's specially the contract situation of Bernier that would require to take action now. He's 24, on the brink to become starter on many NHL teams and he is RFA now. So LA has to decide now if they want to keep him as backup (i think that will cost them at minimum 2 Mio.$ per Season) or trade him. After THIS Summer he is either signed or traded. Sometimes you can't wait as long as WE (Lou) want. He will cost much more after this summer. I would love the situation to have Brodeur as Starter for now (maybe next season too) and Bernier as backup (with 15-25 starts), where he can learn from Marty. (French-Canadian Connection )
  14. I hope Kinkaid get some starts next season, so we can see a little bit of what he can do at NHL Level. His AHL Numbers are average so i don't expect him to take the step. Our other two Prospects played both in the ECHL last year. Both finished with numbers at the bottom of the standings. Wedgewood (20) played 48 Games for Trenton (a .500 Team) and posted .900 SV% and 3.22 GAA....24th overall in the ECHL Goaltenderstats. Clermont (21) played 41 Games for Elmira (a .600 Team) and posted .899 SV% and 3.24 GAA...25th overall. If they don't improve their numbers significantly over the next season they will stay in the lower leagues forever. We don't have a starting goaltender in our Minor or Prospectpool....so Lou must look outside the organisation. My Choice would be Jonathan Bernier (Quick will be No.1 the next 5 years). He's a RFA this season (1,25 $ cap hit). I can't see LA throwing out big bucks for the backup goalie so maybe there's a chance to get him for a veteran d-man (tallinder, volch) a prospect (josefson, tedenby , urbom) and one of our goalies (kinkaid).
  15. D88

    Off season Prediction

    1. i would like sean monahan at no.9, but conte likes swedes since a few years...so it will be lindholm 2. elias, clarkson (if we don't we have a BIG hole at rw), harrold 3. derek roy (he's a buddy and former linemate of vanek and has played for deboer in kitchener) just to convince vanek to come to nj 4. no one, even for sal or volch we can get a 7th round draft pick
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