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  1. Colon is maybe spring training cannon fodder at this point. His last year in the majors with 2018 Texas he really was just taking up a roster spot on a hopeless team and getting battered all over the yard. Now fast forward two years. Sure maybe the control will still be there but the velocity won't and he would get absolutely battered. No thanks
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/new-york-giants-deandre-baker-seattle-seahawks-quinton-dunbar-armed-robbery-assault-charges-florida-nfl-233111543.html Insane story here. Unfathomable stupidity. And he was the Giants 1st round pick last year. Going to end up another strike against Gettleman and another black mark on the Giants franchise
  3. Per Manish Mehta the Jets are close to signing Logan Ryan. It makes perfect sense, scheme fit is perfect. If Desir pans out and Bless Austin continues to improve we may actually get somewhat decent CB play in 2020. Poole is a top slot corner. Overall the Jets may field a quality defense in 2020. Above average for sure if everyone is able to stay healthy
  4. Yea. Mandarich was a monster himself but just an absolute mental trainwreck as well. A total jerk and just juicing out of his mind I'll trust Douglas on this one. It's so rare to see someone of that size with that kind of athleticism and wingspan. If you properly coach him up and give him the right kind of guidance and mentorship he can be an all time great at his position. It's not often you're able to say that about a player.
  5. Big one here. Out of nowhere. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001110390/article/patriots-to-trade-rob-gronkowski-to-buccaneers Tom Brady is in a new home, and a familiar face is joining him for a play date. Rob Gronkowski is coming out of retirement to again play in the NFL, but he'll be doing so in Tampa. The New England Patriots are trading Gronkowski and a seventh-round pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2020 draft, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.
  6. To me personally it's starting to feel a bit bleak regarding if they have a season, how long it will be...what kind of playoffs we'd have. I can see them using this kind of "special" year to expand playoffs and get more teams involved. Right now I'm holding out hope...maybe by May 15th they can reconvene and do two weeks of spring training, and then start a season June 1st. Get 4 full months of baseball year. But even that seems too optimistic Right now everybody involved fears that nightmare scenario of opening too early and having a player (or players) get seriously sick or god forbid perish. Then everything will have to be shuttered again
  7. Oh come on Jamal. Love him as a player (though don't see him as untradeable) but he's a bit of a petulant baby at times. And he loves drama. Though he always shows up to play He's under contract for two more years...NEXT offseason is when they'll get into the nitty gritty of contract negotiations to make him a Jet for life. He's just going to have to be patient. Douglas is going to stick to his guns. He's going to listen to any offers that come his way but it's doubtful Adams ever gets moved
  8. This was a reasonable contract. Why the hell didn't Douglas bring him back for that? Will Enunwa even be ready to play this year? All we have now is Crowder Douglas needs to get some weapons for Sam. For a team as thin at WR as we were already you just can't let somebody like Anderson depart with nobody to replace those catches
  9. Wow. We don't even have to have a season apparently for the baseball gods to fvck us over.
  10. Like these two signings. Kyle Van Roten and Connor McGovern. McGovern finally stabilizes the center position Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero · Mar 17 The #Jets are signing former #Broncos C Connor McGovern to a three-year, $27 million deal that includes $18M fully guaranteed, per source. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 53m The #Jets are signing former #Panthers OL Greg Van Roten, source said. One of the top O-linemen available.
  11. Wow Miami going all out for Van Noy. 4 years 51 million!
  12. Jets needed an offensive lineman badly and didn't seal the deal with Conklin or Glasgow. PATHETIC I understand they can get a really good one with their draft slot, but do you really want to have no choice but to get one? What about protecting Darnold? Lots of smoke but no fire so far with the Jets. They're in on Clowney, on Van Noy. But nothing
  13. I may have been a bit wrong about Alonso. Criticized him when he and his agent threw a fit about not being called up and issuing a statement in a sort of "who are you to behave this way, claiming you deserve to be in the majors and it's an affront you weren't called up" but you know what since then he's done nothing but say all the right things, do all the right things, and perform spectacularly
  14. Well he'll probably be forced to cancel his shows too
  15. And it seemed so harmless too. Tweaked his "side" well what does that even mean? An oblique? Could something be torn there?
  16. That was a weird one for Nieds. Thankfully we can laugh about it but giveaways like that were few and far between.
  17. Lamoriello really underestimated the Isles need for offense this deadline
  18. Arthur Imperatore. Still kicking at 94!
  19. Not constant chances yet. He's not there yet. And yes he was invisible for some long stretches this year. Him playing well now doesn't erase an otherwise disappointing rookie season production wise, but he is showing some encouraging signs and yes it would help if people on the receiving end of his work put the puck in the net too. That hasn't been happening.
  20. nobody called him a bust. He was not a top talent 1st overall either. He was a very good well rounded first but not a guy thought of as a potential superstar. He was thought of as what? A 70pt two way player? That's a valuable commodity. And I'll think he'll be just that
  21. I still don't think he'll be either but I really hope he takes his offseason training seriously and works to get a lot stronger
  22. They're different players though style wise. Skillsets a bit different. But both elite in their own ways. I would put him ahead of Matthews entering the league. Matthews had the physical development edge
  23. It can happen. Bobby Carpenter. Daigle is another one. And they both had more productive starts to their career than Hughes
  24. It is a bit of a problem. Hughes was a big big prospect. Maybe not generational but one of the biggest and most anticipated NHL arrivals in the last 20 years. Not Crosby or McDavid levels but just under with unmistakable elite talent. Yes he is somewhat undersized and young but even the most cautious prognosticators would not expect this kind of paltry production for someone of his talent. 28 pts in a projected 74 games is poor. And he's had some nice flashes but also looked a lot more lost than expected for some long stretches. We need him to put up Pastrnak, Panarin, McKinnon #'s and consistently. That is expected of him by 21 years old. He was more highly touted than any of those guys Realistic expectations for Hughes were maybe 40-50 pts this year. 60-70 the next...and then skies the limit after that. Perhaps that needs to be revised? This is a lot slower start than expected for someone who already has the skill level that he does. For some guys this stuff plagues them forever. Pucks never go in for them and they never will. Look at Zacha. He's gotten better, he's getting better. But finally reaching 30 total pts in his 4th full year is not the kind of production we drafted. If Hughes is a 60-70 point per year guy then he's going to be something of a disappointment. We drafted A+, not B/B+
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