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  1. Every year predictably without fail the Mets lose at least 3 like this against Atlanta. I just hope this one doesn't stop our momentum. We need to rebound tomorrow asap
  2. deGrom on the mound vs a trash pitcher and we still can't get a run across.
  3. It was looking for a while like it was just one of those games where the bats are dead and some nobody pretty much has the game of his life against us. I'm really liking the fact that when the big sluggers are not getting it done, that the Guillorme's and Lagares and Panik's step in and get things done. Heck Lagares is back to looking like his old self in the field again too
  4. JD Davis what is he hitting .400 at home this year? Awesome clutch at bat, coming back from 0-2. It was shaping up to be a heartbreaking loss with Avilan needing just one more strike to get out of the top of the 10th and surrendering a bomb to Santana. Rosario gets things cooking right away in the bottom of the inning and the Mets just rode the wave from there. Great job from the pen overall tonight. When you hold the Indians bats silent for as long as they did that's an A+ outing for a pen that had to be used from the 4th inning into extras
  5. Ugh, and with hamstrings (in any sport) you just don't know. They're delicate, tricky, annoying and seem to recur often. I still don't get how he kept his era under 3 in the AL this year. I mean has he been wretched? No. But it seems like he's quite hittable. Maybe he'd just been having an exceptionally lucky year. But guys are always making contact with him. Never seen him yet as a Met in full command, keeping hitters off balance...breezing through parts of the order. He just labors too often
  6. You're right about Alonso. Also I could see Sean Lee in Dallas being another cut. Who knows what he has left at this point the guys entire career he's been hurt
  7. Also you need some help along the way if you stumble or even up. Seems like the Phillies and Nats have had some extended nice stretches which kept them ahead of us (or in the Phillies case tied at worst) The Nationals win over us last Sunday seemed to propel them unfortunately (5-1 since). Now Scherzer is on his way back. We're just surrounded by too many good teams that haven't been falling to the wayside The Mets are going to need some luck to get into that Wild Card playoff. Stroman has to pitch much better and give us length. The pen has to be better (that or the offense has to slug enough to make the game pen-proof) would help to get Nimmo/Lowrie back in the mix. But you can't have Wheeler meltdowns like you did yesterday because a good team would have won that game. Luckily we were playing the tattered Royals. You cannot have Callaway losing games on his own like with his Matz shenanigans (which I'm sure will recur sooner than later)
  8. Frankly I'm not sure how enthused Belichick at 67 is about babysitting Josh Gordon through another season when he can win without him.
  9. Cleveland beat the Yankees twice and that is not an easy feat at all with the way NYY just pours on the runs at will. Cleveland is an absolute legitimate team to be reckoned with. I worry about our starters 2nd and 3rd time through the lineup as that's when those hitters will start doing serious damage. Rosario seems to have finally learned some plate discipline regarding those outside pitches he used to constantly chase early on in his career. He doesn't bite at those nearly as much anymore
  10. What an absolutely embarrassing choke job by Wheeler in the 5th against a trash team with a 3-0 lead. He's a gutless loser who will never be someone who you can trust ever. Against bottom feeders.
  11. I didn't have the volume on at the time but, what happened the pitch before. I saw a few Mets players say "home run" apparently it looked like Alonso may have put it over the foul pole. Really tough to tell. But the dugout seemed to think HR
  12. Davis is apparently ok. Plans to play today I'm not pulling the plug just yet. But I will if they don't win the next 2. These have to be gimme games
  13. Well I think with Trumaine Johnson we still have some time before the regular season but hamstrings are always tricky What to take solace in is that while Williams was a good coverage linebacker, it seems Blake Cashman is one too. But if I were the Jets I'd be trying to make a trade right now and be very very aggressive on cutdown day.
  14. Trash Royals somehow get to a cruising Syndergaard in the 5th. Now we're behind. Absolutely unacceptable to lose any of these games
  15. Avery WIlliamson tore his ACL. fvck
  16. And Myers wasn't anything special the few years before. He has a great year...didn't mean he was going to be great in 2019. 2018 may have been an anomaly. It made sense getting Catanzaro. He finishes strong last year. The other guys out there...Will Lutz got a 5 year contract. Fiarbairn a 2nd round tender
  17. On that carpet (well any of the horrid astroturfs) you'd see a lot of those annoying grounders scoot through. Just sped up balls that would otherwise be fielded. You'd see grounders go through the holes and split fielders for doubles.
  18. Bertolet just squeezed through a 49 yard field goal but he's toast as well. Not an NFL kicker. Wasn't even a good college kicker. They're going to have to get creative here otherwise K is going to become a black hole and cost us games. Get Dan Bailey, get Matt Bryant. Can't mess around with this anymore 1st team offense looked great. Darnold made some nice throws and led them to a touchdown drive. Saw some real nice things out of Ty Montgomery as well Secondary was pretty much trash as you'd expect but the Jets generated a ton of pressure all day. Totally collapsed the pocket. That was good to see at least. When the Falcons 1st team offense was in the game Matt Ryan was constantly on the run. Bilal Powell also looked good when given the opportunity. Great to see him back and looking like his old self following that neck injury. This probably spells the end for Elijah McGuire who unlike Cannon cannot play special teams. Barring an injury McGuire is probably getting cut.
  19. I actually think it was Gary Cohen in his 1st or 2nd year as a full time radio guy for the Mets For Murphy to even say damn on the air was a big big deal. Old school announcers like him you'd never hear a hint of a curse or even getting too high or low when good or bad things happen. Or too critical for that matter. I remember Mike and the Mad Dog replaying the final pitch of the 1999 NLCS and were stunned that Murphy described it as a "horrible horrible loss for the Mets" they'd never heard something like that from him
  20. How often does Callaway have to exhibit his historic stupidity. GAGNON? And then Diaz?? It's like he doesn't want to win. He has no brain. ha, YES. This was very close to that abomination.
  21. If they lose this game there is no way Mickey manages tomorrow. It's just the worst managing I have seen ever. From anybody in any sport
  22. Even with a 7 run lead you cannot have Gagnon out there more than an inning if he gets through it. He is scary bad. And shouldn't be in the majors
  23. Today was all about Alonso really. They were about to spin out of control but he really put them on his back and dominated this game They absolutely have to sweep Kansas City now. Not that I'd bitch about 2 of 3 but they don't have much margin for error. Reds helped us out today as well. Finally cooled down Washington
  24. Have not been impressed with Stroman at all. Laborious short outings. He just...doesn't seem good. He's giving us Vargas like production. Hanging by a thread at all times. When will we see the guy who pitched to a sub 3.00 ERA in the AL East?
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