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  1. I don't see Brady doing some sort of Favre shenanigans. Behind an offensive line that's not constructed by Scharnecchia, a different HC, receivers he has no chemistry with...why? NE was able to mask a few things this year with Brady. Won't be so easy next year. It wouldn't surprise me because Brady seems more savvy than Brodeur and Favre and those types...but still who knows.
  2. This team has 0 shot at the playoffs but yes, they are finally watchable. And Hischier is taking his game to the next level. Really becoming fun to watch
  3. BVW claiming that the 1 year Betances signing was meant to blow the cover off our ceiling and how our bullpen has the potential to be one of the best in baseball? huh? Bit much there. Just last year we were pretty much on pace to set the ALL TIME blown saves in a season record. It's not going to get this good with 1 signing. I'm hoping Diaz and Familia somehow rebound and are merely below average rather than the HISTORICALLY putrid they were in 2019. Wouldn't shock me if both clowns are out there throwing up 5era's again.
  4. I agree...I don't see Tua to Detroit at all really. fwiw I think the Fords are pretty patient. A bit surprised still that Caldwell was let go after a 9-7 season. I think Jim Caldwell is actually with Miami now? Not sure in what capacity
  5. Other than last year, Stafford you could pretty much rely on for 16 a year, and he's definitely been an above average QB and still only 31. I'd be curious what their plans are with Matthew if they end up taking Tua. Trade? I could see Carolina being interested
  6. It was the end of his career. Saying he's the least favorite is a bit much but from 2010 to his last day as a Devils before embarrassing himself in St. Louis Brodeur had a lot of bad performances. In a perfect world he retires after the 2012 finals but that didn't happen
  7. Was just thinking the same thing. Thought those Cesp savings were just going to be pocketed...but the bullpen absolutely couldn't be ignored. The late game breakdowns and Mickey's idiocy cost us a playoff spot. Betances, if he's healthy and if he can pick up where he left off can make a huge difference for us. I know Lugo wants to start...tough. We need him in the pen for 2020. If only Diaz can be who he was, a Betances/Lugo/Diaz/Justin Wilson core in that pen should be solid and reliable. But again...lots of what ifs
  8. And why would Coleman pass the puck there on a 2 on 1 Let's see I'm facing the goalie with a step on the defenseman Let's just pass the puck into the skates of the defenseman in my blind spot to Travis Zajac
  9. disgusting wretched embarrassing pukes continue to play like disgusting wretched embarrassing pukes Nas is worse than Hynes it seems
  10. Have to be fair...good win by the Jets. Darnold wasn't great but he got the job done. Not like he's working with any sort of offensive line or legitimate weapons. He did throw one pick that was dropped (and that was definitely not an interception because he did not finish the play) He had a great TD throw to Anderson. Steelers are not easy to move the ball against. Jets kept trying and trying but Bell did nothing of significance. But the Jets D stepped up and stiffened outside of the end of the 1st half idiocy. Really we should've held Pitt to just a long FG all day. And you know what YOU SHOULD when they're throwing up Hodgers/Rudolph. When Conner leaves the game and Washington gets hurt. Even had a Quinnen Williams sighting today! Still that Darnold fumble at the end of the half irks me. You have to have better ball security there Maye made some plays today. Otherwise he hasn't had a good season and his career has been quite injury plagued. Next year we need Maye/Adams to patrol that secondary for 16 games.
  11. This game doesn't mean anything but the Jets plat at the end of the half couldn't have been scripted more SOJ. There are 9 seconds left. Pitt has 0 time outs. Where else would the ball be thrown The endzone. Why is no Jet in the endzone? They just gave them a TD. How do the Jets not recognize what Pitt will obviously do. Pitt had no other options than that exact play
  12. Run him. Break his head. Then he wont do so well That is an oddly almost human looking pile of excrement in the Devils net.
  13. Another day, another embarrassing ugly loss Yep. Devils wretched trash right from the drop of the puck Just fold the team for the rest of the year.
  14. Maybe, but I mean is Hischier developing like we expected him? I was thinking he'd be putting up more points than he is right now. Does Gusev have an NHL future? He brought Grabner in and he was trash. Bratt was a great find however and Palmieri was a good trade. Johansson totally fell apart as a player when he came here...though some bad injury luck is to blame. I really just don't see him as the GM to get us to the next level. Shero at his best to me is...average
  15. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time it happened to a team Either Subban is done or he's checked out. Whatever the case may be he's not performing and doesn't seem like he cares
  16. We're starting to see with Shero...he's just a poor judge of talent. He's not a good GM and was really never a good GM. The team should have more talent on it than it does now. And yes we are still suffering from some of Lou's old mistakes but a lot more of this is now Shero's fault than it was before. I'm not saying he should be fired yet but at the end of next year if it still looks as bleak as it is now, he needs to go
  17. Also many a game now has to be watched on mute because Daneyko is just unlistenable. Can we please get somebody in there that has an appealing voice? It's bad enough we're losing and on top of that our color guy barks like a rottweiler.
  18. Subban really needs to go. Nashville absolutely knew he was done. Shero was played for a fool.
  19. Devils will be lucky to have...even 5 more shots the entire game. MAYBE they get a scoring chance. Possibly 2
  20. Washington is just flat out better. Devils never had a chance in this one.
  21. Turn out the lights this one is over. On to Columbus. They're also kind of trash so maybe NJ has a chance
  22. Wash will make it 4-2 and that's that. Devils are done
  23. I'd be curious what the NHL record is for most goals allowed with less than a minute to go in every period for a season. Devils certainly would be on pace to break it this year.
  24. Devils are very predictable. They just have no clue what to do late in a period. Absolute era of choking
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