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  1. The fact that this happened is very troubling. The Jets as a coaching staff were completely taken to school by an Atlanta team missing some top receiving talent. Atlanta's D had surrendered the most points in the NFL and somehow dominated our offense with ease. Pure talent wise the Falcons are right on the Jets level. Really worries me long term going forward with Saleh and LaFleur.
  2. Lafleur isnt it. And Wilson is a horribly inaccurate thrower
  3. Welp. Back to bed. Another Jets no show
  4. John Franklin-Myers was signed to an extension. $30 mil guaranteed. Pass rushers are extremely hard to come by. He's a rare gem uncovered by Douglas. When he's been on the field he brings the pressure and disrupts offenses. Hopefully he can have some double digit sack seasons and stay healthy This defense has been able to get to the QB a lot more than I expected it would after the Lawson injury. https://nypost.com/2021/10/08/jets-john-franklin-myers-agree-to-contract-extension/
  5. https://nypost.com/2021/10/06/theo-epstein-steve-cohen-quickly-decide-mets-marriage-wont-work/ Hopefully he's playing hard to get and the Mets continue to pursue, but seems like this could be over before it really ever got started
  6. Yea there is still plenty to clean up. The defense playing well all day and then gagging it up late was a staple of the Rex era Jets. But all things considered they did a great job for 5 quarters with no Maye (on top of all the other injuries we have) Credit Saleh, without Lawson he has still schemed ways to get to the QB Ammendola nearly missed that chip shot in OT for the lead. Still not sure about him. Big leg but he may be one of those guys where you just don't know where it's gonna go
  7. A game that sliced 10 years off my life Lafleur I cant stand. He makes some absolutely nonsense "they know it's coming" 0 chance to succeed calls far too often. Really a bad coordinator D played well. But damn we gave it up too many times when we were 1 play away
  8. Lafleurs playcalling is just trash
  9. Jets are cursed beyond belief. Awful loss
  10. This game is definitely following the familiar Jets heartbreaking loss script
  11. Defense should slap the O upside the head. Gase's offenses were better than this. Miracle it's 9-0. And an awful pick by Wilson
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mets-sandy-alderson-to-make-call-on-manager-luis-rojas-future-decision-to-come-after-regular-season/ It'll be Sandy's call regarding Rojas. They won't even wait to hire a President of Baseball Operations Rojas has been as bad as Mickey and an awful in game tactician. He was never even wanted as Mets manager the job just sort of fell to him after the Beltran fiasco. Clearly he's not ready. I could see him being re-assigned elsewhere in the org if they think he has some sort of future here (hope not) but I'd jettison him from the Mets completely.
  13. And now Marcus Maye out 3-4 weeks. It just never ever ends
  14. Yea...but I mean that team was probably 4-12 talent wise that masqueraded at 7-9. But for the moment it showed that maybe Gase/Douglas weren't quite as incompetent as they turned out to be. They didn't quit down the stretch. There could've been promise heading into 2020 if Douglas drafts didn't flop, and if they signed the right UFA talent. But neither of that happened and the team as it stands now is worse than the 2019 group. 2019 was a good "build upon it" year. It was a step up from 2018 with Bowles when he completely lost the team But like 80% of what was brought in was trash. Pierre Desir, a washed up frank Gore, the drafting of Becton and Zuniga. Ashtyn Davis who's barely seen the field. Zuniga.
  15. I'm surprised the Giants are actually tied with us. I'd guess we were a few games worse
  16. This sort of reminds me of the 1991 team. 1990...think they had a 90 win season. Were in the pennant chase late (lost to the Pirates) but 1984-1990 the Mets were a respected force in baseball and that carried over to 91. 1st half of that year they were 52-37. This was right around the time of the All Star Break. 4 games out of first behind the surprising Braves. But the Mets were gonna be in it all the way most thought 2nd half 25-47. And that's where it ended. They went into a malaise that lasted until the 1997 season where they were a surprise 88-74
  17. Another embarrassing abomination. Cory Davis with drops all over the field. But why dress Mims? Crowder is now on cruise control. They asked him to take a paycut so doubt we'll see any inkling of effort from him all season Offensive line again quit on the field Ridiculous idiot playcalling This is WORSE than last year. NOTHING has changed. They DARE go out there and try to pass this product off as a professional football team. This is a sick joke, Douglas doesn't have a clue about how to build a team Penalties again out of control.
