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  1. They're a win now team and are spending 100 million less locking in Verlander for 2 years...who is more reliable and actually wants to be here for 100+ mil LESS. Now that money can be allocated to help fortify the team in other ways. I'd much rather have this scenario than have signed deGrom for 5 years 200+ mil...which is probably what it would've taken. You're 100% correct...matching TX wouldn't have been enough, for deGrom to have stayed I think we would've had to legit outbid them and not by a tiny bit. That would've left some gaping holes and issues elsewhere that would've not been addressed properly.
  2. regarding deGrom...at least it's not an NL East rival, the Yankees, or an NL team in general. He can go fade into obscurity making 15 starts a year with Texas. You just can't shell out that kind of money and those kind of years for someone as unreliable as deGrom with an arm that looks like it could be a ticking time bomb. They had to get Verlander. The team is in win now mode and Verlander was a must once deGrom skipped town. Having Scherzer and Verlander at the top of the rotation at their ages though...yikes. That could work out perfectly but would anybody be surprised if both faded heavily this year? One will be 40, the other turning 39 this year who came up small in Atlanta and vs SD in his two biggest starts of the season. Why not go in on Greinke too for a 1 year deal as well as that Japanese pitcher Senga. I fear Nimmo may be lost to the Yankees. Draws a lot of walks, left with some pop in that short porch stadium. Yankees really want him I bet
  3. Just a brutal brutal loss. We had A LOT go our way in terms of lucks and bounces and breaks earlier in the year...only natural that it evens out some. I'm still all in on Mike White...Minnesota is no joke, and the Jets after a poor defensive showing early on the road, in a tough tough building against a team better than them came back and should've won the game Granted even if they do score there with Berrios, they need the 2 pts conversion, and Minnesota would've had ample time left to either set up a tying or winning field goal. So I don't look at that play as the definitive he makes it we win, he drops it we lose. A lot still could've happened after But a 1st and goal inside the 5 that late, idiotic play calling. You DO NOT throw a fade there. Come on now. The Jets haven't executed a successful fade in over a decade. Thank God the Chargers (and Dolphins lost) but next week we're up in Buffalo. Tough to see them beating Buffalo twice in a year. That's asking a bit much from them. But you can definitely tell that the entire franchise is trending in the right direction. What a massive boost it would've been if we could've won that game.
  4. White is the starter and he's got the job (and has earned it) until end of season. Send ZW back to the drawing board...let him work to get better and compete for next year. Frankly I don't care about him...White has galvanized this team. The entire offense is just on another level with him running the show. They look like a more complete NFL team...and this was in the rain, no east task (sometimes heavy rain) He operated like a solid confident veteran and the rest of the team had faith in him and knew they were in good hands
  5. It's over for Zach, and unlike with the disasters like Darnold and Sanchez...I think the team has stopped believing in him too. However bad or mediocre those teams were it seemed like they still though those guys could make it...but it's clear to see, Zach Wilson doesn't have the ability to be even an average NFL QB, I was never a fan of him and have no clue what they saw in him to take him 2nd. They have got to start Mike White on Sunday. Wilson is holding the team back. The defense deserves much better
  6. No...and I do understand what you're saying but you also can't have a guy holding us back or limiting the rest of the team especially when they've developed as well as this one has in other facets...with a defense that could soon be perhaps the best in the NFL top to bottom. And one that can get to the QB and force mistakes in the secondary...something that Rex's defenses just couldn't do enough (and make big stops at the end of games). I would like for him to at least be at the peak of his career, an average NFL quarterback.
  7. This was unbelievable, unexpected, un-Jet like and probably the single most impressive and meaningful win they've had since 2015. If not anything that year then you'd have to go back to 2011 to find a better win. The defensive performance was tremendous. Allen can hurt you so many ways, and he did with his legs today. But they also got to him, picked off a few balls, sacked him 5 times Wilson was fine. Didn't throw a pick. Had some nice moments. Still far from sold on him but today was a nice bounce back. The Jets ran the ball so well. 170+ yards. 5.1 a carry. They actually bullied the Bills a bit. You do have to state Buffalo had some key injuries but...so do we.
