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    I agree wholeheartedly, if the Rocket stays healthy and the clutching & grabbing is held to a minimum, Bure is good for about 60. and look for about 80-90 pts from my man Almo
  2. he actually had a pretty good scoring chance(all the work done by Jagr of course) and was denied by Tugnutt.
  3. '7'

    Ugly Jerseys

    I'm surprised the Whalers old green road jersey didn't make the list.
  4. '7'


    Nikolishin is decent, but he's not the creative playmaker or finisher we need. what about Slava Kozlov?
  5. It's been done since Mogilny left, and no coaching change is going to make the Devils score more goals.
  6. and what exactly is Burns going to tell them after the game? "BE MORE TALENTED!!!!" This team is no different than Constantine's or Robinsons Devils from last year.
  7. '7'

    Game Over

    I don't think Langs will give us very much this year, we'd be lucky to get 15 out of him.
  8. '7'

    Game Over

    Friesen hasn't impressed me one bit, this guys is just not as good as Sykora, who hasn't exactly been lighting it up in Anaheim either. Brodeur let in 1 softie but you can't blame it on him Nieuwy looks like he's on the verge of breaking out, I hope it's soon Of course Weekes is god almighty when he plays us, Carolina just had that extra jump in their step, they really get up to play the Devils.
  9. '7'

    Omg A Shortie

    this has been a terrible game so far, nice to see them showing some life at the end of the period though, I hope the offense can come up with at least 1 goal next period.
  10. 5-3 Whalers Brinadmour, Francis, Cole, Vasicek x 2 Elias x 2, Nieuwendyk
  11. it is a little bit disturbing I think Burns got special orders from Lou to get his boy on the Powerplay
  12. The owner said if the Predators don't make the playoffs this year he'll give full refunds to the season ticket holders.
  13. except when they play the devils those sieves turn into Patrick Roy Khabibulin usually does not play that poorly
  14. They're 8th seed material
  15. I don't know, but with the worst offense in hockey, it's going to be pretty hard for them to make the playoffs.
  16. In a wide open East, Tampa is good enough to beat anybody. They're very solid top to bottom.
  17. Are the Lightning for real? 3-0 with a 8-5 win tonight, OLD TIME SHOOTOUT! Listening to the game on NHL.com, sounds like Lecavalier got into a scrap.
  18. didn't see the goal, but Vinny is having an incredible start to this season, 7 pts in 3 games, there's another one benefitting from the enforcement of obstruction.
  19. shouldn't have been this hard, but I'm glad we got it done. There's going to be a lot of season ticket holders in Nashville getting there money back
  20. those Preds are a fiesty bunch eh
  21. http://www.angelfire.com/journal/hockeydev.../nhlarenas.html says here it's 19,700, also the Stadiums and Arena page from Munsey and Suppes also states 19,700. http://www.sfo.com/~csuppes/NHL/misc/index.htm that's too much for the Caps as they don't really have much of a fan base. I remember they couldn't even sell out opening night or any playoff games until the conference finals in 98.
  22. The MCI and FU center seat closer to 20,000, and the MCI center can look pretty barren for a mid november Caps/Predators game.
  23. '7'

    This From Spectors

    I would like a real deal power forward just like everybody else, but when you can get a guy like V. Bure for cheap you just have to take that chance. Trading Nieds for a power forward won't get us anywhere because another hole is opened up on defense. you know McKay and Holik, our old power forwards did nothing in the playoffs 97-99, but when we added Alex Mogilny, there game picked up. You're not going to get it done with the Mike Griers(overrated anyways) and Keith Tkachuks unless you have some finess players feeding them the puck, they can't do it alone. You need to have a nice mix.
  24. I don't want a state of the art cookie cutter like the Pepsi Center or the National Car Rental Center. Those places have no soul. I like what Jerry suggested, Something smaller(17,500-18,000), cosy, low roof and have the majority of the seats in the lower bowl, arenas with more seats there are usually much louder. I'd like them to model it after the Fleetcenter or the United Center, new arena but an old time feel.
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