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  1. Devils W-L record over the past 2 years has us in 4th behind the Packers, Miami Heat, and Patriots.

    It's a shame that Phoenix got ranked the #1 Overall NHL team because of the affordability of tickets bang-for-your-buck.

  2. I know this is pretty late, but I was wondering if you could shed some light on this story if you did go to the game.

    It looks like the Albany Devils Seating Map is the correct one and the Ticketmaster one is wrong based on these pictures I found.

    Albany Devils Seating Map


    The first picture is the Albany Devils bench at home. You can't really read the Section number on the tiny blue signs at the top of the stairs, but in the second photo you can see the Section number 103 and 104 and match the Geico logo in the background to the same one in the first picture which should confirm that the Devils bench is in Section 104.


    Devils vs. Connecticut 11.05.2011 (8)

    Now of course I have no way of knowing that these two separate pictures, which are from two separate games, are actually looking at the same section but I would assume that the Albany Devils website would have the correct seating map, so if you could confirm then it would be easy to determine.

  3. Any suggestions for what time to get $10 tickets for the Saturday game against the Canadiens. I know the game last year against the Canadiens was pretty packed and I'm not sure how long the lines get for a weekend game.

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