  8. I'd be fine with that as you can then make the ALDS and NLDS the 7 game series that it should be. And also have a day off during the 3 game wild card series. Maybe they don't even need to scale back to 154 to accommodate this but 158 or so. And start the season a tad earlier.
  9. Do they? I don't see many Jersey jerseys in the stands or arena during the games. Or anywhere really. I see way way more home and road 80s red and green jerseys. A few fans bought them but the reaction and response to them was overwhelmingly negative.
  10. Why does homage need to be paid to an era of the franchise nobody cares about or remembers with any fondness at all? It's like with the stripes at the bottom of the stupid black jersey. Because some hockey team played a handful of games in Newark in 1830 and had a bunch of jersey stripes we need give them a "nod". Stop paying homage to worthless trash your fans don't care about. This is not some proud history worth revisiting. Nobody has any ounce of nostalgia for it. They already screwed up badly with the black Jersey jersey. You can actually hear groans in the arena when fans at the game see the Devils take the ice in these. Though I believe they are forced to wear them for two or three seasons. But overall the Devils need to be more receptive to their fans when coming up with this stuff.
  11. But even after the bye, that next NLDS series I feel should be 7 games. Just feel that if you win your division your fate should not be decided in 3 or 5 game series where the odds of the better team not winning are greater. Though of course the MLB doesn't want baseball spilling over too deep into Nov any more than it does already. The way this is set up, you're going to have a lot of upsets in the coming years. And erode interest in the regular season. Next season I just pray the Mets, be it if they win the division or one of the wild cards...just end up with the right opponent at the right time. I'd rather they sneak in with 86 wins, healthy, with low pressure and expectations and play some 90 something win division champ on the road who all of a sudden realize one bad call, one bad break and that's it your season is over in 48 or 72 hours.
  12. Phillies had 87 wins and had their teeth kicked in consistently by the Mets all year. Yet 87 wins and a backdoor entry into the playoffs, a short 3 game fluke series vs a division winner and here they are. What's the point of the regular season anymore really? Mets should just win 85-89 next year, coast, sneak into the playoffs with as little pressure or expectations possible. Too much of this is just pure luck and timing at this point. The regular season proved what the four best teams in the NL were.
  13. https://nypost.com/2022/10/31/jets-robert-saleh-explains-decision-to-elevate-mike-white/ On one hand plenty of words of support for Zach Wilson...on the other you see them elevating Mike White. At least this shows me that the Jets know Wilson is holding them back and will go to white if Zach continues to stink up the joint (and he will vs Buffalo) At least this sounds like they won't let Zach totally torpedo this season
  14. The Jets could've won that game, but with a QB like Wilson and a stupid stupid mistake like the one JFM made...very hard against New England. It's frustrating because you can see the talent is their...but the football IQ isn't (especially in one very critical position) Zach Wilson is not any good.
  15. Wilson is not the guy, time to start planning for a future without him
  16. A classic SOJ loss. Missed opportunities, dumb penalties erasing points, Zeurlein with a key miss there. Everything about this week and the run they were on pointed to SOJ disaster
  17. Need a win here...and hopefully the damn pucks start going into the net early and with more regularity. Last night again, outplayed, outchanced them...but garbage goaltending did us in
  18. Bingo. I don't know what they were thinking elevating him to head coach. I'm not sure he'll be coaching that team in 2023. Good coordinator...NFL lifer...not a head coach. Maybe someone who you could have step in in interim roles at times, but you don't entrust a franchise to Todd Bowles
  19. Didn't expect to see that. Normally the Patriots stomp all over Chicago. Though now I'm less optimistic heading into Jets/New England on Halloween eve (Goosy Night...or Mischief Night?) Because rarely do you see back to back eggs laid by Belichick teams. And he absolutely relishes sticking it to the Jets...especially now with people surely starting to count them out and all the pressure building on the Jets. This is setting up to be such a disappointment. Zach Wilson not playing particularly well...no Vera-Tucker. This is going to be an enormously tough game for the Jets
  20. Outstanding trade. I had Robinson in mind as well as Hunt, and we got the guy we needed for very little. Was worried Joe would just throw his hands up and try to solve this in house...but good to see he isn't just going to let this promising season die on the vine Replacing AVT is another matter altogther. That would cost a heck of a lot more...
