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  1. Thoughts from the game: Really impressed with Zetterlund. Hoping he can start on the 4th line with the Devils this season. Good energy and a fair amount of skill. Holtz: Started off slowly, but began to do what he's supposed to be doing, getting open in the right spots and ripping shots. The goals will come if he continues to do that. I also think he offers a lot more than just shooting, which is all everyone ever talks about. Mercer: Solid, he improved throughout the game. Showing what he will bring to the next level. He's a really complete player. I thought he began to develop some chemistry with Holtz, which was nice to see. Bahl: Still lukewarm on him, but liked him more here than in the other games I've seen. Daws: Made some big saves, he might actually have an NHL future. Clarke and Okhotiuk look most NHL ready on the Devils to me. Walsh was showing why he has struggled to make it to the next level. Chico: I miss this guy so much. He is a ton of fun on the air, always laughing and making jokes.
  2. I'm going to miss the way the old guy said "Damon SeeEEEEEEverson"
  3. It isn't totally fair to refer to Stillman or especially Mukhamadullin as 2nd/3rd rounders when you also assume Makar was in the running for a top 2 spot in the 2017 draft. The Stillman/Mukhamadullin argument is based on the idea that public draft rankings reflect consensus between scouts, while the Makar argument is the total opposite. If you're unhappy with who the Devils took 2017, that's fine. It sucks if Nico never turns out to be a top 3 talent from that draft. But we really can't pretend that anyone is drafting Cale Makar first, or even second, in that draft.
  4. Lundqvist was one of the best goalies in the league every year for most of his career. Zajac was the guy that we all thought we would need to bury on our third line before the Devils would become competitive. I get that most of us aren’t a fan of Henrik, but he was quite a player.
  5. If the Devils miss out on Tarasenko, I'm hoping they go for Tatar on a short term deal. If he has a good season and the Devils are out of playoff contention early on, that's a free pick at the deadline. If the playoffs are in reach, he could be helpful for a playoff push. Not a lot of downside if the term is right, unless more than one of Foote, Holtz, and Mercer are ready to be full-time NHLers and are blocked in the lineup by Tatar.
  6. Man, Marty is really showing how valuable he can be in the front office if he is helping with a Tarasenko trade. That and his insights in goalie scouting and recruiting Jonathan Bernier have been really great. I would be so stoked if the Devils landed Tarasenko. So curious about what the cost is looking like. The Devils can take on the full salary quite easily, which I'm not sure the Isles or Rangers will be willing to do.
  7. That’s really not a baad deal at all
  8. Discuss here so we can still have general offseason discussion in the other thread. Big day for Tom Fitzgerald! LGD!
  9. My excitement is immeasurable and my day is made
  10. This cracked me up Fitzerald: "Talk to me on Salminen" Royce: "He's the big center who was put on the first line" Fitzgerald (basically): Say no more, we'll take him if he's available. Oh wait he is available. Wait is it our turn to pick?
  11. Lol that is certainly one way to describe it! Some good prospects still available for round 2. Don't see the Devils trading into this round, but the top 10 drafting teams have some good options: Raty, Chibrikov, Pastujov, Pinelli, and (my pipe dram of a 3rd round pick) Stanislav Svozil. Any chance a player like Scott Morrow falls into the third round?
  12. Damn, really makes you think that if the Bruins didn't go so cold in the playoffs, we would have been in the Wallstedt/Lysell/Lambos range. Coming out of day 1 of this draft with Hughes and Lysell would have had me so stoked.
  13. Now that the knee jerk reaction has subsided, since I had really wanted Pinelli or Raty at 29, I actually think this is a fine pick. Stillman seems to have a rare skill set, and I could see him being a late bloomer. Going to be optimistic on this one from here on. Whoever came up with the Mercer comparison may not be that far off. He seems to me like a grittier, although slightly less skilled, Mercer. Surprisingly good skating and hands for someone who is advertised as "hard to play against".
  14. This is basically how I feel about this one. I felt there were some much better choices here. To me, this is a bigger reach than Mukhamadullin. If they weren't interested in Raty, why not Pinelli?
  15. Does Aatu Raty have some major red flags that I missed? I'm shocked that he didn't make it into the first round.
  16. Interested to see how drunk Fitz looks now that he's had 3 more hours to drink since the first pick.
  17. There are still quite a few good players left for 29: Raty, Pinelli, Svozil, Pastujov, Heimosalmi, L'Heureux, Stankoven. Really curious to see who the Devils go with. Gotta go with Raty if he's available IMO.
  18. The nightmare scenario is NYR draft Raty, and he becomes the player he was supposed to be last year
  19. Now's the time to trade up for Jesper Wallstedt. Do it, Fitz!
  20. I wouldn't be totally surprised if he has a deal in place with Colorado that won't be signed until after the expansion draft. Wouldn't make a ton of sense for the Kraken to waste that selection on Landeskog when there are other good players that will be available from Colorado.
  21. @Guadana, you have clearly watched more of Edvinsson than I have. From my viewings, I liked him but was not totally blown away. But I will admit that I haven't watched an entire shift-by-shift video on him. I really like his potential and I think he's got excellent tools, but I think he's pretty far off from Clarke's hockey IQ and offensive upside. Do you think he is on the level of someone like Seider or Sanderson? Those guys would be slam dunks at this pick. In any case, it's looking more likely that Clarke will be available when the Devils pick anyway.
  22. Must be the "Russian factor"
  23. My draft board 1 week out: 1. Brandt Clarke 2. Power/Hughes/Beniers/Eklund 3. Wallstedt 4. Guadana 5. Edvinsson
  24. ^ Great insight, I appreciate your perspective on all these players. I'm warming up more to the idea of Edvinsson being a solid prospect, but I'm still thinking he isn't the right pick at 4. Let's say the Devils are in agreement with @Guadana, and Hughes isn't their guy at 4, with Beniers, Power, and Clarke all off the board. I have a tough time taking Edvinsson over William Eklund who had such an excellent year. I understand that Eklund doesn't fit the profile of the player that the Devils need right now, but we have seen several times that you cannot draft for need this high in the draft, especially when you have to reach a few spots to take someone. We needed a "center with size", so we took Zacha, and then McLeod over Chychrun (as much as I like Mikey, this one is still baffling for me). I don't want to look back on this draft to see Edvinsson top out as a second pairing, 30 point guy, while Eklund blossoms into a first line scoring winger. I feel ambivalent about it because I think in a way, Edvinsson has a lot of untapped potential just like Luke Hughes. But if you draft William Eklund, he's probably the organization's top prospect immediately, whereas I don't think the same would be said about Edvinsson.
  25. This draft is so wild. https://www.nhl.com/news/2021-nhl-draft-simon-edvinsson-vs-luke-hughes/c-325551122 In this article, 8 out of 10 scouts preferred Edvinsson to Hughes. I'm trying to not get attached to any one (or 3) players, because for all we know, the Devils are targeting Guenther.
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