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  1. I don't disagree that Luke PP1 and Nemec PP2 would be perfectly fine. But the thing with Dougie is I think you're underestimating just how good he is at generating offense. He also is never someone who relied heavily on speed to be effective, so I wouldn't be surprised if he has a relatively slower decline once he gets to that point. Outside of this injury, he hasn't yet shown any signs of that, which is encouraging. I think we will all be very thankful to have him once the season starts.
  2. Definitely a downgrade from what they have now. That forest green suits them so well, and is so unique. But agreed that the Devils need a redesign for their third jerseys. Stadium series is the best they've come out with in a long time IMO.
  3. A Norwegian player has never been drafted in the first round. Brandsegg-Nygard may drop a bit lower than 10 if the Devils don't take him there. But I mention this because there may be some kind of bias against Norwegian prospects at the draft. Not necessarily due to a stereotype, but possibly because they can be difficult to evaluate/project if they are playing in Norwegian leagues. I REALLY want the Devils to find a way to take Norway's Stian Solberg, who is probably a late first round level talent, but likely won't go until significantly later than that. If the Devils can trade up into the second round for him, they really should do that. I honestly don't get a feeling like this about a prospect often (last time was in 2021 with Svozil and Wallstedt - remains to be seen whether either of these guys makes it as an NHLer), but this guy seems like exactly what the Devils need. He's an all around very good defenseman. He is good positionally, good in transition, and has some nice offensive instincts as well. I've seen videos of him making some really crafty passing plays, and some sneaky moves in the offensive zone. He can also skate very well. But what really stands out about his game is he is an absolutely punishing hitter. This is the type of player the Devils really should be targeting, as he can help make the Devils more difficult to play against, and reduce the need for Macdermid types by being both an effective player, and an intimidating force. 5:30 of the video above (linked) shows some examples of this guy finishing checks. Would you trade pick 10 (and something else, next Devils pick isn't until 75) for picks 14 and 33 (both from San Jose), and try to get Brandsegg-Nygard and Solberg? I think I'd go for it depending on where it looks like those guys will get selected on draft day. What makes you say that? That would be pretty poor asset management, unless something substantial is coming back with Markstrom.
  4. Following up on the above: Would be a total slam dunk at 10 overall if by some miracle he fell that far.
  5. This point, to me, really emphasizes how important it is to invest in your home grown goalies. It is such a huge gamble to give any goalie a massive contract, but to also give up assets for one in a trade really could put you in a disadvantaged spot if things don't work out. The Devils are building up some talent in the system, but I worry it will get wasted with Rogalski. I'm kind of where you are with this. If it's Markstrom, that's fine with me. He shouldn't cost any major assets given his age and his inconsistency. It honestly seems like a better option than Saros. As great as he is, Saros is on the smaller end for goalies. If you're investing in a goalie who relies on his athleticism for his 30+ years, there's a good chance that it won't pay off all that well. I just hope that any trade for a proven goaltender doesn't have Schmid going the other way.
  6. @Colorado Rockies 1976 is a nickname factory that never misses. Definitely a fan of question markstrom, Groan, dumb but angry, played with men, etc.
  7. Giving up the 10th overall pick for Markstrom would be a borderline fire-worthy move for Fitz to make. They honestly could do just as well with Kahkonen and Allen. It's sort of like when the Canes took Necas 12th overall, who was soon able to give them a significant boost while they were in the middle of their window. They could have had some mediocre goalie for a year or two instead. In a strong draft, with a lot of promising prospects that are close to NHL ready, I think you need to get a significant piece in return if you're going to sacrifice what could be an important player on an ELC when the Devils could be up against the cap soon. Can't see it being 10OA for Markstrom. Ullmark certainly is a possibility, but even he hasn't been all that great when it counts. It's so tough to gauge the goalie market. When the Devils traded their 9th overall pick for Schneider in 2013, they got a top goalie in his prime. Guy was so good he kept the organization from bottoming out when they really needed to. I can't even think of a more recent big trade for a goalie at the moment, but I imagine there has been something. Obviously, since then, a lot has changed. The goaltender position has seemingly become viewed as much more important for one thing. I don't think the 2013 Schneider value is quite what the value of a good goaltender is today. But hearing smelly's report that 10OA is far from enough to get the player Fitz wants tells me he's after someone very good. Also, FWIW, it seems like a move of Fitz's to say that whatever asset he has is available, even if he doesn't realistically want to trade it. I don't think that's the case here, but just thought I would mention that.
  8. If this 10-shots Edmonton team were going up against Igor Shesterkin and the Rangers, I wouldn't be feeling too confident right now. Good think the Cats did their job last night.
  9. All of Celebrini, Demidov, Levshunov, Lindstrom, Buium, Iginla, Dickinson, Parekh, and Silayev seem like they could be top 5 picks. There’s a solid chance the Devils get a real steal at 10 if someone like Buium drops, or another player or two (e.g Eiserman) goes really early.
  10. The thing with Holtz is if he were tougher to play against and if he became good along the boards, I think we would have a good player there. When I watch him, I see some good and some bad. The production is promising, and I feel that some of the other things can be taught. But you can’t give a player with those kinds of deficits in his game forever. He really needs to come into next season flying if he wants to have a shot here. I think he knows that too. I agree with the ELC argument as well. Those ELC players could be so valuable.
  11. This was the Cup final for me. Good night Devils fans! Kind of need to root for the Cats to win it all after being so invested in them this series.
  12. Best video I’ve seen in a while
  13. As one of Holtz’s bigger supporters, I would find it tough to trade Mercer over him. I made that thread in support of what Holtz has done but there is no denying that his game has some deficits. I still think he has to make some changes to his game if he is going to make any meaningful impact in the long term. Mercer hasn’t found consistency yet but he certainly is doing a lot of things right. But that being said, I don’t think Holtz’s value gets much lower than it is right now, and there’s still time for him to develop his game. There’s still a lot of upside there, and I still believe he can reach his potential. So for those reasons, I don’t think trading him is the best idea now. Agreed, a make or break year for Holtz.
  14. During the 2023 draft, there was a clear #1 in Bedard, and no one was debating that. For much of the year, Michkov was second, with Fantilli beginning to challenge him for that spot toward the end (ultimately it was Leo Carlsson who went second). In this year's draft, there is another clear #1 in Celebrini, but after him, I am most commonly seeing another Russian player, Ivan Demidov at 2. Some lists have Levshunov or Silayev ranked second, but the latest I have seen Demidov is at 6. Michkov was objectively a stronger prospect than Demidov is. He was producing at a really great rate (good for 4th on his team in points in less than half the games played of anyone ahead of him). It had been his second season with KHL games under his belt before even being drafted. He ended up falling to 7th overall, which looks to be a steal of a pick for the Flyers, unfortunately. Demidov, while having very impressive production this season, is two leagues beneath the KHL in the MHL, and has not yet recorded a point in the VHL or KHL during his limited time there. Admittedly, his numbers in the MHL are pretty wild though. Is it possible that he could fall to the Devils' pick at 10? It would be an absolute home run if so. Ultimately, I do not think this will happen. While I think that as a whole, the top 15 players in this draft are a stronger group than last year's top 15, Demidov and Celebrini seem to have a pretty clear separation from the rest of the pack. But man, would it be cool to have a player like this join the Devils core group. We can dream. Number 11
  15. nessus