  21. Yea that's a major major blow. They absolutely need to trade for a running back now and fast.
  22. Christ they gutted out an ugly one. With 3 very concerning injuries...which I hope aren't serious as they'd all be season derailing Denver's D is legit so some credit is due to them...but so is ours. We probably should've taken the team out west earlier to get them more acclimated with the thin air. Denver is always tough at home This kind of game vs New England next week though, that just wont fly. These amount of penalties and a QB playing this will lead to another one of those 50-6 thrashings I pray these injuries are not serious
  23. Zach Wilson is trash. You'll have a moment here and there with him but he's just too innacurate and scatterbrained Things were going too well for us, the Denver thin air (never easy) plus injuries and the refs deciding they'd had enough of Jets wins did us in. Denvers D is legit, but Wilson just misses too many throws. Wish we had a Mike White in uniform to throw to Belichick is going to absolutely PUMMEL Wilson next week
  24. Bit late on this one...but where on earth did this come from? The Packers are not close to what they were (and I do feel that what they "were"...their supposed Super Bowl caliber teams that have fallen short of making it the past few years were vastly overrated) Still to go into Lambeau and win like that is no easy task. Still not sure if we have a QB. Green Bay has a legit pass defense but Wilson didn't really do much. Though he also didn't hurt us either. Good to see different areas of the team step up weekly in being the catalyst for victory. The Jets youth and great team speed have made them a good 4th quarter team it seems. You can really see over the course of a game how having to deal with a Quennen Williams type, that wears an opponent down. New England is deadly dangerous this season. Completely under the radar, not much pressure on them unlike Miami and Buffalo. They are very VERY much alive in this race even if they don't have quite the personnel talent of other teams, Belichick gives them a huge advantage. Just a few weeks ago you had Detroit...not winning games but putting up huge offensive numbers. New England shut them out. And nobody even knew the name Bailey Zappe a few weeks ago....he stepped right in and looks like a quality player
  25. Nothing broke right for us. Win 101 games, no division. And a playoff series vs a team that was the worst possible matchup for us. Meamwhile we beat up on the Phillies all year, and they draw the Cards who turn out to be cupcake pushovers. And yea I know...win your division. But I mean Philly didn't, nor were they as good or as deserving a team as us. We took care of them this year, yet they ended up with the perfect opponent and we get our nightmare opponent. No chance in hell Philly would've beaten the Padres. The starters, offense, and trade deadline inactivity ruined the season. Just something about tossing a division winner AND a 101 win team into a Wild Card mix just seems wrong. Have the Phils and Pads play a 1 game playoff and then the next day the winner can face the Mets to start a 3 game series. That's a bit more fair. The winner of that series plays the Dodgers and Atlanta plays St. Louis. I'm upset with St. Louis and how they performed as well...but they also won their division and shouldn't be subject to a Wild Card This was just one of those years where there should've been one Wild Card. The Mets. They should be playing LA in a 5 game series and Atlanta vs the Cardinals. Instead you have 87 and 89 win teams being tossed in given an opportunity to upset division winners and unlucky 101 win teams. And yea they took advantage. But to me the Cards and especially the Mets had earned at least a 5 game playoff series...and the Phillies and Pads should not even be there. Mets were good. They tried to win the division...other teams maybe coasted a bit. Did just enough to get into the wild card, and they get tossed into the same mix as a division winner and a 101 win team, that's not quite right to me. So now we're starting the NLDS, are the 4 best teams there? No. Absolutely not
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