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  1. All sticks ar $50. Goalie was cheaper I think but I didn't see any Marty sticks. I actually got a Zajac stick last year. they pretty much just throw them all on the floor and you need to sort to find the one you want.
  2. I finally got one of the fan experience people on the line. i was told "technically" kids need a VIP ticket also. Not exactly 100% but much clearer than before. I know need to have 4 tickets.
  3. That is a good point about the game ticket fact. At the same time, I am guessing it comes down to the person at the door. If the tickets folks don't know for sure there is no way they know. Makes it tough since I wanted to bring friends and 2 tickets don't go as far with 2 adults and 2 children. I would think they would be a little more relaxed with the kids but it sure would ruin the day if they were not.
  4. Did you ever get clarity on this? I spoke to my rep and he first said it should be OK to have my son (under 18) come with no ticket but than he changed it to everybody needs tickets. It doesn't appear there hrad set rule in place. It might come down to the person at the door.
  5. Just to tag onto this thread, I am also looking for tixs
  6. madams9

    Kovy fight

    a couple of months back somebody posted a Kovy fight from when he played in Russia. I searched youtube with no luck. Does anybody have the link? I found this one but the other one was much better.
  7. He will want to come back because it is a contract year. He needs to prove his knee is ok so that he gets paid. At the same time, he has to be 100% because if it goes wrong he has bigger issues
  8. unless they changed it, it doesn't apply to partial plans
  9. I simply posted a question about Mite travel hockey that I moved to a different forum. Nothing great
  10. $100 is nothing when is comes to pads. I will check it out. At home in the drive way he uses catcher equipment that somebody gave us. He loves playing goalie
  11. That isn't me. I let him know when he does good job and I let it go when he doesn't. He is only 8 years old. I mention to him things that I think he should work on but in the end, if he says he doesn't want to play anymore, so be it. His favorite player is Colin White so he prefers defense. In fact, he really wants to play goalie. I have no issue with it and if the rec league finds some house pads for him to try out that would be great. That hasn't happened yet.
  12. Sorry is this is in the wrong location. I wasn't sure which forum to post it in. I know there are enough hockey players in this forum so I thought it might work. My son just turned 8 and really wants to play travel hockey. I have explained to him what he has to give up (no more Devil games, very early wake up calls, long drives, etc) and he is fine with it. Can somebody share their travel hockey experiences. My son can do either travel hockey or travel soccer but prefers hockey. if it matters, he would try out for the Stars in Princeton. Has anybody else dealt with them?
  13. I looked in my account online and the invoice for the first 2 rounds is available to be paid for now (due date of 3/18). I can't tell if they are determining the invoice total based on 3 or 4 home games in each round but either way, my playoff tickets will be cheaper than my regular season tickets for the first 2 rounds.
  14. I skipped this because I didn't think he would sign anything other than a photo (I need him on a team jesery). How many people were there in total?
  15. madams9

    Next 3 games...

    The next 3 games are going to be tough. After that a banged up Pitt but than 6 games against the teams we have to beat. Any predictions on the record for the next 10 games?
  16. I am not sure if this is the right forum option. I currently have a weekend plan with 2 seats in section 2. They are already offering a full season packages for next season with some really aggresive prices to the point that I am thinking about getting the entire season. The issue I have is that I can't do weekday games. Has anybody purchased full season and been able to "split" off the weekday games only to somebody else? Is anybody intereseted in a weekday plan for next year??
  17. madams9

    New Prize

    Maybe not now since they are playing much better but not long ago you could go on ebay or stub hub and buy the $250 club seats for $80. That price includes food.
  18. madams9

    New Prize

    I have a 1/2 season plan in the lower sections. My rep called me the other day and told me that they already are coming out withe full season plans for next season. He told me that they cut prices for next season. I was offered front row in the mez for $42/ticket which is pretty good.
  19. Fair shake both sides. It definetly isn't cheap. My son is just starting out in a rec league. He now wants to play travel....ouch$$$$$. My skates are killing my feet and actually always have. I might need to break down for a new pair. I couldn't agree more. I can stand when people yell "shoot". Don't you think they would shoot if they had the opening??? Drives me nuts.
  20. I have always wondered if ice hockey fans know how to ice skate. Playing the other major sports is easy in that anybody can pick up a ball and try to throw, catch, kick, or hit it with very minimal costs. With ice hockey you need to learn to skate before even trying to play. I am guessing most fans can't skate but was curious what others thought. I went to the VIP Gold Circle event and there were definetly more people on the concourse than on both rinks combined. Maybe that was because of autographs (turned out they signed on the ice anyway) but I thought it was much more fun skating and talking with the players than standing on line for an autograph.
  21. He is getting played to paid to play hockey. Not everybody can win the cup, granted being on the bottom stinks. At the same time, 2nd place is still just the first looser.
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