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  1. Gusev should hit 60pts next year. He's a very good player Dare I say...poor mans Panarin?
  2. We should have like 3 goals by now
  3. Let's see if Schneider can go 90 seconds without giving this nice start back but great tenacity and work in front of the net. Just flat out outworked them
  4. March 26th seems way early. Like Minnesota and Detroit could still get snowed out that early. Ugh this is just asinine. Sunday night selection show. Opponent picking? This is not some reality TV BS. Since when do you pick your opponents in American sports. This is just so overwhelmingly convoluted and contrived. The only thing I would change is maybe make the wild card a best 2 out of 3 series. Or just keep things as it is I'm fine with these selection shows if its for pointless garbage like all star games. You can toy around and have fun with that because it doesn't matter. But opponent picking is stupid Is MLB doing THAT BAD that it needs all these bizarre millennial type ideas?
  5. Ok I can stomach 700. W for us. Blackwoods record for a team with out record...that's impressive
  6. He should be in it anyway. Enough season left to turn more heads
  7. No it was a regular goal celebration when Jagr got 700 I would've shot the puck at the Caps there
  8. ok ok just get on with the game who cares
  9. Operation Ovie 700 continues as Washington gets handed their 4th powerplay
  10. Those fake spontaneous "thanks for my subway sandwich before intermission herp derp" commercials make my skin crawl
  11. lol. Seriously that pissed me off. Bratt is developing into a special player and clown coaches scratching him need to be out of a job
  12. And the refs drive to see Ovechkin hit 700 continues
  13. Wilson to the locker room. Good job Carrick
  14. Lol. He would Seriously Mac is young, not much of a season left. Put a workload on Mack Black and let's see how he does. Play him, play him, and play him some more. Establish he's the guy heading into 2020-21. He's earned it. The players on the ice, they don't want anybody else by Blackwood in their and it shows. When he's in net the Devils go out there and feel they can steal any game.
  15. I think we've all been teased by goalies before who we thought could be #1's but faded into 2's or worse but...I'm starting to get excited about Blackwood.
  16. I suppose they can just alternate 16 teams every year getting 9 home and 8 away games...but yea I'm thinking it will be a neutral site 17th game. Not necessarily overseas though.
  17. Not thrilled with this but certainly not surprised. Get ready for more mediocre playoff teams. More playoff teams expected under new NFL CBA, sources say https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28739375/more-playoff-teams-expected-new-nfl-cba-sources-say If and when a transformational collective bargaining agreement is finalized -- and there is now mounting optimism it could be done sometime in the next week -- it is expected to change the NFL's playoff structure as it is currently constituted for next season, league sources told ESPN. Under the current CBA proposal that NFL owners are pushing for, the playoff field would be expanded to seven teams from each conference, while the regular season would be increased to 17 games per team and the preseason shortened to three games per team, sources said.
  18. Why not. I miss football already (XFL isn't cutting it. Sort of surprised they lasted even 2 weeks) This doesn't surprise me. I think there is absolutely no smoke here. It's just the Beckham camp trying to goad the Jets into inquiring. The Browns don't want him anymore, and he wants to play where the lights are brightest. Gase putting up with Beckham? Don't envision that. Source: Odell Beckham Could Want A Big Apple Return...With The New York Jets https://www.si.com/nfl/jets/news/odell-beckham-could-want-new-york-jets-as-destination Odell Beckham could be coming back to New York, it just may not be with the team that drafted him five years ago…and then traded him away. Amid speculation and rumor that the game’s most talented wide receiver might be the center of an offseason trade from the Cleveland Browns, it might be the New York Jets and not the New York Giants that could be a destination for Beckham . An NFL source told SportsIllustrated.com that if Beckham is traded, he would view the Jets as an ideal landing spot. Also rumblings about Miami wanting to pry Burrow from Cinci. Miami Dolphins: Here’s what it might take to pry Joe Burrow from Cincinnati Bengals Here are some trade parameters that could work for both Miami and Cincinnati if QB Joe Burrow doesn’t want to join the Bengals. Just as quarterback Joe Burrow cryptically says he has “leverage” in the upcoming NFL Draft, his mother says she has no idea why there’s speculation that her son might not want to play for the Cincinnati Bengals, who own the top pick. Where the truth lies might not be known until the prime-time lights come on April 23 and Commissioner Roger Goodell declares whether the Bengals or someone else owns the rights to his services. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/20200219/miami-dolphins-herersquos-what-it-might-take-to-pry-joe-burrow-from-cincinnati-bengals
  19. I think Manfreds days are numbered. Though I don't quite see it happening this season. It'll be done quietly sometime in late 2020. It won't be an outright firing it will be some resignation for some lame excuse they invent and they'll make sure he saves face (perhaps even staying in baseball in some capacity) I would bet anything the owners are already quietly looking at potential candidates...maybe somebody a bit younger and more in step with todays players. Somebody hipper in his mid 40's. I truly am shocked just how smoldering this story is. And continues to be. This kind of lack of respect between a commissioner and the players is toxic. Even with Bettman in the NHL (other than some comments Chelios made) I never sensed it like this. Of course he could perhaps weather this storm. I just have no feel as to how many of the owners truly have his back. Can you imagine Bettman calling the Cup a piece of metal? He would need police protection every time he steps foot in Canada.
  20. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Blues 8PM

    How the hell do you ever give Louie Dung another start. How is he in the NHL!?
  21. I too am shocked at how this Astros scandal continues to fester and actually...gain strength at times with the litany of players that continue to make very strong statements on things. I thought it we hung on to Beltran that by today, mid Feb...this would have mostly blown over but its pretty clear that it wouldn't have, and the Mets would've been in the eye of the storm with Beltran at the helm. As it stands it has mostly blown over for us as the Astros continue to get hammered. I just now wonder why hire a guy that had ANY involvement in this (unless of course he lied about his involvement) And Manfred calling the World Series Trophy a "piece of metal" ugh that's bad. And that will linger with him a long time and be brought up whenever he hands that trophy out. For the first time I'm starting to think that Rob Manfred himself may end up being a casualty himself in this whole debacle. Maybe not right away but I don't think the owners are very happy with what's going on. All of spring training for all of baseball now sits under the Astros black cloud. They have got to get people focusing back on baseball. And I'm absolutely certain that juiced balls will be back this regular season (they stopped using them in the postseason) you can forget about those balls being carried over into this year. The balls will be juiced again and they'll hope some HR record chase will take attention away from all that's going on
  22. '7'

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    Columbus would have 15 goals if Louie Dung started
  23. '7'

    GDT: CBJ @ Devils 6PM

    yay a goal. Can we not give one right back the next shot per usual. Though seriously great shot there.
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