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  1. Baez strikes me as a guy who's right at the tipping point age wise (29). His ilk (who are the ultimate free swingers, never walked more than 30 times a year, no plate discipline) when they decline the decline is swift and it's ugly. And it's not like he's a 40-50 HR guy...he's a 25-30 home run guy. Those K totals keep creeping up. 184 in 547 pa's is terrifying. A K per 2.97 pa's.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    OK, a few things:

    I'm sure some will say "Oh please...he's a merc!  Just came here for the money!"  I couldn't care less if that's the reason he came.  And guess what...LOTS of players have done that very thing, and many more will.  As long as he performs, no one is going to care.  Of course, if he suddenly declines and is no longer Max Scherzer, he'll hear about it plenty.  But not his fault that the Mets signed him for absolute top dollar.

    And suffice it to say, in spite of some nonsense and scandals and other crap that seems destined to be part of the Met organization no matter who owns the team, Cohen definitely is doing exactly what we expected him to:  put every last dollar of his money where his mouth is.  Long gone are the days where David Wright's contract represented high-end for the Mets.  Cohen's nuts...he clearly doesn't give a fvck about the luxury tax...this guy is going to SPEND, to levels just about every other team won't.  It doesn't guarantee winning of course...but from now on, there's no doubt...if there's a player out there that the Mets want, money isn't ever going to stop them.  It's both scary and exciting.

    As for this team...it's about as "right now" as it gets.  It has "Worst Team Money Could Buy" potential, but also "If This Team Can Avoid Injuries and Everyone Plays Well...Mets Bought Themselves a Friggin' World Series!"

    Our team truly has a maverick, wild-west owner now.  Eppler's gotta be lovin' this...not that he was hamstrung before, but damn, I get the feeling there's no shackles at all.  Wild.  Crazy.  

    I'm fine with that. He was nothing but a mercenary for the Nationals too who tried year after year to buy a World Series until they finally did in 2019 after having a top 5 or top 10 payrolls (and also sinking tons of $ into their minor league scouting and systems) for at least 5 or 6 consecutive years.

  3. Unreal. I would've bet anything that Scherzer like others was just flirting with the Mets and using them to drive the price up elsewhere...or would gladly leave millions on the table to go sign elsewhere and just avoid the Mets. Seems like Cohen almost sort of lashed out with his money after being humiliated during the offseason GM search. This kind of offer...how can Scherzer possibly say no? 

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  4. Ugly game. Ugly win...but it was a win and against fellow downtrodden bottom feeder. Wilson wasn't very good and made some stupid plays but at least it didn't cost them the game. With him under center, the offense definitely took a big step back (losing Michael Carter didn't help) but this team definitely ran more efficiently with Flacco, White, and heck Josh Johnson under center. Wilson came back and didn't at all look like anything's changed. The game still moves too fast for him and he makes asinine decisions with the football.

    And enough of god damn Ammendola already. He's not an NFL kicker. Bring in some competition at practice this week

    Defense looked fine. JFM, Quincy and Quinnen had impact games. When we're not playing a real NFL offense the defense can shine occasionally. 

  5. Marte is coming off his best pro season...but you wonder is it last gasp to earn that deal and put it on cruise control or will he actually play up to potential? Kind of reminds me a bit of when we brought Granderson in. Granderson looked outright finished his first few months as a Met but then turned into a solid player and ended up having a good stint with us. With Marte...he's fast, gets on base, some power, not alot. But a good solid player. I just hope the decline is swift. Just give us two solid seasons here and we'll take it from there.

  6. On 11/22/2021 at 3:37 PM, NJDevs4978 said:

    Speaking of guys disappearing where the hell is Becton?  He was supposed to have a 6-8 week injury but we're in Week 12 and he can't even return to the practice field yet.  Seems like his weight might be a problem with rehabbing his type of injury too.

    I would write him off for the rest of the year. Weight issues...motivation issues. When he plays he's not too bad but he's not the dominant beast he should be. 2022 will be make or break for him

  7. The Loup loss sucks. Kind of shows too that it may be an abandon ship mindset in Major League Baseball with the Mets. That the organization even post Wilpons is poison. He was a nice find with an established enough track record that I don't feel he's one of those good year/bad year wild card type relievers. Loup is good

    Steve Cohen apparently is frustrated and ranted a bit on twitter. I can understand him feeling that way...we all do. But as an owner you have to be above the fray. Not whining on twitter

    I wasn't keen on bringing Matz back, but would've accepted it. If we did I can almost guarantee he wouldn't have even made 20 starts next season.

  8. 11 hours ago, NJDevs4978 said:


    This fvcking clown needs to pipe down, all he’s done is be Mo Wilkerson 2.0, got his money then proceeded to disappear except when stupid penalties are needed to lose the game. Yeah that 65-yard TD in the third where you guys left a man wide open by twenty yards that was some prayer.

