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  1. quite the wretched pile of dung shero has built here since taking over
  2. Goligoski with absolutely no resistance.
  3. It was kind of stupid replacing Hynes with somebody who's never coached before, somebody who was part of the problem, somebody who was never really truly identified as a potential good coach in waiting. "Next man up" is not a philosophy for success. Especially for coaching. Just because he was there doesn't mean he deserved the job. He clearly can't do it
  4. Jets really needed to forfeit this and just not take the field
  5. They're signing Porcello in the hopes he'll be the next Colon. The era will never be all that great. Hopefully it won't be 5 bad...but chew up those innings
  6. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Why are the Devils even still playing hockey this season?
  7. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Game over The teams goaltending is worst in the league garbage
  8. Well, guess it's always nice to beat Miami. Weird game. Darnold was ok. One bad mistake and a few bad throws. But some very good one's too. Jets D was the definition of bend but not break
  9. What the refs do to the Jets weekly, Never seen this before. It's the most disgusting bias I have ever seen. That RTP on Fitz. wow
  10. Anymore dumbfvck optimism?
  11. Havent been wrong about this years team yet.
  12. Domingue should just kill himself such an embarrassment
  13. It was Marty Hurney who hired Rivera. And yea it's definitely going to be Jones for at least the near future. Whatever new coach steps in will prob sign off on that and say that publicly whether they believe it or not. If they don't..then they won't have much patience with him if Jones starts to go south. I've heard here and there the Giants really like Josh McDaniels, but somebody may beat them to the punch for him. If he leaves N.E. at all
  14. It was a nightmare about to unfold. Plus skeletons that I'm sure have yet to be unearthed. Remember that lawsuit where he insulted a pregnant unwed employee? Jeff Wilpon is/was absolute poison
  15. Major League Baseball in general I'm sure was looking down the road...Fred's age. Jeff's reputation. Around baseball Jeff Wilpon is an enormous laughing stock, hugely incompetent, and just universally reviled. The day was approaching sooner than later that he was going to be the unquestionable head honcho here. They just couldn't let that happen. Nobody in that MLB owners inner circle wanted to deal with Jeff Wilpon, and they knew they couldn't leave a NY franchise in his care indefinitely. It's just outright bad for business
  16. Well, he does have one from 1986. Though I'm not sure if he was a partner or still a minority owner back then.
  17. I've heard Cohen was a big Mets fan growing up. Polo Grounds days actually. For him to give up on this dream so close...would be an absolute heartbreak for all
  18. I like this move. He's younger. More pop. Seems like he's also you can insert in the late/extra innings to swipe a base too. Will keep the average between .210 and .240 ish. Not someone you'd want starting for any long stretches but definitely a quality extra piece whose skill set is valued by winning teams
  19. Our hopes are so high right now...if this thing falls apart the Mets fan base will be crushed to an extent it's never been crushed before. Though at least we'd know the Wilpons are looking for a way out...and that some white knight 2.0 may be on the horizon somewhere
  20. Benigno (like me) can get clouded with emotion some time but this was a very cogent thing that he said. Wilpons are bubble livers. This outpouring of just the most exuberant joy by us has got to be jarring to them. I don't think they fully realize how much they were despised and how much Mets fans hate being 2nd fiddle lolmets laughingstocks, incompetent in all matters of baseball for far too long...from PR to injury handling to on field things.
  21. His wife is from New Jersey. She didn't want to move to Chicago offer was from the White Sox
  22. Phillies, laughingstock that they are, really trying to buy their way back to relevancy. This is a laughable over payment. Wheeler is far too unreliable and just too...not special. Average. Would anybody be surprised if he misses like 10 starts a year and has an era in the mid 4's now? This has such a potential for disaster
  23. I still don't know what direction the Giants are going in Full overhaul? GM and Coach? If they do that a new regime may not be on-board with Jones as the clear cut future. To me he's done enough to prove that he should be but who knows. There's been more good than bad but the bad has sometimes looked very bad. He's turned the ball over 21 times. 11 picks and 10 lost fumbles. You have to hope that that's correctable. Maybe Gettleman stays, Shurmur goes? I could see Mara doing that even though it's not really the advisable course of action in this situation. But it maintains some stability and continuity. The Giants are a very image conscious team and always want to project order, tradition, stability etc. They don't have that right now. I still think they're desirable for a top coaching candidate, just not quite what they used to be. 3-13 or 2-14, there's no way Shurmur stays. That's already Kotite level
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