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  1. And the D shouldn't be THIS bad. No excuses, the talent level is there to be competent and they're not. This is on the poor coaching staff that they're this clueless and this undisciplined They had a miracle win last week...but that doesn't change anything. Doesn't make Saleh and his clueless assistants suddenly good coaches Zach Wilson ain't pulling the season out of the fire either. I'd be pleasantly surprised if he plays well, but I think we're definitely going to have a new, veteran coaching staff for 2023. Saleh, Ulbrich, Lafleur...they're just bad. The team is not playing up to its potential, theyre unprepared, and undisciplined.
  2. Wow. A nightmare 1st by deGrom. Totally not acceptable
  3. Damn that sucks. Though with the season winding down that's usually it for the local broadcasters anyway, though I do believe they use Ronnie as a color man for other teams network playoff games (I do hope he gets assigned to the Mets if we make a run here) Keith definitely should be back for playoff pre and post games...I can't see him missing out on those. Not like it'll be a taxing commute for him either, it'll either be SNY studios or at Citi for our home games
  4. So far so good. Phillies getting their revenge and the Mets out in front 7-0 after an Escobar grand slam You can't really understate how huge it would be to go up 2.5 at this very late stage. It's far from cruise control or anything, but it would be legit breathing room especially with September winding down
  5. Mets are off today, but a big development as the Phillies hold off Atlanta 1-0. The Mets lead ticks up to 1.5. Gotta take care of business at Oakland.
  6. Wow finally...finally the Nats help us. But of course, they can't help themselves. And troubling to see McNeil and Nimmo get banged up. We cannot...absolutely cannot afford for them to miss any time. it is all hands on deck
  7. Incredible incredible totally unexpected CLUTCH victory by the Mets. The Brewers are a dangerous hitting team and having Carrasco out there worried me from the start. Sure enough it's 3-0 in the blink of an eye. But at least it didn't get any worse than that Maybe Lindors biggest hit as a Met. Bases loaded, 2 outs and he hits a Grand Slam. I was totally speechless And they did it all on 4 hits somehow. And of course the usual "help" from the Nats...they can go to hell Tomorrow we're facing a guy who is pushing 5 era wise. I pretty much expect the same from Walker as Carrasco produced today, so hopefully they're ready to hit. And the Phillies have to wake up this weekend. At least these games are at home for them.
  8. Even AFTER I tuned back in to see the Wilson TD...nowadays with these kickers hitting 60+ yarders in their sleep it didn't seem over. But finally Brisset played like Brisset throwing an awful pick, to Ashtyn Davis of all people There's a lot to clean up especially defensively. That was a disappointing effort. Offensively however it is encouraging and fun to see that we finally have playmakers at WR and RB. Guys that have the talent level to make the plays we saw yesterday and completely change the complexion of a game
  9. oh my god speechless just...need to process
  10. It's over for Saleh. Him and the whole staff need to be swept out the door this week. I mean they are totally clueless and outcoached pretty much every game. This one they looked kind of in for a while but it was all an illusion The team has better talent than last year but they really have the worst and most not ready for prime time coaches in the game. Just fire them already. What is the point of having them hurt this team even more. Where was the pass rush today? Where was the defense AT ALL? Totally schooled by the Browns. I thought D was his specialty and Brisset looked like Dan Marino out there What more do you need to see Woody. Saleh was a bad hire whatever i'll just let this stand as a tribute to my lack of faith
  11. Wake the fvck up. I mean why are the Cubs in here with their garbage lineup and trash pitchers and we're not clobbering them? This team truly is gutless. There is still game left. WAKE UP
  12. How is he allowed on the mound? I mean if this is the stuff you have today, go tell Buck...I'm a scared gutless puke and can't pitch against the mighty Cubs, put someone else in
  13. Wonderful start Peterson. Just what we needed in the 1st inning. Channeling Tom Glavine there Here's first Atlanta. We chokers want nothing to do with it
  14. Major MAJOR missed opportunity against the awful Cubs. Bassit has been good, they hadn't lost one of his starts since July 23rd...so I suppose it was due to happen. Still they had some opportunities and came up very small. Have to win tonight. These are bad teams. 5-5 in our last 10 vs Cubs, Nats, and Marlins...not acceptable at all. Giants did us a major solid last night but guess what, won't be long until Atlanta rattles off another 8 or 9 in a row. The Mets should be up 2.5 right now. Can we undo that Ruf for JD Davis trade? The hell was the point of that? He's hitting like .130
  15. It's not going to happen with Saleh. A lot of what is happening now is the same as last year. This is a game we should be competitive in but it is more of the same I dont see much of a purpose in letting him finish the season as all they have done with this staff is underachieve, not be prepared, and embarrass themselves, so the sooner you get them away from the Jets young players the better Maybe fire Saleh around week 3 or 4. But I mean it's clear now he stinks and has no clue. What's the point in hindering the development of young guys who have talent?
  16. White has to play. At least he has mobility. Flacco has taken sacks he had no business taking. Looking like a sad old man collapsing like a sack of potatoes
  17. The defense looks good but what will happen here is they will eventually get tired and buckle as the comedic sorry excuse for an offense continues to embarrass themselves
  18. It's early, but Flacco looks like absolute horsesh!t and the Jets playcalling is trash. Just an overmatched poor coaching staff assembled by Saleh. And Cory Davis with another absolute inexcusable drop Looking like one of those games where we'll be lucky to score a field goal or two
  19. Carrasco is the wrong guy to run out there today. No surprise also that the Marlins actually decide to compete now that they see the Mets than the usual apathetic forfeit they pull every game vs Atlanta. If would shock me if Walker can get through 6 giving up 2 or fewer runs. He always strikes me as a guy who will wilt in big games. Lopez (and then Luzardo) we'll probably make look like Cy Young
  20. deGrom better be ready to go 8 scoreless and this team better hit in that wild card game...it's a guarantee now
  21. Well so much for that, they go back to their no hitting losing to bad teams ways. Now the only thing keeping us out of 2nd is the Mariners. Go Mariners
  22. If God willing the Jets are somehow 2-2 with Flacco playing well, and Wilson is 100% and ready to return, I wouldn't automatically hand him the job. Frankly it's not like he blew Flacco away during training camp when they were both healthy. Flacco has been doing well since becoming the #1. If the offense is rolling and we have a chance for some kind of season then keep on with Flacco until you have a reason not to.
  23. Apparently they were hinting at him playing to try and get the Ravens to have to prepare for both Flacco and Wilson and keep them wondering...which is typical NFL gamesmanship. Still it disappoints the fans that got their hopes up. I'm not a big Wilson believer but it sucks that he can't hit the ground running with this offense and get a full year to be evaluated. Still at this moment going into Sunday...Flacco may actually give us a slightly better chance of winning than Wilson. Or maybe a bit more than slightly.
  24. They are numbers wise the most injured team in football three years in a row. They have had the most injuries and to their most critical players yearly than any other NFL team. I don't think they've been exactly #1 every year since 2019 but one of them they were and the other two very near the top. Impossible to win in the NFL like that even with a genius GM. This may end up being Douglas undoing Now Duane Brown is hurt (didn't miss a game last season) and headed to IR. The Jets will be rolling with Fant and Max Mitchell. Flacco better be ready to take some shots Sunday
  25. That 3 game losing streak got the joyous anti Met elements that exist in the media to get positively giddy. "It's a CHOKE" It's a collapse! The Mets were literally on something like a 28-14 run in their last 42 and people were actually saying they were collapsing because the Braves tied us
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