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  1. I'm worried about the Marlins series. They did just beat the Phillies last night, and had lost 9 in a row before that...matters little. This is the Marlins World Series. They will approach these games and play them very differently from their usual roll over and die routine vs Atlanta (they have lost 7 in a row to the Braves) Atlanta is in Seattle. Mariners have been playing excellent baseball of late (15-6 in their last 21) they absolutely need to take 2 of 3. If they can do that and we can do the same (I don't expect a sweep the Marlins always get some kind of fluky BS nonsense wins over us in their building) Atlanta has 9 vs Seattle/San Fran/Philly. They are so due for a lackluster 4-5 stretch or something. Can that just happen already?
  2. 2015 Game 5 vs that Dodgers on the road. He was struggling early on...did not have his best stuff but buckled down, held LA to 2 in the first and then gave us 5 more scoreless. He had given up 4 straight hits, Dodgers had 2 on, 1 out...that game was an eyelash away from being a disaster
  3. terribly worried about playing the Marlins. Don't care that they've lost 9 in a row...they're not playing the Phillies, they're not playing the Braves, they're playing us and this is their World Series. I hope the bats truly did wake up and this is not just a 1 game anomaly. We've got Walker and Carrasco pitching two of these games and we're going up against 3 very solid starter in Miami, Cabrera, Lopez, and Luzardo...this is worrisome. I hope Seattle can take 2 of 3 from Atlanta. The Mariners have been playing sensational baseball of late.
  4. If they don't sweep tomorrow then forget it...the division will be gone and gone for good. I just don't see Atlanta losing again. This is insane. Everybody shares the blame and you have to look at what they did all season...but Carrasco and Walker both choked and cowered in two games against garbage opposition. Two games that we absolutely needed to have and they didn't give the team a chance Bassitt and deGrom have to absolutely be perfect tomorrow with where this garbage offense is right now. Not adding another legitimate deadline bat has absolutely killed us
  5. And against a sh!t offense that barely tries against Atlanta...Walker throws up all over himself. We're going to be tied by the end of the night
  6. This is getting beyond frustrating, the Nats don't even take the field against the Braves, but they're awake and alive vs us. Will Atlanta lose again?
  7. oh crap crap crap. Something is up with Scherzer as he takes himself out of the game
  8. Also it looks like Baty tore something in his thumb, so his season is over as the Mets promote Terrance Gore
  9. What can you say...an absolutely critical victory (particularly since Atlanta won) and a brilliant play by Nimmo. Strange to see them actually WIN a game where they make a spectacular outfield catch in too. Usually that's a moment that precludes a gut wrenching loss. The offense is still dragging along. Only 8 runs scored in our last 4 games...luckily they've gone 2-2 in that stretch. deGrom just showed how valuable and brilliant he is last night. Atlanta certainly wasn't going to lose another one (when is the last time they lost 3 in a row anyway...) but another game bleeds off the calendar and they're no closer than 3, and we're almost out of this nightmare stretch of having to play one good team after another. Still one more to go with LA (kershaw vs Bassitt) maybe they can scratch out a win today but Kershaw is the last guy you want to see when your offense is in a hitting slump.
  10. For all the Streveler hype...looks like they're cutting him. Fans are in a frenzy over this, but I mean it's not like the guy hasn't been on an NFL roster before (2 years in Arizona where he threw 25 passes and completed 17 of them) as well as a CFL body of work. He's done this mostly against guys who will be crisscrossing the country looking for a practice squad to latch onto. I don't know, part of me wants to believe we have something special but in reality they see guys like Streveler every day, they know what he can and can't do. Have to trust them here
  11. Dodgers lost Tony Gonsolin (forearm issue...never a good sign) he's been having an insane season. 16-1. Missing him will be a big plus for us Phillies were up 7-0 last night in the middle innings and LOSE 13-7. About as crushing as it gets. If they don't make the postseason there are going to be a lot of games they look back upon and shake their heads Cards could be a sneaky good threat this year. 25-10 in their last 35. Goldschmidt and Arenado are absolute monsters this year. Guys like Brendan Donovan are tough tough outs who grind out AB's and get on base. Even Pujols...22 hits in his last 49 ab's
  12. Yea. I mean I never really thought of him as a Met or an integral part of Mets history. Just a cool footnote that he played here...not somebody whose number should be retired. However after finding out that it was promised to him by Payson then I can see Cohen sort of trying to right a wrong here. Since Mays was a Met only 3 guys have worn it it. Cano...Rickey Henderson. So two baseball greats (though Cano's career is now clouded with PED's) and one scrub who wore 24 in the early 90s and was pressured to change it due to backlash it seems. Really for the last 30+ years they have only issued it when they have a veteran big name potential Cooperstown players who has a history of wearing that number. Stengel having his number retired bugs me. His impact on the franchise wasn't big enough to warrant that