    It’s Keefe

    In the beginning of this video, LeBrun talks about how Fitz really wanted Keefe. Fitz definitely did his due diligence by interviewing multiple candidates. Keefe was his guy from the start, and Fitz found a way to convince him. He deserves a lot of credit for making it happen.
  16. nessus

    It’s Keefe

    Really happy with this. Keefe has done well as a coach at both the AHL and NHL levels. Not his fault that Toronto never had the roster to get it done. Posting this clip and another to try to get people excited about the hire Good intermission speech, meanwhile Lindy was probably taking smoke breaks between periods https://youtu.be/jSggUHzr2lA?si=JWpR6GF2Ab6ci6Cg Imagine your coach working the refs a bit
  17. 0.946 save percentage for Schmid, among the best in the tournament. Small sample size, but if that guy could only string together some consistency...
  18. For the record, I do think Keefe is their most likely guy. Just a possibility I was throwing out there. They could want Woodcroft to be available for media purposes.
  19. Not sure how much I trust these Twitter "insiders" regarding the Devils' coaching decision. But one possibility is that they've decided on Woodcroft but are waiting until the world championship is over to announce it. I didn't realize Woodcroft is an assistant coach for Canada until today.
  20. Looking forward to them starting to embrace the spirit of 2012
  21. Nice highlights video on Michael Brandsegg-Nygard a.k.a the Norwegian fella. Right shot, number 28 in red or white. He's second in points for Norway in the world championship tournament so far, and first in goals. I like him for the Devils not just because he could be the BPA at 10, but he definitely addresses a team need. This guy is physical, fast, and can shoot. In a men's league, he really does not look out of place as far as his physicality goes. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being one of the first few guys to jump into the NHL, and he would absolutely be a welcome addition to the Devils in the next couple of years.
  22. I definitely think Keefe takes a lot of heat for that underperforming Toronto team, but I don't think much of it is on him to be honest. Berube may show up and have the same issues with Marner and Matthews as Keefe had. I actually think he is a very good coach. Before getting the Leafs gig, he was awesome with their AHL affiliate. He won a Calder Cup with them. His last season got to a start of 11-2-2-1 before he moved on to the big club. That Marlies team finished the season second to last in the division. I think he may be seen as soft or a "players coach" based on the way the Leafs have performed, but that video a few pages back shows him calling out Marner and Matthews during an intermission speech. Also it would be nice to see a coach show some emotion (as in the video below). I really believe he would be a good choice for the Devils. Hoping they can convince him to lead this group. Between Hines, Ruff, and Green, we have not seen something like this in a while.
  23. Seeing 3 years for a player like that can be alarming for some. But I'm in agreement that having one of the most intimidating guys in the league will be worth it. 3 years for him to have opportunities to run Trouba or Rempe through the boards sounds good to me.
  24. Norwegian fella, Denver fella, or Finnish fella for me. Wait until the world championship is over, and the highlights start coming out. Hard not to be hyped about Brandsegg-Nygard.
  25. I just don't get where all this "Fitz loves analytics" talk comes from. Has he repeatedly made moves that suggest he overvalues analytics? The only potentially analytics-based move that immediately comes to mind is drafting Simon Nemec second overall. He was definitely not the consensus pick at 2, but hard to argue that he would go later than that in a redraft.
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