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  1. I don't know. that is 12% of the season wasted and this team (if it has any playoff aspirations) has too small of a margin for error. PP pathetic, Blackwood pathetic, defensive positioning pathetic, effort on the boards pathetic. I expected this kind of game from a team that had just been eliminated from playoff contention, not game 1.
  2. You can get a $10 gift card per month for use in the Microsoft store.
  3. A great ambassador for the game. His time in NJ didn't meet team or personal expectations but that happens sometimes. I don't think he ever dogged it. I hope he finds a good place to transition from athlete to something else.
  4. Bahl looked like he was fine last spring in his limited chances. He made up for his lack of speed with a very wide area of stick defense. However, given the influx of talent this off-season, the depth chart just go that much harder for him to break in. Sending him down where he can play every night seems like the right move. If the club hadn't add their top pairing in the off-season, he may have made the club.
  5. You are right, there is a lot more but I am angry and that just rolled out.
  6. I tried to get ESPN + through FIOS. After being bounced around to 3 different reps and being on hold for a while, I learned that FIOS won't allow you to have just ESPN + added to your tv package. You have to add the whole Disney bundle. I no longer watch princess movies so I let FIOS know that I won't purchase the package from them. I simply paid ESPN directly the $7 / month and watch it on the Xbox ESPN app. I don't think I'll have HD/4k resolution but I'll be damed if I cave into their money grab to purchase channels I don't want.
  7. Lots of good info here. Thanks to everyone who responded. What I got out of all of it is that if you are out of the NYC market ESPN + is the way to go however you get it (bundle or on its own). Those in market are actually going to have less choice due to some games not being on MSG.
  8. The $70 per year for ESPN+ does seem way too cheap but if that means I get all the Devils broadcasts except for the time when they are playing the Flyers (broadcast locally to me), that may be a pretty good deal. I just can't imagine that Center Ice will be in any way competitive in pricing compared to ESPN + UNLESS not all games will be available on ESPN vs Center Ice which presumably would be all games. Thanks for confirming some of my info. I only get the basic cable package and never get the extras so I am a bit out of my element here.
  9. I am a noob with what options are out there to see Devils games when living out of market. I live in the Philly area and have FIOS cable service. Is Center Ice still a thing or is it all through ESPN + now? I looked up FIOS's website and they are still only mentioning Center Ice for the playoffs last spring. Is it as simple as getting ESPN + added to my cable package ? Is it the same as getting ESPN + on their website for $7/month which seems too cheap. I did search the forums for this topic first and didn't find anything. If this belongs elsewhere, I apologize.
  10. Really looking forward to 3-4 more pages here arguing about Palms. Keep up the good work!
  11. Sorry to see Coleman go but this was a classic "sell high" trade. Coleman's production (at least on this team with the lines he was on) was at the peak. Make some more moves, this year and next will be painful but we'll hopefully see some upper level talent start to appear and flourish with playing time.
  12. Low risk (1 year) for a depth guy who has shown the ability to put the puck in the net. I like the move. It's not like this team is up against the salary cap. Other than Palmieri who else can be depended on?
  13. My two cents are to draft Hughes. I have seen the term "generational talent" and other similar adjectives from scouts. Swing for the fences and rebuild another dynasty. Kakko seems like a great player but I just haven't seen the same level of upside. Hughes does have the size issue and 20 years ago that would have been a problem. Lucky for him, that matters much less now.
  14. LGD No stupid penalties, please (unless you play for TB). Getting to the rock from Philly can be done cheaply and easily if you can get to Trenton and take NJ Transit. $16 each way plus $10 parking.
  15. LGD This team can win this series without miracles. They have peaked at the right time.
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