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  1. One thing about the Mets is this year they have the manager, they have the division falling in their favor, and they do have the committed and dedicated owner with a full year under his belt ready to spend, and if need be, buy his way out of an injury rut. This is going to be a tough stretch to get through until one of Scherzer or deGrom is able to return. We've got 3 more games coming up in San Fran and the killer 10 game west coast swing (Dodgers/Padres/Angels) it's key that they don't fall into one of those 2 wins in 11 games type tailspins that have short circuited previous seasons.

    If they want to make a move to Montas then go out and get him early if you can. Hopefully have him by early June and that rough part of the sched. There are other stopgap types that we can look at...Drew Smyly, Zach Davies. I would certainly call the DBacks about Bumgarner.

  2. Hope it's not an oblique. Hefner says back "not that bad". How is that the least bit true...back related can be nothing, or it can start as nothing and snowball into a nightmare "It's so bad I need my teammates to tie my skates" After going through the Wright thing we really don't need to hear it's just his back it's not that bad

    I'm already mentally prepared for losing him for a month. Scherzer is a tough as nails guy and when he's on the mound giving the "cut, I'm done" gesture that's a very bad sign in my eyes.

  3. 9 minutes ago, titans04 said:

    Meanwhile we're on the back nine for the 9th time in 10 years. I would love to beat a broken down over the hill third string goalie playing pens team. F*ck gimmie something resembling a meaniful game on the back half of a season for starters. 

    Crazy talk I know. 

    Now that said follow the process and someday we too will play in a playoff series and not have off 6 months every off season coming off 2 plus months of meaningless games. 

    We had our chances. Esche, Rhodes, Boucher

    Made them look like Georges Vezina

    Bottom line is we can't turn a team over like the Rags. Panarin would never sign here. Adam Fox isn't going to muscle his way to the Devils like he did NYR. 

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  4. A 3-0 lead against a dead Nats franchise and Megill is not even competitive. Did not belong on the mound today. He's been great so far so we have to excuse this...but this was look away humiliating bad. Hopefully it's just a blip on the radar and something isn't wrong with him

    Down 5 but facing a pitcher with a 9 era. Let's score some runs. Plenty of baseball left to be played.

  5. 5 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Soooooo the Mets are already 7 games up on the second-place Braves.  7.5 up on Florida (they’re sinking like a stone, after a surprising start earlier) and Philly…Washington looks like they’re already cooked.  All the Mets have to do is not fvck this up, really…if they go 74-57 (.565 ball) the rest of the way (95 wins), can anyone in the East possibly catch them?  They may not even need that many wins.  

    It’s still early and as we well know teams that are struggling sometimes go on serious tears later, but the Braves and Phillies aren’t even playing .500 ball right now…the Braves would have to go 81-40 to reach 95 wins…the Phillies would have to go 82-40.  Basically, if the Mets can manage not to completely collapse, they’re taking this division.  

    Those seem like pretty extreme totals, Braves I'm always wary about but 81-40 seems out of their realm. But I'm sure they'll have a 12 wins in 15 games type stretch sometime this summer.

    Phillies have thrown a lot of $ around of late trying to buy their way back to relevance, and they've built a pretty solid offense, but their pitching overall is below average...seems like they're destined for somewhere between 79-84 wins when it's all said and done. Unlike the old annoyingly clutch Charlie Manuel Phillies...this Phillies team always seems to come apart in a big spot

  6. Was far from a brilliant performance, but the Mets did what they had to do to scratch by a terrible Nats team. Corbin...who's 11-28 with a grotesque ERA over the past 3 seasons, held them to just 3 hits through 5. Frustrating to see...but they came alive in the middle innings

  7. Did that just happen? I mean holy crap!!

    I was gonna give them a bit of a pass...hey eventually they were going to hit the skids a little bit you figure. Lose a few in a row (and it'll eventually happen) but to have such an improbably rally on the road...this is a memorable W and you've gotta figure the Phillies are absolutely shattered after a game like this

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  8. In Scherzers last 18 regular season starts, his team is 18-0. 

    In his last 15 regular season games where he got a win or loss decision...15-0

    God I hope I didn't jinx him or the team. But Scherzers last regular season loss was May 30th, 2021

  9. 6 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Lindor with a .372 OPS over his last 9 GP.  That’s as bad as it gets. 

    Only 5 hits in his last 36 at bats. And just a single walk in that stretch too. He needs to pull out of it and fast before the narrative that the hot start was just a fluke and he's going to go the way of Alomar, Baerga etc begins

  10. Yesterday was a statement day. Coming off a rotten loss, the Mets absolutely snuffed the Braves offense out and asserted themselves as the best team in the NL East. When you have that kind of effort from the normally sketchy Carrasco...you have to be happy.

    Still would like to see more out of the offense, but offenses everywhere are pretty depressed. 

  11. 21 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    The 1986 team was an absolute juggernaut...they went on that 18-1 tear that took them to 20-4...and yeah, I had forgotten that even when they were 23-9, they were only 3 games up...IIRC the Expos were kinda in the hunt for a little while, but yeah, by mid-June that thing was as over as it gets.

    This team seems more "steady wins the race"...the fact that they've won seven series without a sweep says a lot (given the small sample size, anyway).  I don't see them going on major tears but I also don't see them going to any major funks...that works for me.

