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  1. Going to be a huge test tonight! rangers are 4-5-1 in last ten game, i really think we can pull this off! LETS GO DEIVLS! 2-1 Devils overtime
  2. Lidstorm's team will win!
  3. 13/16 points isnt bad to say where was a few months back!
  4. lets not give up yet, we might get lucky and end up with one point at least!
  5. I pay £12 a month for all games in HD and all games are saved so i can just go back to any game played since opening day and watch it again if i wish to. no lag, perfect!
  6. If any one needs to watch, pm me and i will give you my espnplayer details (will change password tomorrow)
  7. I would be happy with 1point at the minute! but of course i would love the two points Cachorro Louco - pm me and i will let you watch the game the game on my espnplayer
  8. Face-offs tonight have been terrible!
  9. Really not liking those bounces off those boards!
  10. i have foxsport stream on espnplayer
  11. was a shame oilers won last night!
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