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  1. Those 80's and early 90s A's teams had a 90s Braves feel to them. Goliaths, consistent, tons of talent and intimidating...but if you pop them in the mouth early on they wilt and die. That Gibson home run wrecked them. Great teams pick themselves off the mat especially so early on in a series...they never really did well in terms of responding to adversity. They either steamroll you (like they did with the 89 Giants) or they just go down meekly. Teams like the 1990 Reds and 88 Dodgers were poison for them...so you could also make a case the cocky east coast 88 Mets could've brought the best out of Oakland where all the spotlight would've been on us. Less pressure on them I kind of get the feel the Mets, with just a few slight slight bounces of the ball, could've absolutely legitimately won 3 consecutive WS back then. Granted they got incredibly lucky when they needed to in 86, though that team was historically good, they were unbelievably unlucky in 87 and 88. Even 1990 that team was very close to passing the Pirates in mid to late Septs and winning the NL East
  2. And they still fought back and had the Cards on the ropes in 87...until Terry Pendleton hit it out and buried the Mets that season. Because we were still in the 86 afterglow that moment often gets overlooked as historical Met heartbreaks, but it was pretty bad
  3. Another gut wrenching loss. And of course winning run on 3rd, 1 out...and Lindor hits into a double play (one which if the roles were reversed the Mets would've booted the ball into the mezzanine) one run lead in the 8th. Naturally that means Familia needs to give up a walk and immediate home run. If it's not one gutless choker (Diaz) it's always the other (Familia) But after that performance vs the Yankess Lindor had to get that run in, and he turned into David Wright.
  4. Two out of the playoffs disappointing clubs actually got together and played a memorable series. If both these teams were actually top of their division...we'd be looking back at these games as memorable classics...there'd be whispers of an October preview. I'm amazed...they could've swept 'em. Would it have made a difference? Probably not, too much ground to make up. Too few games. And there's always Diaz and Rojas lurking to take the air out of our sails when it looks like things are starting to turn (or the bats will make some Marlin scrubs look like Maddux/Glavine)
  5. Cannot leave Wilson in this game...
  6. Also may be time to start thinking about Douglas...scrutinizing him a bit more harshly. There has been no progress since he got here. He was highly touted but, nothing has come of anything. This season is crucial for him and the team somehow looks worse than last year
  7. they're going to get wilson hurt too behind this line
  8. Hard to see them scoring a point today. Late field goal maybe in garbage time when it's 23-0
  9. Ammendola look better than Mann out there Jets offensive line is a disaster today. And dropping passes. That 3rd down bomb down field by Wilson was perfect He has not a second to throw back there
  10. May...if it's not Diaz/Familia it's someone else. You just can't let these games slip away. Now we got freaking Carrasco against a rejuvenated Yankee team. Lugo had such a good quick inning...maybe best they would've let him go another. Even if they generally don't do that. If he went 2 innings and allowed a run...fine you still have a lead going into the 9th at least
  11. they've come all the way back from 5-0 to up 6-5 So help me God if Diaz blows this game he needs to be immediately removed from the team. There's no coming back from blowing todays game
  12. Yea I was wrong. Totally totally wrong. They do this tonight while we make two Florida scrubs look like Koufax/Drysdale. Also nice to see a 10-2 lead not turn into 10-7 with the tying run lurking somewhere close. Time is running out really and the Braves aren't losing. It's gonna take one hell of a run to get this done.
  13. oh absolutely. Everything about it is different. I mean I'm sure there are legitimate cases to be made for Otto Graham being the GOAT. Brady...for his era, absolutely is the goat. That's the way I like to look at it, divide the NFL into eras and you can crown goats in each one. It's hard for me to compare someone who was calling his own plays being knocked upside the head every play like it was in the wild west 70s NFL...to todays much more sanitized offensive friendly game. Nobody would call Namath the goat, but in the 68 AFL Title game he was legit knocked unconscious on the field (which means likely concussion that he probably still had by the time SBIII rolled around) he came back into that game and led them from behind to win. I mean nobody in the NFL is coming back from lights out not moving and leading a game winning drive...they just flat out won't let you. That world is long gone
  14. Yea it was nice to see (though I really dislike how imbalanced the league has become...or I should say manipulated to be by those who hoot and holler about video game stats and try to mold real football to fantasy football). It's just too damn easy to throw the ball at will...though those teams have 2 outstanding qb's and are loaded at receiver) just seemed like teams they outright gave up on defending the pass. Was hoping maybe by now we'll have deGrom back but...of course not. I really can see us maybe having a late lead and Rojas again trotting out Diaz for him to walk the first batter and then blow the game. Our offense is so ice cold and helpless right now. The only guy I expect will be ready to go is Alonso
  15. The Yankees...even sputtering I feel are just better in every way. We are pretty much just what the doctor ordered for the Yankees. Also when they get into one of their hitting funks it usually lasts a while. I would be impressed if they show fight here. These last two games against awful pitching were brutal. 8 total hits?
  16. This is the nail in the coffin. The Yankees are gonna come in and sweep us too. Losing these kind of games to the Nats and Marlins...completely failing to hit against awful pitching. Braindead managers trotting out gutless choking pitchers in the wrong spots. And they'll be swept by the Yankees too for the final humiliation
  17. Looks like they won't have Cole so that'll help. But yea with our pitching the way it is the Yankees will definitely use this as a "get well" series. Even though they have plenty of their own problems(the division is gone, they'll probably make a WC play in game but that's on progressively shakier and shakier ground) they'll likely roll over a team like ours.
  18. When will they learn. He is a gutless puke. HE CANNOT CLOSE GAMES on a regular basis. He cannot be trusted
  19. We really don't deserve Alonso. He's been terrific. The 50+ HR monster that he was during his rookie season we'll probably never see again, but as a pure hitter now (.266 batting average) he's as good as I've ever seen him at the plate
  20. Nats about to blow it open vs this worthless starter
  21. Nats about to blow it open vs this worthless starter
  22. Williams doesn't have it...he's a terrible pitcher overall. We're gonna need some luck and another offensive outburst to get through this. He's been good for us so far, but it's only been 13 innings. Eventually he's going to revert to what he is
  23. Well they finally put it out of reach today...but after being up 4-0 and 6-3 of course they gagged it up both times which was infuriating. Washington is bad...but they are extremely motivated when they see a Mets uniform.
  24. Also Nimmo to the 10 day IL with hamstring tightness. Of course. Never ends with him. Actually wouldnt shock me if we don't see him again this year. Guy lives on the IL
  25. And an awful start to this one. Up 1-0...1st and 3rd 0 out, and they can't even get another run in. Nats of course get 2 in the bottom of the inning
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