    Reiterates what we already know about Cohen...he literally does not give a fvck.  So many teams (hell, I'd say EVERY other team) couldn't deal with swallowing Cano's money, even though his taking up a roster spot hurts the on-field product.  He'd get some chances to try to show anything at all based on the contract alone...not here.  This is obviously 100% for the good of the team, but wow, that's a hell of a financial jagged pill to ingest.

    And one last fvck you to BVW.  Sad that Cohen couldn't have bought the team earlier...than that corporate douchebag wannabe "See I can be a GM!" jerk never gets a job that he had no business ever getting.

    And that's the way to do it. With Buck leading the way and Cohen at the helm there's a new air of professionalism, consistency with how the entire franchise operates top to bottom. Making the right decision, a hard one like this where you know it may bother some guys in the clubhouse short term(Lindor) but is good for the team long term. No chance Cano is dfa'd if this is still a Wilpon owned tean.

    Last year was chaotic as the last elements of the Wilpon circus had to be removed. This year we have real stability and direction.

  12.  I know I shouldn't fall into this trap, but the 86 Mets 23 games in were 19-4. With how good this team has been so far...that team still had 3 more wins at the same juncture. For whatever reason I thought they were about neck and neck at the same point.

    Though it wasnt until late May that they really started to distance themself from the rest of the NL East. Only up 3 on Montreal. By mid June they were up double digits (11.5 on the Expos) and were gone. The rest of the division pretty much knew it too

    This Braves series coming up, Atlanta has lost 2 in a row...I want to see the Mets drop a hammer on them like they did St. Louis early in 86, that 4 game sweep at Busch. Being 8 up when this series ends would be fantastic...but being 10 up would really send a message to the Braves, the division, and the entire league

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  13. So god damn sick of looking at Schwarber. It hurts less though when you win

    They tagged Scherzer a bit in this one, wasn't his usual dominant self...but the Phillies do have some hitters so this will happen from time to time. Still got through 6 and K'd 9. Got the W since our offense showed up

    Now the real test begins with the Braves coming in

  14. 13 hours ago, NJDevs4978 said:

    Well Joe's really souping up the offense now, trading up for the best RB in the draft and then drafting a TE after signing two in FA lol  This guy, and the two TE's we signed this offseason all could have started for us in the last decade of sh!tty TE's.

    I like the Hall pick. Absolutely the best back in the draft, though not a guy who really blows me away as a star type. Just seems solid, efficient...with great vision and a nose for the endzone. 

    I was kinda wanting a LB or OT in the Hall and Ruckert slots, but they did just nab an OT in Max Mitchell

    Ruckert I want to get into a bit more, great story with him growing up a Jets fan now he can live out the misery in person. I just felt with the 2 guys we got, maybe it wouldve been more produnt getting the best Center prospect still on the board. Or another o lineman. I'm still not totally sold on our offensive line...a lot hinges on what happens with Becton

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  15. 22 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Know this is a Jets thread, but the Pats yesterday...I swear there's times where BB almost seems determined to outsmart himself.  It's one thing to trade down...hell, if you follow the Pats, you almost know that staying up to see who they're going to take with their first-rounder is pointless, because they're probably not going to use it for an actual player...and they did wind up with another 3rd and 4th out of it.  But geez, to reach for Strange just seems...well, strange.  Especially when they need CBs, among other things.  

    They always seem to find the guys they need though. NE marches to their own drummer in these drafts, and they'd rather have the volume later and deep. They got Duggar and Uche (played well until getting hurt) Onwenu is a nice find late. This is going back to 2020. They also sometimes take guys they want to coach up for a year before giving them bigger roles on the team. Patriots are not going to be a big name sexy draft darling the day of it, but then you go back years later and see...well they loaded up in 3-4-5 with picks and wow, they got 3 good starters there. There will be busts of course but they seem confident in their ability to hit within the rounds where only the true draftniks are watching

  16. 13 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Yeah gotta admit I was waiting for Diaz to give up 2+ hits…and instead he ends this thing on an exclamation point.

    With baseball “evolving” to what it’s become, suffice it to say that combined no-hitters are going to become more commonplace.  


    And you hear a lot of Mets haters trying to marginalize it...a not hitter is still a no hitter. It's incredibly hard to hold a team to 0 hits over 9

    I've always hated how people brought up the Beltran missed call during Johans and tried to invalidate it. As if it's the only missed call during a no hitter or perfect game. Should we pick those apart and invalidate them all? No...seems like they only want to take away the Mets one

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  17. Holy crap. Where on earth did that come from? Yea the fact that it's combined...not quite the same as a single pitcher doing it. Still it was a wonderful franchise moment that builds momentum within the team that this could be a special year. And of course love how it was against the Phillies.

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  18. What can I say...this has the potential to be a landmark, culture changing draft. Gardner was the guy at 4. He's about as complete and well rounded as they come at the position. Wilson is a dynamic playmaker. Not the biggest guy but a receiver who is both a playmaker and does the little things well (good route runner) and now Johnson,  quality edge who is also good vs the run, a very hard worker. The Jets not only got talent but good, smart dedicated football players with high floors in terms of what they can do at the NFL level

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