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  1. Yes. Jets history does suggest that they should not in any way be playing their starting QB's in the pre season.
  2. And I'd get on it quickly too. They moved quick on Duane Brown and I'd expect the same here. The Jets expected to compete at least somewhat this year and move the franchise forward...if you can get a guy better than White and Flacco who could actually be a competent starter for 3-4 years (Jimmy G is 30) then you go out and do it.
  3. I know we do have Flacco and White but I would actually entertain a trade for Garoppolo or Minshew. At this point Zach is likely done for the year and he really hadn't shown you much in terms of being the guy anyway. The org has to move forward without him in their future plans. I'm not saying get rid of him, he'll rehab and come back and compete for the job again...but for 2022 go out, get the best QB you can and try to patch things together. And forget about Wilson
  4. Internet chatter is now speculating torn ACL. This would be about as Jetlike an occurrence as there ever was
  5. And gets hurt. Awkward cut and he goes down in a heap. Didn't look bad at all but these are the Jets so I'm very worried we're going to be looking at an ACL or torn knee ligaments. Not the least bit surprised after what I've seen the past few years. Lack of preparation has been a Saleh hallmark thus far. Many games last year they came out totally comatose and noncompetitive. Looks like that hasn't changed
  6. Jets signed 36 year old former 5x Pro Bowl guard Duane Brown. 2 year deal. He was a Pro Bowler last season. Hopefully, even if he begins to decline somewhat he can still be at worst an average left tackle
  7. I'd say 6-6 is about what I'd expect. They're prob due to cool off a bit (though with our quality starting pitcher...tough to fall into any of those 7-8 game losing streaks when you have Scherzer/deGrom on the mound every few days) and we are continuing to play top competition. I can't see them taking both games from the Yankees again...so that's prob a split. Go 2-2 in Atlanta, Take 2 from Philly at home. Get at least 1 in Philly (figure they'll lose a series somewhere here). If they manage to go 7-5 I'd be ecstatic. Just don't do anything crazy like lose all 4 in Atlanta. You know the Braves were extra salty coming off the recent series and will be looking for revenge.
  8. I still will have trouble trusting him, but Carrasco continues to do the job and do it well. Made it to the 7th last night which is a rare occurrence for him. The Mets seem to be very careful with him in not allowing him to get up around 100 pitches. He's only hit that mark twice this year. This is his 7th quality start in a row. In his last 42.2 innings he's allowed 8 earned runs and gone 5-0 in those 7 starts (and the Mets have won all seven of those game). His last true disaster was June 28th when the Astros bombed him and his era at the time ballooned up to 4.85. 6/11-6/28 was a nightmarish two weeks for him, but since then he's been golden
  9. Bit worried about this one...3-1 Mets in the 5th but Bassitt seems shaky and the Reds have gotten some good AB's the past few innings. Hopefully the offense can step it up a bit as the Reds are kind of plucky
  10. https://www.nj.com/jets/2022/08/jets-mekhi-becton-suffers-injury-in-training-camp-practice-what-it-means.html Was wondering when the injury bug would hit, as the Jets year after year for the past 3 or 4 years have been among the, if not THE most injured team in football. And of course it's this guy. For all the weight he's lost...his body just doesn't seem capable of holding up in the NFL. Seems to me at this point his Jets tenure is destined to end in disaster and disappointment
  11. Wow, I knew they had played more respectable ball after early on it looked like they were destined for one of those 110 loss disaster seasons...had no idea they are actually a solid .500 over half a season. You're right, Mets cant get too giddy here and have Atlanta creep back to less than 5 out Still a lot of August left, but when the month ends I'd like us to be no less than 5.5 up
  12. I just got the feeling Atlanta came in thinking all they had to do was throw their gloves on the field and they'd at least win 3, creep a bit closer....and still be very much in the Mets heads and in the thick of things in the NL East. Not so, Buck had the Mets ready and out for blood, and Scherzer and deGrom were absolute lights out brilliant. Not saying Altanta is out of it yet, but the Mets thoroughly smacked them down and played like a true championship team
  13. And the Nats knocked Noah around last nigh. Sure it was a cheap 5 inning 5-4 win, but they got to him. He will never scare me in any situation
  14. Holy crap this Vogelbach will probably have about 18 Seven-Line or whatever (fan made) shirts celebrating his visage in no time. Portly dudes who hit dingers become cult heroes A 3-0 check swing worm killer? Hey they may have won a World Series last year, but the Bobby Cox Braves arent doing that.
  15. Can we go back in time and do that Hosmer for Dom trade?
  16. Well Diaz locked it down. Was a bit worried with him coming on with men on...but they got it done. Now this team MUST get the offense rolling and it can't just be Alonso
  17. Rodriguez is a sack of crap and useless
  18. well, it's Vogelbach. And yes I can't fight you on that one...a very Sandy acquisition. I see a lot of Lucas Duda in him. Not thrilled with giving up Holderman. Only 17 innings and 26 years old. Watch he turn into the next Paul Sewald.
  19. Yesterday went swimmingly for deGrom, threw 60 pitches in a simulated game and felt good. He's close You're hearing the Mets come up a lot in trade discussions. It's no secret they seem to be done with Dom Smith and are trying to move him...they're in on Josh Bell and Daniel Vogelbach. I'd love Bell, just a smart quality hitter with power who's not a total K machine (relative to guys this era)
  20. Hey can we have the throwback 80's helmets and uniforms? What's that? You said you wanted the same helmet just in black? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/07/22/jets-will-wear-black-helmets-three-times-in-2022/
  21. Because of course https://nypost.com/2022/07/20/jacob-degrom-injury-setback-mets-fears-arent-going-away/ I don't want to get too out of control with this one...but it always starts with a little something, and then snowballs into something out of control. Hopefully the Mets are just being exceedingly cautious here but things have been rolling along well with deGrom, and now we have this little bump in the road. Let's hope it stays little "mild soreness around the shoulder"...just don't like where this could be leading to
  22. He has been a bit like Colon...though honestly I'm kind of expecting more from Bassitt. With Colon, he was already very old but somehow still a workhorse starter and you knew what you were going to get from him. At least 7 innings, sometimes into the 8the even, very few walks, about 3 runs, and once a month he's going to get absolutely hammered and we're just going to have to live with it. Sometimes those rockets found gloves and it was only 5 runs, other times it was worse. But it was still far more good than bad with Colon. With Bassitt I feel he is good enough to not have those implosions and be one of the better #2 starters in baseball (with us our #3). Yesterday in a huge game in Atlanta...against Milwaukee on 6/14 he really shows it. The guy can go out there and shut a good offense down over 6-7 innings. He's had stretches with the A's where he went 17 starts and not once given up more than 4 runs. If we get something like that plus deGrom + Scherzer rolling, then it's going to be very very tough dealing with the Mets in any series.
  23. Bottom line is this, he tried to force his way to Philly, didn't work. We've seen players do the same with the Rags. Who's forcing their way to the Devils? You can't have a league where one set of teams has good players flocking to them, and another team has the same players shunning them even when they're offered better deals. It's one thing if the Devils didn't have the $, they do. It shouldn't be so easy for some teams and almost impossible for others to obtain players and improve. The deck is stacked way against us even when we have $ and try to improve.
  24. This really needs to be investigated. I mean the Devils are trying to spend money and win. They have a good young core. They put forth the best offer, and get nothing. You just had a player knowingly make a worse financial and career decision to avoid the Devils. What the Devils did should be enough.
  25. We do need to know the reasons so we can fix them. If you're spurned for less money and Ohio then you need to know why
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