  18. Yea...Belle is a jerk to end all jerks. Maybe one of the most insufferable pro athletes that I have EVER read about. He really must've had some sort of personality disorder Still looking at his numbers, he is unquestionably...no debate...a Hall of Famer. He also retired at the age of 34, in a bit of a decline but still a feared hitter and RBI man. His last season he hit .280, .342obp 23 home runs 103 rbi's in 141 games. His run between 1991 and 1999 was unreal. 7 seasons of not just 100 rbis, but 110+ rbi's. With astronomical totals mixed in. 152, 148, 129 etc
  19. I don't think he was all that beloved by the media personnel. He was always smiles, gregarious, doing commercials (did that alot in Montreal I hear) basically Mr. Sunshine that could come off as very fake to some
  20. I don't know either, what I saw out of Jones and Fields in college was a longer, steadier body of work than what we saw from Wilson. Fields isn't lighting things up either but the bonehead throws from Wilson today were inexcusable They talk about growing pains but plenty of times in the NFL growing pains can metastasize into just a flat out bad career. We had Douglas coming in because the past GM had the team stuck in the mud, drafted poorly, poor overall evaluator of talent and was eaten alive by NYC (maccagnan) who's to say the same thing isn't happening this very moment to Douglas. Saleh as a first time coach in NY with a rookie qb and a still fairly young and inexperienced GM. None of them have ever proven they could get it done anywhere else running the show. None of them look ready
  21. That era's team never got it done, but at one point the Jets were finding Mangolds and DBricks, Coles, Cotchery, Brandon Moore, Revis etc. My god that regime looks like prime Bill Walsh 49ers compared to what we see now.
  22. And what is this team under Douglas? 9-25. He was very highly spoken of, respected in the NFL. Was a bright young mind and a stabilizing force. But none of that has materialized...not one iota. His 2020 draft is looking like a disaster, we're horribly injury plagued again. We let Robby A walk for nothing. Now Crowder can't get on the field. Beginning to think this Douglas is being exposed as a bit of fraud. Progress wise we're not where we should be from the time he took over. A lot of his missteps are beginning to loom large even with Wilson...how do we not have a reliable vet as backup? It's starting to look like he should've sat out some games and learned instead of being booed and humiliated from the getgo The defense is coming along. Our offense (qb situation, receivers...and i bet Mims is going to ask out any day now only to go somewhere and play great) and offensive line are still stuck in the mud. And the penalty issues remain from the Bowles years I don't think they will, but if this season ends 4-13 or worse, I'd seriously consider firing Douglas. The NFL is a league of quick turnarounds...where's ours? They keep preaching culture change, keep shuffling in and out new players, new staffs, new trainers. Keep trotting out pathetic catch phrases (All gas no hope etc) yet nothing changes. Too many Bowles/Gase games looked very similar to this. Looking back why the hell did we ever fire Rex and Tanny? Should've just left them in place they'd have this team in much better shape by now.
  23. Another embarrassing disaster. I thought Zach would have a rough game, Belichick...rookie QB. Never did I envision THIS. And again this was a game where the D played ok much like Carolina. Despite seemingly being on the field all day, they were anything but run over. The defense is competitive and play very hard. Most times they bend but don't break. Yea I know 2 of those INTs were tipped, they were still bad throws. The other two were absurdly stupid picks and broke the teams back...I have no idea what happens to these QB's...rookie, year 2, 3...it seems like they put on Jets jerseys and suddenly stupify. And this was a game where the o-line pulled it together, where we ran the ball reasonably well. A few things did not go our way early (because of course they didn't) and it spiraled out of control. Was screaming at my TV, take the checkdown, chuck it away. No...he's out there making Sanchez decisions
  24. Those 80's and early 90s A's teams had a 90s Braves feel to them. Goliaths, consistent, tons of talent and intimidating...but if you pop them in the mouth early on they wilt and die. That Gibson home run wrecked them. Great teams pick themselves off the mat especially so early on in a series...they never really did well in terms of responding to adversity. They either steamroll you (like they did with the 89 Giants) or they just go down meekly. Teams like the 1990 Reds and 88 Dodgers were poison for them...so you could also make a case the cocky east coast 88 Mets could've brought the best out of Oakland where all the spotlight would've been on us. Less pressure on them I kind of get the feel the Mets, with just a few slight slight bounces of the ball, could've absolutely legitimately won 3 consecutive WS back then. Granted they got incredibly lucky when they needed to in 86, though that team was historically good, they were unbelievably unlucky in 87 and 88. Even 1990 that team was very close to passing the Pirates in mid to late Septs and winning the NL East
  25. And they still fought back and had the Cards on the ropes in 87...until Terry Pendleton hit it out and buried the Mets that season. Because we were still in the 86 afterglow that moment often gets overlooked as historical Met heartbreaks, but it was pretty bad
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