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  1. That was my first game as well. All I remember about it is that Hextall couldn't have looked more bored for most of that game.
  2. Aren't shutdown guys supposed to shut down the other team and not be on the ice for ALL of their goals? They're useless. Gimme Greene and Fayner in the last minute any day of the week.
  3. Unreal that you would have Sal and Volch out there with the game on the line. Inexcusable. And now here's Gelly. fvck you Pete. fvck you.
  4. Should have? Doubtful. Don't know how anyone can say he should've saved all 6 of those. But could he have? Yes. None of them were unstoppable. If he saves even 1 or 2 of those then it's a totally different game. Marty let the team down to make it 3-2 and didn't bail them out even once to give them confidence back when that's usually his specialty. It was really tough to watch today having seen Marty do exactly that for his whole career.
  5. One fvcking save. Make one Marty. Even with all the odd-man rushes, a goalie can't give up 3 goals on 3 shots.
  6. Wow, did we actually score an empty netter?
  7. It's amazing how much better of a playmaker Clowe is than Clarkson was. Thought Ryder was getting another there after that pass. EDIT: Jesus Marty, come on. That's weaksauce. Close your fvcking 5-hole.
  8. How the fvck did Orr not get a penalty there? Like really.
  9. How the fvck would you have any idea what the number actually is? Christ. You don't need to respond to every post ever, man.
  10. Why can't we just use 12 forwards like a normal team? I mean, what's the point of using Gelinas for two shifts in the 1st? We need offense. sh!t is driving me nuts. That being said, LGD!
  11. My feelings to all of this = meh. I mean, it's great money for the team, but as a fan, it doesn't affect me in any way, shape, or form. Don't know why they'd tease this as some "huge announcement". I mean, it's good, but I'd hardly call it huge from a purely fan-based perspective. Not something worth hyping.
  12. Surprised to see no Vrbata considering the year he's having as well.
  13. That's like saying guys hit better for a certain pitcher in baseball. It just doesn't make any sense.
  14. Gotta build his confidence back up and give him some "gimmes" so to speak. If a fighter loses a title fight, he doesn't go right back out against top-level competition, you build him back up. That's what Cory needs right now to get into a groove. Or ya know, we could just ruin him totally. Also, to the people saying he gave up bad goals *coughMartyisth3b3stcough* (also, no clear bias there), which ones are you even talking about? The breakaway? The top shelf wrister while screened? Leddy walking in with no one in the same area code? Or the one that deflected off of his defenseman? Also, man, are people really this upset about a loss to the defending champs? If they would've won this I would've been really surprised and happy, but I had no expectations of that happening. What are the actual expectations around here that we should beat the Hawks when we get 12 shots and what are you people drinking/smoking and can I have some?
  15. Also, that's the third time I've listened to the announcers talk about the Devils almost tying/setting a new record for lowest amount of shots in a game THIS SEASON. That is awful.
  16. Shootout was bad. But again, what practice does he get? I'm still not sure the Devils even practice shootouts/breakaways, but if they did, you know it's not helping him because our guys SUCK at them. The Anaheim goal would've been an easy pad save if Merrill doesn't deflect it up and over his pads. You are talking out of your ass and just because you only presented two explanations, doesn't mean they're the only ones. This board is freakin' unreal sometimes. The guys numbers should be so much better it's not even funny. The team has just flat out sucked in front of him more often than not.
  17. I think it might be some mindfvcking for sure. When he has a great game, he sits for a week. I think he has no confidence in his team and himself right now either. He's regularly taking the blame for games where the team is outshot by a wide margin or gets no goals. It's got to be frustrating.
  18. Or his last bunch of games were against the Ducks, Blackhawks, and Penguins. Before that he was playing pretty damn well for the most part.
  19. What fvcking game are you people watching? Even if he makes that one and the early one that popped out of his glove, it's 3-2. He's also made some saves he had no right to make. The Devils don't deserve to be in this game. It's been domination throughout.
  20. Surely he'll do that playing only the best teams in the league once a week.
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