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  1. Nice job for them to announce something that has been known for uhh... I don't know, forever or something? Anyone up for getting a bunch of Devils fans to "crash" the Winter Classic? I would imagine to be difficult, but worth a try anyway.
  2. I was at the meeting also and it went well from my view. We made progress on the name and while there's no official name as of yet, logos are being designed based on the top three names that we decided on (my suggestion, 122nd Devils Infantry, being one of them). The constitution being worked on is mostly stuff that was already mentioned before and then some. And yes, we also had the option to stay for the WNBA game (which ended with a close victory by the Liberty). And of course, I was the guy with the awesome hat.
  3. Technically, I would consider Satans to be the defacto leader as he did come up with the whole idea as well as organizing things. But he's been on the fence regarding the season tickets, so I had been wondering if someone noticed this and decided to step up (or would we really need one anyway). Perhaps that could be something we can discuss at the pre-season meetup. It's still a very new thing for many of us.
  4. The first three rows of the balcony sections have different pricing from the rest, so I don't see that happening yet. I do think there could be a possibility of the Supporters Section expand to the entire 122 section.
  5. I think that it was necessary to have a good portion of a section for us next season as a way to build a base and/or plant a seed so that we may eventually take over the entire section. I know that at the moment it's just full seasons, which disappoints some of the people wanting partials, but hopefully there is a chance for individual game ticket sales at some point.
  6. Yeah, I did wish someone took a picture of me. The explanation given was mostly for the people who saw me at the game last night, just so that they were aware of what it was I did. I did mention that it was going to be somewhat simplistic. I do like the comparison to "old-tymey" football. It did somehow look more like it.
  7. Had a good time at the game. Great way to close out our last Supporters game of the season with a win. I was just about dressed in all red, as the costume was very similar to the Red Man that was mentioned a couple of pages back. What nobody knew was that I was actually cosplaying as an anime character wearing a Devils shirt. I came to the game dressed as Corporal Giroro from Sgt. Frog. Here's a picture of him for comparison purposes. I'd have to say, I think I did a good job dressing the part. Could this be a preview of next season where a few Supporters come up with costumes?
  8. Looking forward to tomorrow. I finally did manage to get that hat in the mail over the weekend, so I'll be showing up in a costume of some sort at the game.
  9. Of course, you can't expect the section to be loud every time. It's clear that last night's game was a wreck and shows that we have a ways to go. I really don't think the Islanders game was as bad as people thought it was. We brought on the noise the best way we could, but the fact that we were in two sections shows that it's much better to do it in one whole section than two partial sections. The Florida game is the one we should aspire to be every chance we get. The April 6th game will not have the many problems that plagued the last one, so I think this would be a great opportunity to bounce back and show what we are all about.
  10. My personal hope is that we'd get on the attacking side at 103, but it's mostly because I already have a season ticket set up for that section. But even if it's somewhere else, I might be able to move over to that section at the relocation event.
  11. Yeah, this was an absolute disaster in so many ways. The dreadful performance on the ice, the numerous people sitting, the presence of opposing fans, those people sitting at the tables behind us that we're blocking their view. Nothing could have been done to save this game and a lot of people pretty much gave up hope. The perfect example was that I saw one person tear a Believe sign at the end of the game. We're still a very new group, so this is something that we just have to hope never to happen again. [After the game, I stood outside the arena holding up the "This is team" sign in a somewhat emotionless manner.]
  12. It's beginning to grow more likely that I cannot attend this game. I've been silent on this for a while thinking that I could resolve it, but my shift tomorrow evening is interfering with my plans for coming and every attempt I've made in switching shifts with someone else at work has failed. Well, this is what I get for not listing Friday off. No, I'm not giving/selling my ticket regardless of if I somehow make it or not. [EDIT: I'll be able to make it tonight afterall. Yay for something I guess.]
  13. No, it's not going to be anything that's superfancy like that. It's more than likely going to be somewhat simplistic. If anything, the red long-sleeved shirt that I wore last night is part of it. It was a great time last night as expected. I'm sure that a few people are already aware of the overusage of LGD, so it's not surprising. I do know that some other chants will start being used more often. I got the back row of 117 to back me up on Everywhere We Go, which went really well. It did seem to be very localized to that small pocket of the area from what Satan told me, but I think it'll catch on.
  14. I do want to thrown in a last minute chant suggestion. I was thinking we could try Everywhere We Go. What do people think? Here's what I have in mind for it just so that people are aware. Everywhere we go People want to know Who we are So we tell them We are the Devils The red hot Devils We are the Devils The red hot Devils [Finish with LGD]
  15. I suppose that I should mention this now while the suggestion is out, but I've somewhat been working on a costume. Can't say more than that at the moment. I'm actually waiting on a couple of final pieces first, so if they arrive in the coming week expect a "debut" at the next Supporter game (not a guarantee/promise to be honest). >_> Besides, creepy spandex is creepy.
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