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  1. I think this could be very good for Chase. The change of scenery in the middle of a rough season due to injury, in addition to being sent to a much better team, will be great for him. Hard to evaluate him this season so far. On the numbers alone, it has been quite disappointing. I suspect there’s more to the story, but we will see!
  2. Not taking Chychrun during the 2016 draft after he was expected to be the first defenseman drafted, and somehow fell out of the top 10, was a head scratcher even back then. It's a lesson in why you take the best player available with your first round pick always, no matter what, every time. At least the Devils ended up with a first round-quality player in Bratt from that draft. But it's true that McLeod's upside seems pretty limited. I agree with @MB3 that Zacha got a lot of unfair criticism. It doesn't always make sense who becomes the team scapegoat.
  3. I don’t think any of us would care if she wasn’t the only person with consistent daily access to info on the team. If you want to stay in the loop on the daily happenings (starting goalie, lines, etc.), she’s really all we have. But her twitter is half devils news and half personal updates (“just said hi to Nate Bastian, he’s STILL taller than me”), and we unfortunately can’t choose to not see the latter group of posts.
  4. At least the Brad Lambert hype has less of a chance of gaining momentum now, so that the Devils have a better shot at drafting him. Really is too bad, because I normally have fun watching the draft eligible prospects. But on the bright side, I won't have FOMO about not having Jesper Wallstedt in the system this year.
  5. Slafkovsky (Slovakia) would be a great fit for the Devils. I see a ton of potential in him, and he's looking good in this game.
  6. Always a good sign when you're trading for a position of need and all it took was "future considerations"
  7. They changed our goal song from R&R pt 2 because we're the ones that suck
  8. I'm in two minds about this one. On one hand, I agree that Hughes needs a competent winger who can shoot the puck, in order to be optimally successful. On the other, Hughes has still yet to get consistency going since returning from injury, and I don't know if adding another player that will need to adapt to the NHL level makes sense at this stage. I'm more inclined to let Holtz round out his game and become a consistently dominant AHL player before bringing him up midseason, while everyone else has already acclimated to NHL play. This is an unpopular opinion, but I would really like to see Mercer on Jack's wing soon. I get that he has been a nearly perfect solution for the 3C position. But to me, he is so much more than a 3C, and I think he deserves to play with the best players on the team. It doesn't make sense to me that the Devils got their star player back, and decided to have him center two struggling wingers. I used to hate the way that Hynes would front load the lineup, but to some extent, you need your high performers getting the right minutes with the right linemates.
  9. Me heading over to youtube to start my research on the top prospects for the 2022 draft:
  10. If they are going to experiment with lines, I would do something like: Johnsson-Hughes-Mercer Zacha-Hischier-Bratt Tatar-Boqvist-Sharangovich Vesey-McLeod-Bastian Hughes needs to be back at C. I think Mercer also deserves top 6 minutes, and I don't think trying him at RW would be detract from his success at all, especially if he can develop some chemistry with Hughes. Certainly not the most physically intimidating line, though. I also thought Boqvist played well enough to deserve a shot at C.
  11. As others have said, the only players that have stood out for me in a positive way are Bratt, Johnsson, Mercer, and Hamilton. I will add that Hamilton, in particular, has been a bright spot on this team. No matter who was hot or cold on the team, Hamilton has been consistently productive. With the way he went from a strong team to a significantly weaker team this year, you would almost expect his production to dip a bit. But not Dougie, he has kept up his play regardless of all that. As for everyone else, they each seem to fall into one of several categories: Neutral: Zacha, Graves, Subban, Siegenthaler. You're mostly getting what you expect from these guys based on recent seasons' performance. I was hoping Zacha would take another step forward, but he has fewer points than Nico, who has been disappointing for everyone. I've been a huge Zacha fan since the beginning, but even I'm starting to see what the naysayers think of him to some degree. I still think of him as one of the Devils' best offensive weapons, but when he's off his game, there can be a lot of turnovers, poor decisions, and low effort plays. Hoping he can clean that up. A lot left to be desired: Tatar, Hischier, Sharangovich. I think all three of these players have overall been disappointing, but have been on a generally positive trajectory. Hischier, in particular, I am confident will continue elevate his game, as he slowly has been. Shara looks lost often, but he showed so much promise last season that it might premature to write him off. These guys are still on the team?: Kuokkanen, McLeod, Bastian. Bastian deserves some time, but Kuokkanen and McLeod are two guys that I thought would have significant roles on this team. Neither of them has shown much of anything this year, and I don't think faceoffs are enough to keep McLeod around. Terrible: Smith, Severson. Smith is clearly going through growing pains and will get better with time. Severson, on the other hand, was set up to thrive in Ruff's system, especially with a more limited role. He has struggled, and will need to pick his game up soon if he is going to be a part of this team's future. Inconsistent goaltenders: self explanatory. I should also mention that Vesey has been a pleasant surprise. Doesn't move the needle all that much, but he has had some big moments, and was definitely worth the PTO and low risk contract. Overall, this has made for the season to be quite disappointing for me. I thought this would easily be a bubble team, but instead, I find that the team has a deceivingly average record. The silver lining is I think that a lot of these players can wake up and have a strong remainder of the season.
