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  1. To me Keiths number retirement is more a lifetime service # retirement rather than an acknowledgement of just his playing career. He's been a beloved Mets broadcaster for a while now (and part of maybe the best booth in baseball). As a player, he had a nice run with the Mets, but really it was only 7 seasons or so (with three of them being top 10 in MVP voting) so I'm really looking at this as an honor due to his career service to the Mets in several capacities. If it was just playing days...then I'm very stingy with number retirements (I would not have done Stengels who I feel every generation of Mets fans view with indifference and maybe some curiosity)
  2. Saleh and LaFleur are not it. I can understand going for it (I would've kicked a FG) but to call that play is just stupidity beyond comprehension. It's Gregg Williams level from last year. How do you call a sneak on 4th and 2? I've never seen something like that. They may get better next year but I don't think Saleh will be the guy to finally bring them to the promised...and we will certainly be needing a new OC. Can't make those kinds of calls. Just can't Ulbrich too. He's braindead and needs to be gone at seasons end
  3. I know it's the sh!tbag Jaguars but any kind of win is a step forward building block for this franchise. Probably should have put up more points but made some hyper aggressive playcalls, gambles instead of trying to take the points. And I understand why with the situation we were in...still it would've sucked if leaving points on the board cost us against Jax. I just want to get that feeling of winning at 1 Jets Drive. At least we've doubled our win total from last year Also our lineman make better plays on the football than our receivers do And that Wilson long touchdown scramble reminded me a lot of Darnolds. Carter (who is going to be part of the solution if we ever turn it around) is a very solid tough player and had himself a good game along with Tevin Coleman.
  4. I'm glad they came to their senses and went with the established, veteran guy. He's a known, proven commodity, he's turned teams around, he's managed in NY and can deal with the stresses and pressure (and media). He is a bit old but 65 today isn't what it was 30 or 40 years ago. He still has the fire to go out and win a World Series. Finally we have a guy who won't make repeated bonehead decisions. We can actually be a team that outmanages others during a game. Buck is an all around good baseball man and I'm glad he's here.
  5. Miami adjusted and the Jets absolutely looked like they stopped competing and didn't give an effort in the 2nd half. When this defense looks bad it looks historically unfathomably bad Combine the lack of talent already with the incredible rash of injuries and this is what you get. How they even have 3 wins is beyond me with the luck this team has. Wilson had a nice 1st half but had no chance at all in the 2nd. I'm still leaning to this guy not working out. The Jets outright did not possess the ball in the 2nd half it seemed. What happened in the 3rd an 4th q's is one of those instances where you look at the staff and wonder if they're the guys who can ever get it turn around. I just don't know
  6. ah yes of course the refs. Always good for an assist to our opposition weekly.
  7. What an utter disgrace of a game so far. Jets D is holding them in there but Wilson looks like utter trash (missing weapons but also missing some makeable throws). He just doesnt look like the guy. For all his studying and work ethic...the results by and large are not there. Eventually the Jets will do something stupid to give the game away but for now they're hanging in at 3-3
  8. I would've never thought that. If you asked me I would've guessed...40pts. 45 tops? 61 is pretty damn good. Strange and it feels like he'd gone through some invisible stretches.
  9. It was heartening to see how few people in the stands seemed to have this jersey. Kind of reminded me of the Isles when they tried that revolting black Brooklyn 3rd jersey nonsense. Fans hated it and Howie Rose commented they would groan and boo when the Isles hit the ice wearing it
  10. Can they make a god damn extra point good lord. You're not supposed to just sign someone worse than Ammendola just because he's not Ammendola
  11. Baez strikes me as a guy who's right at the tipping point age wise (29). His ilk (who are the ultimate free swingers, never walked more than 30 times a year, no plate discipline) when they decline the decline is swift and it's ugly. And it's not like he's a 40-50 HR guy...he's a 25-30 home run guy. Those K totals keep creeping up. 184 in 547 pa's is terrifying. A K per 2.97 pa's.
