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  1. It was Ray Ferraro I don't know what they were thinking with that one, Mcsorley was a disaster and Kurri was already way past his prime. He did have a pretty decent playoff for the Rangers though he was pretty much finished after that.
  2. sbt I think it's better to not add those messages to our post total, it just rubs it in our faces, how pathetic we are but you can if you want, I don't mind DM.
  3. '7'

    5-3 Lightning

    Sather is slowly starting to realize Trottier was not the right man for the job
  4. '7'

    5-3 Lightning

    Is Tampa that good or are the Rags that bad?
  5. '7'

    5-3 Lightning

    the Lightning were dominant in the 3rd, Rags couldn't even carry the puck out of there own zone
  6. I think it makes for some interesting conversation. It's been a slow day anyway, hockey season isn't in full swing yet....blah
  7. Odelein of course, he was garbage Kirk Muller, not because of anything he did with us but that whole Islander situation made me see him in a different light. Esa Tikkanen, old Rag scum, always a thorn in our side. Said some bad things about the Devils after his brief stint was over. Smoked Salo, piece of crap and complained about not getting enough ice time. What a liability he was. Walt Poddubny, he was supposed to score 35 goals for us! Tom Chorske, came back and killed us in 96. I hate him with a passion. Sheldon Souray. Never liked his first name, SHELDON?!?! What the fvck is that?
  8. other than Gonchar, the Caps have no other defensman that can rush the puck up the ice and score, so maybe he's pressured into doing too much. also Gonchar gets a lot of points on the pp, and you don't get a + for that, so I think he's at least competent in his own end. I think if the Caps added another puck rushing defensman Gonchar can settle in and be a better 2 way defensman, there wouldn't be so muh pressure on him to provide all the offense. I'd do Zyuzin and Langs for Zubrus, because Zyuzin may be a bust and Langs has hands of stone, maybe we can get 15 from Langs in a full season and that's not really cutting it, plus he's a little injury prone. I'd take a chance on Zubrus, at worst he'll give you Langs numbers right back and the trade is a wash, but at best he can score 25-30 goals which would be nice.
  9. I'll root for them when they're here and I root for them when they're gone, so what's wrong with that. Just because Lou discards somebody it doesn't make them the enemy.
  10. Simon has been horrid since that fluke 29 goal season, I'm not surprised he got in Cassidy's doghouse already. Jagr was dominant and will hit 100+ pts easy this year, Modano might too, just keep calling it by the book Gonchar isn't so bad, maybe he had a bad game yesterday. He sort of alternates very good +/- years with so so one's. The offense is always there and he has a blistering shot. He's not a 2 way force but a weapon on the PP. Rob Dimaio nearly had a hat trick
  11. I don't think it's necessary for this particular game, the return of Sykkie alone should bring in a good crowd. it's a good idea though
  12. I don't know, doc or chico said that gomez muttered the "magic word" and that got him ejected. It's not like he went ballistic or anything.
  13. '7'

    The Good Old Days.....

    We're certainly a much better, and more exciting team with Almo. Things would be a lot different if he was retained in the summer of 01, I don't think Burns would be behind the bench, Arnott or Sykora might still be around. I truly believe we would've beaten Carolina last year had Lou kept the team together. It was torn apart with very shady reasoning. in 01-02 we led the league in goals with 295 and went to the stanley cup finals, game 7. But Lou had seen enough, he was set on turning this team back into the 95-96 devils.
  14. '7'


    right now danton just doesn't have the track record to back up these complaints, he's a nobody and most coaches and GM's don't tolerate unproven rookies mouthing off.
  15. '7'


    I agree wholeheartedly, if the Rocket stays healthy and the clutching & grabbing is held to a minimum, Bure is good for about 60. and look for about 80-90 pts from my man Almo
  16. he actually had a pretty good scoring chance(all the work done by Jagr of course) and was denied by Tugnutt.
  17. '7'

    Ugly Jerseys

    I'm surprised the Whalers old green road jersey didn't make the list.
  18. '7'


    Nikolishin is decent, but he's not the creative playmaker or finisher we need. what about Slava Kozlov?
  19. It's been done since Mogilny left, and no coaching change is going to make the Devils score more goals.
  20. and what exactly is Burns going to tell them after the game? "BE MORE TALENTED!!!!" This team is no different than Constantine's or Robinsons Devils from last year.
  21. '7'

    Game Over

    I don't think Langs will give us very much this year, we'd be lucky to get 15 out of him.
  22. '7'

    Game Over

    Friesen hasn't impressed me one bit, this guys is just not as good as Sykora, who hasn't exactly been lighting it up in Anaheim either. Brodeur let in 1 softie but you can't blame it on him Nieuwy looks like he's on the verge of breaking out, I hope it's soon Of course Weekes is god almighty when he plays us, Carolina just had that extra jump in their step, they really get up to play the Devils.
  23. '7'

    Omg A Shortie

    this has been a terrible game so far, nice to see them showing some life at the end of the period though, I hope the offense can come up with at least 1 goal next period.
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