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  1. Ever since Shero and Hynes showed up the Devils have been the NHL kings of defensive zone giveaways in the middle of the ice. Like all the damn time
  2. Gusev needs to be stapled to the bench for a while after that play
  3. Let's see if we can finally make it to period end and not allow a goal with 20 seconds to go Subban is disinterested, or done, or both. But we have to get rid of him.
  4. We haven't looked all that great with Nas either. How long did it take him to win a game? He's a caretaker for now, but not the long term solution
  5. Caps are going to get a powerplay or 2 eventually. That's going to be trouble for us...
  6. Backstrom takes Coleman down. That's a goal. Good goal
  7. We should've never let Larry Robinson leave the organization
  8. Devils doing what they do best in the Shero era choke
  9. This might get petty ugly. Like a Devils/Sabres game
  10. Devils have been hemmed in a ton in their zone this period. Hasn't hurt them yet, but it will The talent disparity between us and Washington is truly frightening.
  11. Coughlin out as Jaguars director of football operations. Apparently he was going to "retire" at the end of the season anyway. This had more to do with skirting NFLPA guidelines regarding getting treatment at team facilities over the offseason (he forced Fowler to and fined him almost a million dollars when he refused) Doubt Coughlin is through with football. He'll resurface somewhere. Maybe the Giants though not in a GM role. Or maybe a GM role if they fire Gettleman (which they should). I could see them bringing Coughlin in to look over Gettlemans shoulder and then move Coughlin into the role in 2021 if things get worse next year. Coughlin just seems like the type of guy who will only retire once he's in a box Coughlin can be effective if you don't let him be too much of a draconian micro manager. That's what he defaults to. But with the Giants when they had him tone things down a bit, they won Super Bowls https://nypost.com/2019/12/19/the-sad-chaotic-ending-of-tom-coughlins-jaguars-chapter/ Tom Coughlin’s time in Jacksonville was ending, but did it have to end like this? Pro Football Talk reported on Wednesday that Coughlin was planning to step down as the Jaguars’ executive vice president next week. Owner Shad Khan told the website that they did not give Coughlin a chance to resign before axing him unceremoniously on Wednesday. Coughlin’s first season back in Jacksonville saw the team stunningly reach the AFC Championship game, losing a heartbreaker to the eventual champion Patriots. But the past two seasons they have gone 10-20 since and now have Nick Foles’ $88 million contract hanging over them.
  12. Have to say I do kind of like the Wacha signing. Maybe I'm just a bit more content with the Mets at this moment knowing and feeling (hoping) that there is a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the ownership. But maybe just MAYBE we can get 2013-2015 Wacha it will be a good signing. I don't know we always have guys like this where we bring them in for 1 year, on the cheap, and pray they stay healthy (and produce at an acceptable level if healthy) Just hopefully we don't have to approach things like this all that much longer
  13. He probably keeps attendance up there. His followers...well, they follow him. We should keep him around permanently as a mascot
  14. They've given some kind of effort. Too bad it will end in a heartbreaking loss. Coyotes about to score the game winner now on this powerplay
  15. quite the wretched pile of dung shero has built here since taking over
  16. Goligoski with absolutely no resistance.
  17. It was kind of stupid replacing Hynes with somebody who's never coached before, somebody who was part of the problem, somebody who was never really truly identified as a potential good coach in waiting. "Next man up" is not a philosophy for success. Especially for coaching. Just because he was there doesn't mean he deserved the job. He clearly can't do it
  18. Jets really needed to forfeit this and just not take the field
  19. They're signing Porcello in the hopes he'll be the next Colon. The era will never be all that great. Hopefully it won't be 5 bad...but chew up those innings
  20. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Why are the Devils even still playing hockey this season?
  21. '7'

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Game over The teams goaltending is worst in the league garbage
  22. Well, guess it's always nice to beat Miami. Weird game. Darnold was ok. One bad mistake and a few bad throws. But some very good one's too. Jets D was the definition of bend but not break
  23. What the refs do to the Jets weekly, Never seen this before. It's the most disgusting bias I have ever seen. That RTP on Fitz. wow
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