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  1. Cory Conacher on waivers. Thoughts on him as a cheap, young, speedy pick-up?
  2. PWW

    2013-14 OOT Thread

    Not quite this bad, but I didn't expect it to go well. I pegged him for about 10 goals and 25-30 points. I'm glad to see it though. Was never a fan. Always thought he was a black hole at worst and lucky at best.
  3. So he wants a time machine then?
  4. PWW

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    Pretty sure I could've won that game against the Isles. They might be the worst team in the league at this point with Tavares out. Meanwhile, Cory lost to one of the top teams in the league. If that's what DeBoer is basing this decision on then he's dumber than I gave him credit for.
  5. PWW

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    I'm so far onto the Anti-DeBoer bandwagon at this point that I'm literally not renewing my season tickets until he is either fired (unlikely) or not rehired (fingers crossed). I just can't with him anymore. Starting Marty tomorrow is so beyond awful that I can't handle it. Anyone faulting Cory for yesterday is insane. The last 3 goals were: a 2-on-1 played so poorly by Merrill that it became a 2-on-0, a 3-on-1 with a top shelf snipe to finish it, and a blind pass by Gelinas to a Shark all alone in front. Cory has given this team a chance to win most of his starts this year and is in the middle of a 17 game stretch where he's only allowed 2+ goals twice (and one of those was in OT). There's literally no excuse to start Marty over him in a must win game. DeBoer is an idiot.
  6. Here's my feelings on the situation. If Marty came out and said, "Hey, look, I'm done after this season," then I'd keep him as a backup and let him retire as a Devil. But the fact that he's unhappy and seems to be heavily leaning towards playing again next season is significant and the Devils can NOT re-sign him. They just can't. It would be so utterly counter-productive and I have no faith that Pete (who I think will be back) won't fvck it up if Marty comes back. With that being said, trade him instead of letting him walk for nothing because either way it seems he won't finish his career in this jersey. I've made my peace with it.
  7. "I don't know what's going on half the time but I'm enthusiastic about whatever comes out of my mouth." - Chico Resch
  8. Nice set-up by Loki. Put that on a tee for Fayner.
  9. Yeah, he's not great, but you can hide him 5v5 and still get the benefit of his skill on the PP. In the meantime maybe he'll learn from his mistakes in his own end. Gotta score to win though, even if he does cost us a few in the other end.
  10. Why did we ever send Gelly down? No PP goals (I believe) once he was shipped to Albany. 4 in 2 games since he's been back.
  11. Well they did both leave the Columbus game with injuries and neither returned. I don't think I'd look into this too much.
  12. Larsson for MSL?! I'd like to have what you're smoking.
  13. Not enough offense and it came back to bite them. USA had trouble scoring even strength against good teams and it definitely showed. Just not enough firepower. Also, no coaching adjustments made at all in that game. Terrible. Quick was fantastic though. Absolutely fantastic.
  14. Mike "The King of Semantics and Making Useless Posts" Brown
  15. Loved the throwbacks as well. Personally, I dislike the regular jerseys because I can't stand the fake stars/laces. It ruins the whole jersey for me. They look like soccer jerseys with all that screen printing, not hockey jerseys. I happen to like the logo a lot though.
  16. PWW

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    This. I like Gionta but I can't stand seeing him out there on the PK or in OT. He's a good 4th liner and I wish DeBoer would just leave it at that. His misuse/overuse of players is what makes me hate them, I swear.
  17. PWW

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    It doesn't explain the defensive breakdowns, unless we're just gonna say Bryce and Volch fell off a fvcking cliff, which hey, is possible. It also doesn't explain the decisions. I'm talking about this year's team in a bubble. fvck those guys. They're not even worth talking about because they don't effect the handling of this year's roster (and I still prefer Clowe to Clarkson anyway but that's neither here nor there). They don't explain Harrold over Fayne. They don't explain Larsson in the minors. It doesn't explain why some guys could literally put the puck in our own net and not suffer consequences while others are punished for looking the wrong way. Plus, I still say Robinson and Oates were bigger losses to this team and its future than Parise and Clarkson. I'm not gonna mention Kovy because there was no way to handle that this offseason based on the timing. I'll judge that based on what Lou does THIS offseason.
  18. PWW

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    The thing I really wonder with this team is where the real problem lies. Yes, they're not that good, but they're better than this. Is Lou forcing Pete's hand in who he plays and when? Is Pete just really someone who plays favorites and stifles young talent? Is Stevens an awful defensive coach who has ruined what was essentially the same defense we had during the Cup run? Is it some combo of all of the above? We'll never know, but there's a problem somewhere in there that needs to be figured out because between the defensive breakdowns, line-up/coaching decisions, and overall inconsistency in handling the roster I just have to wonder what is actually going on behind the scenes.
  19. PWW

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    You say it's a rebuilding and yet you want Pete here for that? Does not compute. I'm under the impression that we are rebuilding as well and that's the main reason I want Pete gone. He has shown time and time again that he can't handle young players. If this is going to turn into the rebuilding it needs to be, he has to go before he ruins every young player we have to the point of no return.
  20. PWW

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    Ultimately, I want a coaching change. I don't know if it'll do any good this late in the year, but if DeBoer is still coaching at the start of next season I will have serious issues with that decision.
  21. Not even scoring, but they stop forechecking and just seem content in playing in their own zone, clearing it, changing lines, repeat. It doesn't work. It rarely does.
  22. Exactly. When they're leading going into the 3rd they just stop playing their game and start playing prevent defense. It's so infuriating.
  23. Terrible. Things never change with good ol' Petey D behind the bench.
  24. Oh, was Bryce on the ice for that one too? Color me shocked. I just can't. I fvcking can't.
  25. I think, but don't quote me on this, that the Devils only goal was scored by McKay. One thing that I always look back fondly on with that game is how many damn good hockey players I got to see play in my first game ever. Brind'Amour, Hawerchuk, Andreychuk, Housley, LeClair, Hextall, Guerin, MacLean, Nieds, Stevens, Marty...I mean, all those guys are HHOFers or borderline HHOFers. No Lindros though, I remember that much.
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