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  1. Just realized Zajac is 3rd on the Devils all time scoring list. Wouldn't think
  2. Ok great. 1-1. I'm sure Louie Dung allows a goal within 45 seconds now.
  3. Can Domingue just NOT EXIST ANYMORE!? JUST CEASE LIVING Pull this pile of dung immediately. He allows goals on 30% of the shots he faces.
  4. Hischier still not playing? What did he need a limb reattached? It was a cut.
  5. Seems like every Devils home game is an OT/SO loss. I'm certain they must lead the NHL in it
  6. And iirc it was a laser beam. Why in the hell was Louie Dung given a start in the middle of what should have been a 4 game win streak
  7. Red Wings really are historically bad. I mean nowadays in the NHL...it's hard to be this level of bad. Not winning 20 games is hard to do
  8. I hate having that immediate "sh!t are they reviewing this" reaction now after goals just because someone was near the net. But Simmonds looked like he didn't even touch Bernier
  9. Damn Subban was lazy and sloppy there
  10. Also the capacity has been fudged with. I don't get why 16,500 is the new capacity. They didn't tear out 1,000 seats anytime in the past few years. Pru center still seats north of 17,000
  11. iirc Lou had a lot to do with the new arena, so the corner cutting in terms of quality and amenities is no surprise. It's Lou, and the team was in a more precarious financial position back then. Still to us when it opened it was still an upgrade over the bland and generic Brendan Byrne...but yes the new place did not age well and upkeep was totally ignored. But how much of this is the same story with every other newish building that opened from 1995-2010? I've heard similar stuff said about TD Garden, the Leafs new arena, the renovated Garden. A lot of newish buildings have actually been through a renovation.
  12. He's just a Wilpons pet...who knows maybe just his presence down there is an attendance boost? He still does have his loyal supporters. But from his own personal standpoint he just got married...I can see this (at 31 or 32, however old he is) being his last shot before he pursues broadcasting or something else full time
  13. He allowed 5 goals on 19 shots against Toronto since the Buffalo game. His save percentage this year is like .880. He's not an NHL player
  14. we got a guy coming off consecutive shutouts and you put the subhuman turd in? How about...playing the guy who's red hot?
  15. goal #2 was time for Blackwood
  16. Louie Dung already proved long ago he is not worthy of life. Pull him and just dump him in a river somewhere. I never want to see this sh!tstain in a Devils jersey
  17. I just pray whoever does buy us has a shred of emotional maturity, and understands the value of representing oneself as a classy, PR conscious first rate franchise. I'm already dreading what lolmets twitter or Instagram nonsense that's going to have us ducking for cover this year...but it's definitely coming.
  18. Those quotes are absolute nightmare fuel. This is what we all suspected, we all feared, but probably didn't really actually think was truly true. But it seems like every word of it might be. And the think with Jeff is that he's not some young kid, the guy is pushing SIXTY and is some petulant man-child.
  19. And we already got our gut punch with the Cohen thing falling apart. I do feel though that we'll have new ownership before the end of the season (or be in the midst of some kind of transition) maybe it won't be Cohen deep pockets but...I think better days are ahead in terms of a competent ownership group Glad the Beltran stuff is behind us. Whether it was him, or Beltran...it's going to be very very hard to be worse than Callaway at managing this team. Especially late and close games in terms of the pen I just pray our injury luck is better. Even middle of the road injury wise would be a step up from the devastation of last year. And the bizarre freakish injuries can please buzz off...
  20. Great job by Blackwood there stopping the penalty shot
  21. What sounds to good to be true usually is. Maybe it's some sort of negotiating tactic going on but come on now...Manfred step in and get this done YOU wanted Beltran fired and we fired him Now you get us our owners
  22. Yea. An uplift from them (and getting better goaltending...at least average goaltending over the course of the season) could go a long way in quickening a turnaround. Would be nice if Hughes can take a big leap and put up 60-70 pts next season. If Hischier can be a 70 point guy. Guess we'll see. But I do love what I've seen from Hischier of late.
  23. That's very sad. Actually the crowds...haven't looked so bad when I've tuned in for a home game. But I guess things are pretty dire Other than that one year...Devils hockey since 2012 has been bleak and hopeless. They need to start winning and it doesn't look like consistent winning and exciting hockey are especially close.
  24. I've seen flashes from Subban of his old self. That game he played against Nashville a little while ago he looked pretty damn good. Probably an "I'll show you guys" moment. But since...he's just kind of a bland disinterested shell of his former self.
  25. ha. True. I have to give some credit to the Yankees their analytics and advanced scouting found a ton of diamonds in the rough last year. They were killed by injuries and didn't miss a beat. Urshela, Voit, Tauchman etc they just found one after the other that they plugged in and produced
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