  12. The way Daniil Chayka has really unlocked his offensive potential since coming to North America really has me hoping the Devils find a way to bring Mukhamadullin over soon. Not entirely clear what the deal is with the "loan" to his KHL team. But I find Shakir to be a significantly better prospect than Chayka who is racking up points in the OHL.
  13. Next season really is the one where Okhotiuk has to be given his shot. I am honestly surprised he hasn't been the guy to come up to the NHL so far. To me, he has been significantly better than Bahl, Walsh, and even White. I think he can be a useful player, and he will be particularly helpful if he's a cheap solution, while we have other contracts to worry about over the next few years. If not, he might miss his opportunity, because I imagine the organization will be prioritizing Luke Hughes and Mukhamadullin for the following season, and they won't want to load the defense up with too many rookies.
  14. One of those frustrating losses that makes me want to go down the doom and gloom rabbit hole, but the reality is the Devils outplayed the Sharks for 2 of the periods. Tatar had a few shifts where he was playing with some urgency. Jack started shaking off the rust pretty quickly. The Mercer line had their chances. It really was a few major mess ups that cost this game, not so much being consistently dominated. That's what's encouraging. At least we are undefeated in 3rd periods for the last few games. I hate to say this, but I'm really starting to want to see more from Nico. He hasn't been bad, but I had much higher hopes for him, especially this season. To me, he has looked much better in the past.
  15. The crowd wanted a penalty for whatever happened to Johnsson before Bratt's goal - thank god it wasn't called
  16. Lineup changes: Hughes in, Hextall out (also Tatar in for Novak, for that matter) Time for Jack to pick up where he left off! This’ll be a good one Goals for tonight: win convince Meier to come to NJ to play with his buddy Nico LGD!!
  17. Totally agree, he looked like the best player on the ice by a significant margin tonight. Happy with the win, but I just need to say: that powerplay is just atrocious. It's almost as if Recchi is telling them to make the pass with the lowest possibility of completing. The poor zone entries are killing us, and it seems too often that they don't ever gain control in the zone. Didn't end up mattering much for this game, but this will continue to be a problem for the team for the foreseeable future.
  18. Another win for Utica! Holtz's 2 assists bring him to 9 points in 7 games on the season! That's good for top 10 in the AHL in points per game for players who have played 5+ games. Leading the list (no minimum GP) is none other than Tomas Tatar Tommy Novak.
  19. Devils lineup not yet announced, other than Ty Smith drawing back in! Time for a bounceback effort after a rough game for the whole team. LGD!
  20. 1-0 win for Utica last night. Goal from Zetterlund, assisted by Holtz:
  21. So far, number 90 in white has been: Tomas Tatar Pavel Zacha Tomas Novak basically any Czech-sounding name, I guess
  22. I forgot about Svozil - I still think he will end up being the steal of the draft. Would have been happy with him at that spot too. I also liked Pinelli there, not sure if he would have been a good pick there in retrospect. It's hard not to live in a land of what-ifs, but I will try to stop for now. It is getting to be time to get attached to the prospects for the 2022 draft that the Devils will inevitably not pick. And the cycle continues...
  23. First of all, big shoutout to @Chimaira_Devil_#9and @Guadanafor these amazing prospect updates. We haven't had this kind of prospects coverage on this board since thefiestygoat was around, so it is much appreciated! Now as far as actual prospect discussion: Really interested to see how the rest of Chase Stillman's season goes. As a former first round pick in his D+1 season, we really should be hoping for well over a point/game at this level. I think his skill set is pretty good. Hard worker, good shot, decent playmaking, etc. I think his hockey IQ has lots of room for improvement, and it appears that his discipline and his two way game can use a lot of work. At the time Chase was picked, I thought Raty at that position was the easiest pick to make in the entire draft (even easier than Power at 1). Still can't believe so many teams passed on him. Point/game player in Liiga since he was traded. In any case, I remain hopeful that Chase's game will continue to develop. Admittedly, we should probably cut him some slack for recently coming off an injury. If Gritsyuk ends up making the NHL, Guadana will have bragging rights for being the first person in the entire Devils fanbase to be hyped about him. Gritsyuk is looking like a good one.
  24. I honestly think that pitchfork logo that was revealed a while back would have been a great choice for this jersey. It's Devils-related, but different from the main logo. Would have complimented the style of this jersey, and satisfied the expectation of a third jersey to be something different. Seems like we are the NJ Jerseys rather than the NJ Devils, kind of like when The Sabres' jersey was just a Buffalo head.
  25. I don't mind them paying homage to the Newark Bulldogs if that's important to the Newark community. They successfully modernized that style, and I'm totally cool with that. But man would those have looked sharp with that white Devils logo there instead. I even would have been cool with them incorporating the Devils logo into some kind of new emblem like what the Panthers or Kings did when they introduced new uniforms. Not a huge fan of "Jersey", especially with that font, which doesn't seem to me like it belongs on an NHL uniform. But, I will admit that when other jerseys were first revealed (first when the NHL switched to Adidas, and then with the reverse retro jerseys came out), I wasn't so sure I liked them until I saw them on the players. I really like both of those now, so I'll reserve my judgment on the third jerseys for later.
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