  13. fwiw Naquin who started off so well here...is a pitiful 2 for his last 27 at the plate. With just two walks during that stretch which dates back to Aug 12th. Automatic out when he's at the plate
  14. That was absolutely pathetic, to lose 1-0 and get 3 hits with a chance to expand the lead to 4 games (and the Cards did their job, beating the Braves again) and they totally don't even show up at the ballpark. I mean German Marquez really? We can't score 2 runs off of German Marquez The Dodgers are up next, while the Rockies will be rolling over and dying for Atlanta. Good thing is after LA, the Mets have a very very easy schedule for about 3 weeks. If we can get out of the LA series and be 2 games back I will be feeling good about the stretch run. LA scares me...they've gone into juggernaut mode. Something like 43-10 in their last 53. if they can win 2 here I would be absolutely elated Also potential good news here.., https://www.si.com/mlb/mets/news/new-york-carlos-carrasco-expects-to-return-to-rotation-earlier-than-planned
  15. I just think the Mets are gassed, a stretch like this vs good teams (something like 18 of the last 21 vs Phillies/Braves/NYY) the injuries that they've dealt with of late...not major crippling but it had an impact...they have that epic comeback again at CBP and have to turn around and go to Yankee Stadium the next day. Seems like they absolutely just hit a wall The lead is going to be 1.5 as the Pirates will be forfeiting against the Braves once again, but hopefully this Rockies series is a chance for them to get well. Huge game for deGrom coming up
  16. Goodness did they need this in the worst way last night. Marte got it going. He has been such an important under the radar catalyst and important part of so many important Met moments this year. Baty had his storybook first at bat which is good to see...not an indicator of anything going forward but it would really be awesome if he could go on a nice run here. He's been Binghamton's best hitter. That 7th inning terrified me and nearly unraveled. And of course the disaster that is May allowed the tying run to get to the plate...but was ultimately able to close it out. This is definitely a game they lose in previous years under Callaway and Rojas. But luckily this year these crippling losses that spiral into 8 losses in 10...10 in 12 just never seem to materialize. They stop the bleeding. If deGrom can get them a W today it would be absolutely enormous. it would be a split that would feel like a series win
  17. Yes. Jets history does suggest that they should not in any way be playing their starting QB's in the pre season.
  18. And I'd get on it quickly too. They moved quick on Duane Brown and I'd expect the same here. The Jets expected to compete at least somewhat this year and move the franchise forward...if you can get a guy better than White and Flacco who could actually be a competent starter for 3-4 years (Jimmy G is 30) then you go out and do it.
  19. I know we do have Flacco and White but I would actually entertain a trade for Garoppolo or Minshew. At this point Zach is likely done for the year and he really hadn't shown you much in terms of being the guy anyway. The org has to move forward without him in their future plans. I'm not saying get rid of him, he'll rehab and come back and compete for the job again...but for 2022 go out, get the best QB you can and try to patch things together. And forget about Wilson
  20. Internet chatter is now speculating torn ACL. This would be about as Jetlike an occurrence as there ever was
  21. And gets hurt. Awkward cut and he goes down in a heap. Didn't look bad at all but these are the Jets so I'm very worried we're going to be looking at an ACL or torn knee ligaments. Not the least bit surprised after what I've seen the past few years. Lack of preparation has been a Saleh hallmark thus far. Many games last year they came out totally comatose and noncompetitive. Looks like that hasn't changed
  22. Jets signed 36 year old former 5x Pro Bowl guard Duane Brown. 2 year deal. He was a Pro Bowler last season. Hopefully, even if he begins to decline somewhat he can still be at worst an average left tackle
  23. I'd say 6-6 is about what I'd expect. They're prob due to cool off a bit (though with our quality starting pitcher...tough to fall into any of those 7-8 game losing streaks when you have Scherzer/deGrom on the mound every few days) and we are continuing to play top competition. I can't see them taking both games from the Yankees again...so that's prob a split. Go 2-2 in Atlanta, Take 2 from Philly at home. Get at least 1 in Philly (figure they'll lose a series somewhere here). If they manage to go 7-5 I'd be ecstatic. Just don't do anything crazy like lose all 4 in Atlanta. You know the Braves were extra salty coming off the recent series and will be looking for revenge.
  24. I still will have trouble trusting him, but Carrasco continues to do the job and do it well. Made it to the 7th last night which is a rare occurrence for him. The Mets seem to be very careful with him in not allowing him to get up around 100 pitches. He's only hit that mark twice this year. This is his 7th quality start in a row. In his last 42.2 innings he's allowed 8 earned runs and gone 5-0 in those 7 starts (and the Mets have won all seven of those game). His last true disaster was June 28th when the Astros bombed him and his era at the time ballooned up to 4.85. 6/11-6/28 was a nightmarish two weeks for him, but since then he's been golden
  25. Bit worried about this one...3-1 Mets in the 5th but Bassitt seems shaky and the Reds have gotten some good AB's the past few innings. Hopefully the offense can step it up a bit as the Reds are kind of plucky
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