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  1. I don't know how they do it. The Mets are like drunks stumbling around a casino, knocking into slot machines and constantly winning. It's ugly, it's sometimes comically inept and embarrassing. They go through stretches of looking hopeless like they've never stepped in a major league box before....but more often than not this year they have gotten it done. It's perplexing but I'll take it. Good pitching just masks so much ugliness
  2. This is beyond unwatchabe anemic at the plate. No wonder baseball is in a death spiral
  3. That there is a team hitting worse than us (FIVE) teams with worse batting averages is almost incomprehensible. It really makes baseball in general unwatchable, when you have so many games where it's 1-0...2-1. And both teams combine for maybe 5 hits. Every hitter goes up there with the same plan, same approach. I miss the days where you'd have guys out there who would scratch and claw to work out a walk, a guy who could always get a bunt down. Guys who would deliberately slap the ball somewhere. Or hit the ball into the turf for a big hop and get on that way (the 80s Cards) These guys are just not the masters of their craft anymore The Brewers have one guy who has more than 180 ab's who is hitting over .237. Kolten Wong who is at .281. A good hitter. Very useful player. But nothing special. They have a good amount of non pitchers as well who have had 50 or more AB's this year and are under .190. That's just scary
  4. We needed that in the absolute worst way. A stop the bleeding type win vs a franchise that has tortured us relentlessly for decades. Megill pitched into the 5th and gave up two earned runs. I would've signed for that without thinking twice before the game. We were able to piece it together with the pen (Oswalt terrifies me, the guy has been wretched in the 80 something innings he's thrown since entering the league) 13 hits is a bonanza for his club. And very happy to see 1-3 in the lineup last night go 7-13 with 2 walks and 4 rbi's.
  5. This is beyond pathetic. They get shut out every game. When is the last time they even had more than 9 hits in a game. Years it feels.
  6. Per usual for the Mets, injury catastrophes strike all at once, multiple guys...and just as soon as we're due to start getting other key pieces back and try to get even a bit closer to full strength. The Mets have been able to piece things together much better than any of us expected but the cracks are starting to show as this next wave of injuries hit. They cannot expect to solve this from within. May be time to swing a trade or two if they want to remain in first
  7. He's going for a 2nd opinion but...yea this is bad. Tommy John coming up. Shame he was just starting to come around, and then this happens. Just makes you shake your head.
  8. deGrom is making his start tonight. God help us if he has to come out of another game...
  9. McNeil due to be taken off the DL today...so that's something. Hopefully it won't take him too long to start hitting. Every little bit helps Nimmo also begins his rehab assignment. He's been out forever it seems
  10. At least they got off to a fast start today (and please don't just put up 2 in the first and stop hitting the rest of the day) but I really hope this is the true start of a Lindor resurgence. He's had a few stretches already where he'd have a few games in a row where he looks like he's coming around and then go the next 4 without reaching base and striking out endlessly
  11. I loved Thorne as the Devils guy and Mets. Always had a ton of enthusiasm and made the games sound bigger. He's 70+ now so I really don't know if he'll be quite the same...but looking forward to it. I loved him doing hockey. Don't care how many names he got wrong he had tremendous passion and a powerful voice
  12. Honestly I mean yes it is making him historically dominant. But he's also a human being and how long can he keep throwing like this? Is a human arm meant to undergo this kind of strain so often. I'd rather a slightly more hittable deGrom give us 4-5 more great years than deGrom have a legendary pitching season and decimate his arm.
  13. Right shoulder soreness. He shouldve been shut down for two starts. How stupid can they be?
  14. They had to let him make the start....
  15. Braves I always fear. They've really been underwhelming this year but are still hanging around and are capable of ripping off 11 wins in 13 type stretches. I just hope Morton, Smyly, and Fried (who was spectacular last year in 11 starts) continue stinking up the joint Phillies strike me as a typical middle rung team. Tease you a bit, and finish 81-81
  16. A very pleasant surprise. And today it looked like things could unravel early. He got out of the first, shook off the Baez home run a bit later and settled in. Showed some mental toughness.
  17. Diaz is one of those You Know Right Away closer when he doesn't have it. There are guys who get an out, get 2 outs, or a booted ball and then the unraveling starts. Diaz is a guy who if he doesn't have it you will see from the first batter he faces. I'm definitely one of those guys not averse to pulling a closer before it's too late.
  18. This isn't the first NJDevs message board. I believe it's the...3rd? Some here come from NJ.com New Jersey Devils, and nobody is ever finding those posts from 98-99
  19. Alright we got some life out of Dom. Home run and a 2 out RBI tonight so far. And Peterson actually pitching well so far!
  20. Not a Lucchesi fan and was worried things could crumble early, but to his credit he totally settled in (and even if things did fall apart how could I argue with today after the last two nights) Familia in some big trouble here. Got through it last inning...not sure he'll be so lucky here They're still just...they're not hitting at all but they're getting just enough offense at the right times. Feels like the Mets for the first time in forever are getting quite lucky more often than not.
  21. It would be too Metsian to blow the game too...at least they salvaged the night with a W. I'm sure he'll miss AT LEAST two starts. Hopefully not more.
  22. ugh. Of course. Nice Birthday present for Mr. Cohen from the baseball Gods. Things were going just a little too good for the Mets of late, and of course that cannot be allowed to continue Hopefully not serious, he was rolling toight.
  23. Alonso does have a propensity to chirp a bit from time to time, but honestly I kind of believe him on this one. Concrete proof of it will be mighty difficult though (if not impossible)
  24. Interesting little not, the Mets (though they have played the fewest games in baseball) Met pitchers have surrendered the fewest home runs in the league. A mere 38. The closest team to them is the Marlins with 47 in 7 more games played Also 2nd only to SD in staff ERA
  25. Getting real tired of Peterson. Can't get smacked around by the bottom feeding Orioles like this after being spotted a 2-0 lead. Especially after two nice wins out west. He's not long for this rotation. Someday I think he may be ok...but as of now he's hurting the team. Mets may need to slug their way out of this one.
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