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  1. They always seem to find the guys they need though. NE marches to their own drummer in these drafts, and they'd rather have the volume later and deep. They got Duggar and Uche (played well until getting hurt) Onwenu is a nice find late. This is going back to 2020. They also sometimes take guys they want to coach up for a year before giving them bigger roles on the team. Patriots are not going to be a big name sexy draft darling the day of it, but then you go back years later and see...well they loaded up in 3-4-5 with picks and wow, they got 3 good starters there. There will be busts of course but they seem confident in their ability to hit within the rounds where only the true draftniks are watching
  2. And you hear a lot of Mets haters trying to marginalize it...a not hitter is still a no hitter. It's incredibly hard to hold a team to 0 hits over 9 I've always hated how people brought up the Beltran missed call during Johans and tried to invalidate it. As if it's the only missed call during a no hitter or perfect game. Should we pick those apart and invalidate them all? No...seems like they only want to take away the Mets one
  3. Holy crap. Where on earth did that come from? Yea the fact that it's combined...not quite the same as a single pitcher doing it. Still it was a wonderful franchise moment that builds momentum within the team that this could be a special year. And of course love how it was against the Phillies.
  4. What can I say...this has the potential to be a landmark, culture changing draft. Gardner was the guy at 4. He's about as complete and well rounded as they come at the position. Wilson is a dynamic playmaker. Not the biggest guy but a receiver who is both a playmaker and does the little things well (good route runner) and now Johnson, quality edge who is also good vs the run, a very hard worker. The Jets not only got talent but good, smart dedicated football players with high floors in terms of what they can do at the NFL level
  5. That's a disgrace if true. No wonder they were from the getgo (really from the arrival of the Saleh regime and staff) trying to get a message through to Becton and very openly unhappy with him This offseason it looks like he is putting the work in, and to be fair Becton did have a good rookie season so it's not like this guy has been a lazy bum since entering the NFL, but last offseason left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. This would look pretty bad if we just outright dumped him now, his work ethic and discipline was a concert when we drafted him
  6. God I hope not. That is indeed insane and out of character for him.
  7. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10033721-mlbs-offensive-woes-are-casting-a-boring-cloud-over-the-new-season By the way, when you see stuff like this, expect the humidors to be incinerated and the hyper juiced balls are on their way back. This is NOT the type of stuff MLB brass wants to see regarding articles, be it bleacher or more legit publications, stuff like this is beginning to leak out. I can see them wanting a more balanced game going into this, but all they do is vacillate between extremes. Give it a week or two and we'll be seeing 12-10 and cheap half swing home runs. I just wish we can have balance in the sport again. Slugging teams, pitching, speed and defense teams, contact offenses. Nowadays every teams offense is essentially built the same way. Remember the Cards in the 80s used to have maybe one slugger, they'd slap the ball into the turf and cause havoc, and they could pitch. The Tigers were a slugging team etc.
  8. This was a thrilling win last night and a game that I'd given up on. But the Cards...well they Metted things up didn't they. I'm also hearing a lot of hyper Mets optimists start making 86 comparisons to when the Mets went into St. Louis, took 4 straight, and wiped out the Cards for good that season. Bit early for that, plus the entire environment of baseball is totally different to make that comparison. Sick of May. And sucks that Scherzer couldn't get the W for how he pitched. But what can you say, he gets the deGrom treatment.
  9. I'm expecting him to land in New England or something...Jets have been overly desperate looking for a top receiver. I just don't want them to force anything and give up too much. Would be nice, but there's a reason the top guys want nothing to do with us.
  10. And the games are still either A. 1-0, 2-1 with 6 total hits between both teams K fests Or B. 18-2, 12-10...slugfests, one sided or both teams lighting up each other. But it's terribly unbalanced
  11. Offense was ice cold today, but whatever. Nimmo got a hold of one and Lindor had a big rbi and the pitching staff top to bottom snuffed out any momentum Philly might have gained from yesterday. 4-2 aint bad I'm hoping this offense eventually turns into something that isn't the home run explosion followed by 4 runs and 8 total hits in the next 4 games combined extreme feast or famine they've been.
  12. Predictable outcome. Mets jump out early, the like clockwork injury, they can't tack on, and we blow it. Now no doubt Wheeler will dominate us and all the good feeling of 3-0 will be wiped away
  13. And of course...2 perfect innings and it's bye bye Taijuan Walker. This Mets injury curse just cannot be lifted
  14. Fine job from Megill. He was hitting numbers on the radar gun that we've never seen from him The HBP's (especially Alonso's) irritated me. That could've been very VERY bad. We gotta throw back eventually...hopefully when it's 10-2 Mets in the 8th Terrified of everything going good with Scherzer and the sudden 4th inning "Max's hamstring is acting up and he's being taken out of the game..."
  15. Metcalf is only 24, so yea when they're ready to compete again he'll still be right in his prime...he'll also want to be paid and paid a ton after the 2022 season. It makes so much sense for them to deal him I still don't believe this...I think he's available but after the Adams swindle, they want to make sure that if they're dealing with the Jets that they squeeze every last drop out of them in terms of assets
  16. And now Nimmo with a stiff neck. Not sure if it will keep him out of opening day but I mean you could just predict that snowball rolling downhill...deGrom, Scherzer, Nimmo. He got a Cortisone shot in his neck a few hours ago And with Scherzer, good to hear he is feeling better and while not a sure thing, closer to a GO on Opening Day. But why risk it at this point. I mean you just know he'll go out and reaggravate it and we'll just be inundated with the Stewie Family Guy clip all day
  17. I don't get it either, left an important hole that we have now subtracted from a strength to acquire somebody who may or may not fill that whole. Loup is a Californian so maybe perhaps the Mets tried and he just wanted to go home? But with them your first instinct is always incompetence
  18. Mets made a cross city trade the other day. Miguel Castro for Joely Rodriguez. Can't say I'm a big fan of it. Rodriguez is a lefty but Castro overall is the better pitcher. And younger
  19. Hosmer the Pads have been trying to dump for a while supposedly. He's 32...still a good player, but Dom is 25. Did not have a good season last year but during the COVID abbreviated season he got MVP votes. Paddack had a solid rookie season but just totally fell off the map after. Indeed we better get something else back. I'm leaning no on this. Smells like a panic move
  20. And while Max has been a workhorse...really how long can you count on him? That wall could hit at any time. He's 37 years old and turning 38 in season. With a guy that age you just have to take it year to year deGrom almost throws too damn hard for his own good. I'm not some pitching guru but I really think if he could just scale it down a bit then it would do his arm a lot of good. A guy with a 1.00-1.50 era is otherwordly...but what if the best he can give you is 15-18 starts a year. That hurts the team over the long grind of the season in what it does to our pen. Rather Jake have an era near 3.00, preserve his arm, but make 30+ starts a year
  21. I don't see how they run him out there. This is definitely a problem. Get the MRI and pray And right on the heels of April Fools Day too
  22. There was nothing the Jets could do, Hill didn't care about the trade packages going back to KC...he had an NTC and he picked Miami
  23. Hill is from Georgia so figure Miami will be his preference. And I'm not very excited about potentially giving up two first rounders for him He's an elite talent though, still in his prime.
  24. What a bonkers offseason this is becoming Davante Adams to the Raiders for Vegas 2022 first and second round picks https://sports.yahoo.com/report-packers-trading-pro-bowl-wr-davante-adams-to-raiders-233252758.html
  25. Mets also signed lefty reliever Chasen Shreve. He was with the Pirates last year. Threw 56.1 innings and had a 3.20 era. 45 k's. Lefties hit .200 off of him and righties .221
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