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  1. I definetly enjoyed it. The comedy of things that gets said on the ice is awesome
  2. has anybody watched the HBO 4 part special 24/7 Pens/Caps? I missed it until after the winter classic and just finished it up last night. It was a pretty good series worth the time to watch.
  3. SFDisplay was one of the places I was looking at. thanks for the input
  4. Has anybody purchased a display frame (case) for an autographed jersey? I surfed the web but they all look the same. I am looking for a recommendation
  5. I just bought an authentic jersey in the Den before the Gold Circle skate but it had no fight strap. I didn't think much of it. Should all authentic jerseys have fight straps?
  6. I found this video of the skate on you tube. Nothing special except for at the very end the person filming "thinks" he sees Kovy.
  7. Maybe this is the wrong thread but... My son got his jersey signed last night. Does this no longer go in the washer or will the sharpie stay for a while at least?
  8. Do other teams do something like this also for their ticket holders?
  9. My son who doesn't want to stand on the lines had much more fun skating and talking with the players. If it was simply wait on line for a picture with the pressure to keep the line moving, i would agree I am not sure if it was worth it. Does any other teams do something like this for their ticket holders?
  10. there was a BBQ last september for full season ticket holders. No autographs or skating, just meeting and greet
  11. It doesn't matter. Like I said it was the end of the day, probably around 8:40 or so. I have read other posts that said he was OK to deal with.
  12. Went last night and it was awesome. We did some of the autograph lines but my son wanted to skate so we did that. We didn't expect autographs on the ice but almost everybody would do it. At the end of the night we were able to skate over to Kovy who was standing by himself and even get his. We missed out on Brodeur and Parise but my son had a great time skating so that is OK. All of the players were great except for 1. It was late in the night so maybe he was just done with the entire thing. White was cool. He spent time with my son and talked about enjoying the game and not getting too fustrated. Clarkson was great and would talk about anything.
  13. I assume they will have Sharpies but will bring one just in case. Is that the best thing to get a jersey signed with?
  14. I picked up last years jersey (no name or numbers) at the den for $190. I wanted the sewn on emblem.
  15. I thought about the pucks also but than he is limited by the number of pucks that I have. If I do the jersey he won't wear it. I will hang it up in his room. I am going to the game tonight. Maybe I can get a JL jersey on clearance.
  16. I am taking my 7 year old son to the gold circle skate Monday but he won't know about it until he gets there. What do most people get autographed? I was thinking a jersey. I think most team signed jersey's are done on the Devil's logo, right?
  17. My son is a Colin White fan. Does anybody know if he does autograph sessions at a Model's or similar? I did a search and I found he did one in 2009 but nothing more after that.
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