    And he had such a nice story behind him too...of course he promptly gets paid and totally vanishes. They didn't get embarrassed, I thought that's where the game was going after Miami marched down the field and scored right away, but they really could've won this game and promptly stupided it away. Hopefully Wilson back next week...but Flacco didn't look too bad

    Jets offense actually looks pretty damn good at times

  9. Absolute trash wow. Just wear the greens and reds. Who on earth thought these were a good idea

    And what is the point of all the idiotic stripes. Fans asked for the stripes back on the bottom of the home and roads, not random black and white striped nonsense on some 3rd abomination

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  10. To me it's not a huge loss. He is too much in love with his own myth of Thor, the long hair, the nordic imagery, being some sort of 100mph unhittable fireballer. Well he's not that, he hasn't been that in forever...he hasn't developed the cerebral part of his game and we can't be sure he will hold up physically. He's more hype than reality at this point...and he's probably another in a long list of people associated with this franchise that's fed up with things. You know the way we're treated you'd think this team is the absolute worst and most pitiful organization in baseball. The reputation we have hanging over our head is absolutely wretched. The Wilpons left and things somehow got worse

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  11. On 11/17/2021 at 3:20 PM, NJDevs4978 said:

    I mean Flacco MIGHT be the better one-week option but it's ridiculous to start a 36-year old in a hopeless cause of a season and say it's because he's a better matchup against the Dolphins 😆  Yeah...how about looking at some game film Bob?


    The charitable explanation is they're just hiding an injury from White.  The more sinister ones are A. because Saleh's been under fire with the Rex thing this week, this staff wants a win BAD, or B. they just don't want to risk White having a second good game before Wilson comes back and re-igniting the potential controversy.  And if it's the former then it makes their initial decision of not having a vet backup (or not having vet corners for that matter) look even more ridiculous.  So we can plan for the future at 0-0 but we gotta make a win-now move at 2-7?!  If it's the latter, it's gutless and stupid to devalue your own asset.

    And the fact Wilson's been out four weeks now makes their initial decision not to IR him (when your BEST-case scenario was he came back to get carved up by the Bills) even more Mets-like than it already looked to begin with.

    I don't get why they just don't roll with White again. Flacco really just got here again, and while he was here last year it's not the same offense as last year. Is it really THAT much a difference between Flacco and White at this point. White has shown some flashes...might as well keep looking into that while Zach gets healthy. I suppose White could be injured, and if it's anything with the arm/hand then it makes sense to keep him out as he doesn't exactly have a cannon to begin with

  12. Cory Davis. Utter trash who cannot hold onto or catch a ball, another trash signing by trash GM Douglas. The strikes against him are piling up with the alarming lack of talent on this team

    Losing 17-3 is not bad for them. Hopefully it doesnt spiral into humiliation territory

  13. On 11/11/2021 at 7:28 AM, NJDevs4978 said:

    Now the latest rumor is the Mets are waiting out Stearns who’s on the last year of his deal, which is all well and good long term IF it works out, but at this rate I’m fully expecting him to re-up at the last minute 



    Of course what will really happen is we will finally get the opportunity and probably lose Stearns to some other team in the 11th hour during the 2022 offseason

  14. 17 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Scared of NY, no.

    Scared (or leery) of the Mets, maybe.

    Scared of Cohen and Sandy, definitely.  And as we've said many times before, Cohen learning the hardest way possible that all of the money in the world can't buy you prestige and respect.  He's truly become a person non grata in MLB.  And as I continue to wonder...what the hell are people saying about him behind the scenes?  NO ONE wants to come here...I get some people not being interested in New York, or the Mets, but EVERYONE?!

    I can see Sandy resigning...I gotta imagine he's in "Why the hell did I come back here?" mode.   

    I have no clue what could make him seem like such a pariah? I mean most of the nonsense he inherited here has been festering from the Wilpons. Wouldn't they know that he wants to clean it up? What exactly is floating around behind the scenes that are making people so afraid of this job? Is it just Sandy? Or does Cohen already have a reputation of being an awful owner to work for behind the scenes?

  15. On 11/5/2021 at 7:59 PM, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    People have decided they want no part of Sandy and Steve.  I have no idea how this ever gets fixed.  Gotta wonder what is being said behind the scenes for it to have reached this level.  It’s starting to feel like people would’ve been more open to working for the Wilpons, which is un-fvcking-believable.  

    Maybe the Devil you know vs the Devil you don't. The Wilpons were awful, but in a doddering dunce kind of way awful. I'm not sure what's being said about Cohen behind the scenes, but it is possible that he's a nightmare in his own way and in a way that makes working for him less tolerable than working for the Wilpons. Because finding guys was a heck of a lot more easier with Fred and Jeff around. And Jeff was the scumbag to end all scumbags (we thought)

  16. The media seems to love reporting on every single person who has turned down the Mets request to interview. Thing is we don't know if this is a standard things or when perhaps less prominent franchises search for GM's...maybe this thing happens all the time and it just never gets reported who turns down opportunities to become the GM of the Pirates or Reds.

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  17. Saleh really has to turn it around year two. You can't keep having these games where it's over in the 1st quarter and you're giving up 40+ and 500+ yards of offense with little resistance. 

    I'm not seeing where it's going to ever be any different with Saleh when average teams are blowing your doors off. The New England debacle just happened. And it happens again. They're not a talented team but this shouldnt happen TWICE in a span of 8 games vs average opponents

  18. And the Jets do what they do best, get QB's hurt and get their doors blown off. The defense did not show up at all and the game was over immediately. You could tell from the first Colts drive this was going to be another Patriots 50+ massacre. The Jets in the past 10 years or so have had more games end in the 1st quarter probably than any other team. What happened to our vaunted D line? The Jets have looked like the worst defense in the NFL since Foxboro. Statistically they probably are

    It really was inevitable with White. He had to come out of the last game too but returned. There is no chance, whoever we put back there, for him to string together good performances because he wont stay healthy enough to do so

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