  12. I'm fine with that. He was nothing but a mercenary for the Nationals too who tried year after year to buy a World Series until they finally did in 2019 after having a top 5 or top 10 payrolls (and also sinking tons of $ into their minor league scouting and systems) for at least 5 or 6 consecutive years.
  13. Unreal. I would've bet anything that Scherzer like others was just flirting with the Mets and using them to drive the price up elsewhere...or would gladly leave millions on the table to go sign elsewhere and just avoid the Mets. Seems like Cohen almost sort of lashed out with his money after being humiliated during the offseason GM search. This kind of offer...how can Scherzer possibly say no?
  14. Also some credit to the running game. Tevin Coleman, Ty Johnson, and Austin Walter combined for 150+ and 4.6 a pop. Still can't pass block for sh!t, but the Jets ran the ball well today
  15. Ugly game. Ugly win...but it was a win and against fellow downtrodden bottom feeder. Wilson wasn't very good and made some stupid plays but at least it didn't cost them the game. With him under center, the offense definitely took a big step back (losing Michael Carter didn't help) but this team definitely ran more efficiently with Flacco, White, and heck Josh Johnson under center. Wilson came back and didn't at all look like anything's changed. The game still moves too fast for him and he makes asinine decisions with the football. And enough of god damn Ammendola already. He's not an NFL kicker. Bring in some competition at practice this week Defense looked fine. JFM, Quincy and Quinnen had impact games. When we're not playing a real NFL offense the defense can shine occasionally.
  16. Marte is coming off his best pro season...but you wonder is it last gasp to earn that deal and put it on cruise control or will he actually play up to potential? Kind of reminds me a bit of when we brought Granderson in. Granderson looked outright finished his first few months as a Met but then turned into a solid player and ended up having a good stint with us. With Marte...he's fast, gets on base, some power, not alot. But a good solid player. I just hope the decline is swift. Just give us two solid seasons here and we'll take it from there.
  17. I would write him off for the rest of the year. Weight issues...motivation issues. When he plays he's not too bad but he's not the dominant beast he should be. 2022 will be make or break for him
  18. The Loup loss sucks. Kind of shows too that it may be an abandon ship mindset in Major League Baseball with the Mets. That the organization even post Wilpons is poison. He was a nice find with an established enough track record that I don't feel he's one of those good year/bad year wild card type relievers. Loup is good Steve Cohen apparently is frustrated and ranted a bit on twitter. I can understand him feeling that way...we all do. But as an owner you have to be above the fray. Not whining on twitter I wasn't keen on bringing Matz back, but would've accepted it. If we did I can almost guarantee he wouldn't have even made 20 starts next season.
  19. And he had such a nice story behind him too...of course he promptly gets paid and totally vanishes. They didn't get embarrassed, I thought that's where the game was going after Miami marched down the field and scored right away, but they really could've won this game and promptly stupided it away. Hopefully Wilson back next week...but Flacco didn't look too bad Jets offense actually looks pretty damn good at times
  20. Absolute trash wow. Just wear the greens and reds. Who on earth thought these were a good idea And what is the point of all the idiotic stripes. Fans asked for the stripes back on the bottom of the home and roads, not random black and white striped nonsense on some 3rd abomination
  21. To me it's not a huge loss. He is too much in love with his own myth of Thor, the long hair, the nordic imagery, being some sort of 100mph unhittable fireballer. Well he's not that, he hasn't been that in forever...he hasn't developed the cerebral part of his game and we can't be sure he will hold up physically. He's more hype than reality at this point...and he's probably another in a long list of people associated with this franchise that's fed up with things. You know the way we're treated you'd think this team is the absolute worst and most pitiful organization in baseball. The reputation we have hanging over our head is absolutely wretched. The Wilpons left and things somehow got worse
  22. I don't get why they just don't roll with White again. Flacco really just got here again, and while he was here last year it's not the same offense as last year. Is it really THAT much a difference between Flacco and White at this point. White has shown some flashes...might as well keep looking into that while Zach gets healthy. I suppose White could be injured, and if it's anything with the arm/hand then it makes sense to keep him out as he doesn't exactly have a cannon to begin with
  23. and they promptly get humiliated after making no 2nd half adjustments or even caring to try.
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