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  1. Yea really needed Matz to man up in this one with the offense completely DOA and he just didn't do the job. Granted it was two home runs to Vazquez but he didn't give us any kind of length either. And one of those home runs was an annoying juiced ball bullsh!t shot to left. Things seemed to be going well taking two in Boston and now it looks like 3-4 is a certainty.
  2. Curious to see how long Rojas sticks with Cano. It's still early (and who knows how long this season will last anyway) but you had Callaway in awe of Robby far too long last year. Pretty much in love with the legend that WAS Cano not the player that is (with pressure from Brodie I'm sure). If Cano doesn't start hitting soon I don't want to see him anymore.
  3. It definitely has the feel of a season that's just not...destined to happen. So many red flags going into it, and things just keep spiraling. Keep snowballing. I'm wondering if MLB will just be better off cancelling the season as soon as possible before a players gets REALLY really sick. They are playing with fire here
  4. This was really an outstanding trade. Wasn't sure we'd get the two firsts for him (which I assumed Douglas was holding out for) but he did plus a decent safety in return in McDougald and a 3rd for a 4th swap. Outstanding job.
  5. Adams is a first rate clown though. And yea I understand what he's trying to do, force a trade and get paid. But you know the Jets last year (while getting crippled by injuries) performed better for Gase (and didn't quit) than they did for Bowles in 2016, 2017, and 2018. They were 7-9 and decimated, but they showed me more life than they did under Bowles when the team flat out quit. Not sure how much of what Adams says you can believe
  6. Worst thing that can happen to Woody is having him divest and Chris Johnson would somehow be set up to run show full-time. And I'm not sure if Chris, though less of a scumbag, is really any better in terms of being a pure football owner and making the right moves
  7. Stroman with calf tightness, will miss his first start
  8. Hey right on cue... https://nypost.com/2020/07/14/jacob-degrom-injury-mets-ace-exits-scrimmage-with-back-issue/
  9. It is must see TV indeed...and believe me they want to stick a mic in front of Lenny Dykstra and let him go off Tiger King style. The 1986 Mets...the debauchery and insane stories, it's really taken on a life of its own in the social media world. In the mid and late 90s the guys who were on that team would discuss those days with a sort of wink and a smile...those stories weren't really revealed. But today we're really starting to see just how nuts that club was. Everything is now out in the open
  10. Happy about this. He's a good veteran coach who has won before. He's managed all kinds of players over the past several decades, every kind of ego and headcase you can imagine. He's not too old to where he may not have the energy for the job (60 years old) he's never won a Cup before so you know the fire burns for that. He's got a Jack Adams trophy. Not a lot to dislike about this hiring.
  11. Cohen supposedly back in the mix, because the baseball Gods love to fvck us over twice! https://www.nj.com/yankees/2020/07/mlb-rumors-steve-cohen-is-leading-contender-to-buy-mets-after-making-peace-with-the-wilpons.html
  12. Done with Adams and his crybaby drama. And of course I understand he's not going to playing football for his entire life and there's nothing wrong with getting what you can when you can, because careers can end in an instant. Thing is the Jets should be in no hurry here. He's under contract for several more years, they have no viable trade offers right now. He plays a position where it really makes no sense to break the bank over. Let him twist in the wind. If you don't get the kings ransom you want, let him cry, let him sulk
  13. It was true with Pat Burns too. And Lemaire.
  14. I want a good proven coach. A veteran coach with a track record of winning who has led teams at various stages in their development (building teams, win now teams etc) Laviolette fits the bill. Other than the Isles where he was foolishly fired after two seasons. He made the playoffs both years, Laviolette has been to the Cup Finals with all three teams he's coached since, winning once. We should be out front offering him a contract right now
  15. New York Giants kicker arrested in hit-and-run investigation, police say https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/17/us/new-york-giants-kicker-rosas-arrested/index.html (CNN)New York Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas was arrested and charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license in Butte County, California, on Monday, according to a California Highway Patrol report. Rosas was driving his black Chevrolet SUV at 100 mph when he failed to stop at a red light and T-boned a Ford pickup truck, according to the report. Witnesses told investigators that the driver attempted t
  16. I don't like the DH but I was already mentally preparing for its inevitable arrival years ago so I'm numb to it. But I did enjoy and appreciate the extra degree of strategy that it brought to the game. Ads on the uniforms I absolutely hate hate HATE. I understand it yes, but once they come on they will NEVER come off and as usual, it will lead to more and more nonsense. It will happen in the NHL too. They ruined the boards, they're taking up more and more space on the ice, they're digitally imposed behind the glass. Oh and ticket prices are still obscene. Never much of an NBA fan but when
  17. Colon is maybe spring training cannon fodder at this point. His last year in the majors with 2018 Texas he really was just taking up a roster spot on a hopeless team and getting battered all over the yard. Now fast forward two years. Sure maybe the control will still be there but the velocity won't and he would get absolutely battered. No thanks
  18. https://sports.yahoo.com/new-york-giants-deandre-baker-seattle-seahawks-quinton-dunbar-armed-robbery-assault-charges-florida-nfl-233111543.html Insane story here. Unfathomable stupidity. And he was the Giants 1st round pick last year. Going to end up another strike against Gettleman and another black mark on the Giants franchise
  19. Per Manish Mehta the Jets are close to signing Logan Ryan. It makes perfect sense, scheme fit is perfect. If Desir pans out and Bless Austin continues to improve we may actually get somewhat decent CB play in 2020. Poole is a top slot corner. Overall the Jets may field a quality defense in 2020. Above average for sure if everyone is able to stay healthy
  20. Yea. Mandarich was a monster himself but just an absolute mental trainwreck as well. A total jerk and just juicing out of his mind I'll trust Douglas on this one. It's so rare to see someone of that size with that kind of athleticism and wingspan. If you properly coach him up and give him the right kind of guidance and mentorship he can be an all time great at his position. It's not often you're able to say that about a player.
  21. Big one here. Out of nowhere. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001110390/article/patriots-to-trade-rob-gronkowski-to-buccaneers Tom Brady is in a new home, and a familiar face is joining him for a play date. Rob Gronkowski is coming out of retirement to again play in the NFL, but he'll be doing so in Tampa. The New England Patriots are trading Gronkowski and a seventh-round pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2020 draft, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.
  22. To me personally it's starting to feel a bit bleak regarding if they have a season, how long it will be...what kind of playoffs we'd have. I can see them using this kind of "special" year to expand playoffs and get more teams involved. Right now I'm holding out hope...maybe by May 15th they can reconvene and do two weeks of spring training, and then start a season June 1st. Get 4 full months of baseball year. But even that seems too optimistic Right now everybody involved fears that nightmare scenario of opening too early and having a player (or players) get seriously sick or god forbid p
  23. Oh come on Jamal. Love him as a player (though don't see him as untradeable) but he's a bit of a petulant baby at times. And he loves drama. Though he always shows up to play He's under contract for two more years...NEXT offseason is when they'll get into the nitty gritty of contract negotiations to make him a Jet for life. He's just going to have to be patient. Douglas is going to stick to his guns. He's going to listen to any offers that come his way but it's doubtful Adams ever gets moved
  24. This was a reasonable contract. Why the hell didn't Douglas bring him back for that? Will Enunwa even be ready to play this year? All we have now is Crowder Douglas needs to get some weapons for Sam. For a team as thin at WR as we were already you just can't let somebody like Anderson depart with nobody to replace those catches
  25. Wow. We don't even have to have a season apparently for the baseball gods to fvck us over.
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