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  1. https://247sports.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/Article/Joe-Douglas-Jets-general-manager-close-to-reaching-deal--132088586/ There are some rumors that Joe Douglas is close to a deal with the Jets. Not a lot of smoke but it's something. Would make me feel a lot better.
  2. Now they're dropping like flies...
  3. Great, now McNeil comes out because of "abdominal tightness"
  4. And Wheeler gets new life with the Conforto HR. Make it stick Zack
  5. Yea Cano is really just moving in slow motion now. Extremely frustrating. Irritating. He's not hitting for power. He's not driving any runs in. When does this guy wake up already.
  6. This is probably what his happy face tweet was about yesterday. Glad to be headed out of town. Probably just found out. Failure and a reach of a pick. This move was a middle finger at Mac too showing decisiveness. Though a 6th rounder is a paltry return. Almost knee jerk. If that's all you can get for him might as well hold him longer either for depth...or when guys start going down in camp and preseason. That 6th would turn into a 4 or 5.
  7. But I think you may get your wish because there is already friction and uneasiness within the walls of 1 Jets Drive. Whatever Bell says on twitter, he has a massive ego and is unhappy and feels unwanted. Darnold must feel disillusioned and frustrated with the situation. Can Gase stabilize things sufficiently there for this season? I have my doubts. Belichick ego with middling results.
  8. Kind of odd because they got him for a very good price. There are other issues too. Lack of Mac getting a suitable center for Darnold. Lack of a true top #1 receiver.
  9. Who's taking this job now with Gase now being seen as a gm/killer & underminer. If they just hired this guy and he proves to be this toxic. Christ what a stupid move by a stupid owner
  10. If you want to fire Mac do it after the season. I think he deserved the year and maybe they could somehow co-exist (mac and gase) doing it now just makes it a circus. You just had the draft, you just had free agency. Did Mac not hire this guy? How bad could it have been? That this had to happen. I don't know seems like a knee jerk thing by our tone deaf owner and at the totally wrong time
  11. This is beyond lunacy. I have no words for this move. It's unnecessary and stupid. And brings in more unneeded turmoil Not a fan of Christopher Johnson at all
  12. Outstanding effort by Syndergaard against what seems like a dead in the water Nats team. Of course this Robles guy somehow owns him. Anyone named Robles on or against the Mets is going to result in massive HR's that's for sure.
  13. Mets haven't played in 2 days and honestly it feels like it's been two weeks. They got a little momentum going in kicking. GH around the Marlins so I hope that isn't stemmed. The Nats are in a freefall. 5-13. Gotta beat up on them
  14. Mets sure took out some aggression on the Marlins in the 1st inning here. Long way to go. Wheeler has a good first let's hope this is a cruise control type game
  15. The Carolina lucky fvcks just need to go away already.
  16. And just the idiocy and lapses. I mean 2 outs, 2 on with Cano at the plate...and Syndergaard gets picked off of second base. How the hell does that happen? You're a pitcher. Play it safe and tether yourself to the bag. Their heads are not in it.
  17. Just a sad pathetic loss. And Paddack rubbing things in didn't help. Maybe it'll fire them up who knows. But they've taken this slump about as far as they can. Snap out of it immediately or the season goes off the rails. The offense should not be this terrible. I realize we're not the 27 Yankees but this should be an above average O and not some comatose group that resembles the 2004 Mets
  18. Hunter Renfroe with the solo HR. With how our offense is going....it's game over
  19. They have to find a way to do something against this Paddock. The offense seems comatose and not interested in competing
  20. And he's 31 years old too. What "prospect" his age and in his situation would still be plugging along at his level? Or would even still be carried by the franchise? It's starting to get embarrassing for him. He's had some nice moments here and there but...show's over
  21. Who knows now with this nerve issue and the time frame for a potential return. But not going all in on Keuchel right now seems like malpractice
  22. 29 runs in our last 11 games is pathetic. We're 3-8 in that stretch. This is starting to look a lot like that death plunge from last year where Callaway looked absolutely overmatched and befuddled and it totally ended our season Is BVW going to step up and do something or are we going to let this slip away? Because believe me with Mickey at the helm this can very easily turn into a 25 losses in 34 games type of nightmare. Nimmo is in an 0-20 stretch. Pete Alonso cannot be the entire offense. He needs help
  23. It was absurd. And it seems every year we have about 8 losses like this Lost in this debacle was that Wheeler gutted through one today. He pitched well. Thought for a moment there (seemed his pitch count was high early) that he may not make it through 5. He went a full 7. Flexen just needs to be sh!t into the sun. He is absolutely hopeless in absolutely everything he does on the mound. If he gets through a clean inning it's on luck alone. You'd be hard pressed to find a pitcher who has less in terms of actual stuff. Actual talent. This team is better than that. They have no business being under .500. I'm not saying they're a playoff team but they have got to straighten this out already. 7-13 in their last 20. Unacceptable. We cannot let this get off the rails like it did last year with a befuddled Mickey Callaway pressing all the wrong buttons
  24. We do have to temper expectations for him. I mean right now he's projected for what...47hr 136rbi? That's probably not going to happen. When he looks bad he looks bad during an AB and chases anywhere and everywhere. I've seen pitchers have some success going up the ladder to him. If he can turn in a 35/110 I'd be elated. There are definitely holes in his swing that will be exploited. His power is absurd though. I mean he is strong enough to hit balls out that he's been fooled on and don't look like they are going out when seeing him make contact from the usual TV camera angle...and yet they make it over. He has very rare strength. It's not quite Stanton/Judge...but it's close
  25. Bizarre series with the Reds who were surprisingly pesky and annoying Good to see Thor get on track today. Shut 'em out and hit one out
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