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  1. This was as lopsided as they come. They were constantly in our end for long stretches at 5-on-5 where we couldn't clear it. We never had prolonged possession in their end and Montoya was barely tested. It was bad. I took off work for this and I regretted every second of it. That was one of the worst efforts I've seen in quite awhile. I was half hoping Cory was gonna just put one in his own net, skate off the ice, and flip everyone off. Not that he played great, but my God, not one skater even showed up.
  2. Try to stab someone with his skate?
  3. I'm in Monmouth (Keyport) and have Fios. I've had no issues with them. Love their service. And no issues with getting all 82 Devils games, though some are still is SD, but that's an MSG problem.
  4. Considering he has doubled his number, I fully expect him to be twice as good this year.
  5. Love Patty, but he's been frustrating to watch at times the past few years. I wish he'd be a bit more selfish and shoot more often these days because it always seems like he's looking pass instead of shooting even when he has golden opportunities, especially on the PP. Hope he has a rebound year and can end his amazing Devils career on a high note this season.
  6. I actually like Ruutu. I mean, like most I don't think we should've ever traded for him, but he's been better than I expected. Don't understand how he was below Zubs on the depth chart considering he was doing more with less time. I'd love to see him out there not being dragged down by Gionta this year, but I'm sure I won't get my wish.
  7. Really like the guy. Expected him to be kind of a gun for hire but he seems way more passionate and shows more leadership qualities than I anticipated. He is without a doubt our best player offensively right now.
  8. Like the changes. Also, I'd probably watch games with the sound on if Gilbert Gottfried was our play-by-play guy. I feel like that'd be highly entertaining.
  9. I enjoy watching Kinkaid play. I really like how calm and confident he looks out there. Very pleased with what he's done as back-up so far.
  10. I wouldn't be upset or surprised to see Pietila get a shot in the bottom 6 if he has a good camp because realistically, that's likely where he'll end up long term anyway and he plays the perfect style for such a role.
  11. If they don't pan out then at least we know to move on and replace them instead of keeping them in the AHL as "what ifs". Finding out whether they're capable of being NHLers or what their future roles could be is the actual important part here.
  12. Always liked Zubes. He was always a guy I looked forward to seeing at player events and whatnot because he was just such a friendly guy. I once brought up to him that I was part Lithuanian and every time he saw me afterwards he'd remember and we'd get to talking about how his hockey program in Lithuania was going and all that kind of stuff. On the ice, until the last couple of years, it was fun to watch him play the forecheck and just seemingly win every corner battle, usually kicking the puck out of a scrum to himself or a teammate. It was his time to go but he was definitely a player I will look back fondly on. One of my favorite Zubrus moments:
  13. Well...this was unexpected.
  14. The big positive is, good or bad, we're going to finally figure out what some of these guys are capable of. Can Gelinas good outweigh the bad? Can Josefson produce on a line with better linemates? Can Boucher be a scoring threat in the NHL? Even if the answer to ALL of these is no, at least we'll know and the Devils will be able to adjust accordingly. Even if we suck, at least we're moving forward and building towards the future.
  15. PWW

    David Conte Out

    Definitely saw this one coming. I am not disappointed. He had a lot more misses than hits over the past several years and is a big reason we're in the mess we're currently in.
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