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  1. If Strome or Marner doesn't fall to us, I'm really hoping the Devils take Barzal. Elite playmaking center that could allow us to drop Zajac to 2nd line duties. Kid also has speed for days and a solid shot.
  2. LOL at that last shootout attempt. Patty looked like he was looking to pass that instead of shoot it. Unreal. Happy we lost, upset we got a point.
  3. Holy crap, when is the last time Greene scored on a slapper?
  4. Zach Parise: King of meaningless goals
  5. - Cory Schneider (right now probably)
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to see us end up with Mathew Barzal. Something just tells me he's gonna end up a Devil.
  7. Sorry to do this last minute, I usually never sell my tickets but I got stuck working late and my buddy who has the other seat can't make it as well so I have 2 tickets in section 117, row 10 (aisle seats) available. Not looking to make money on these by any means, just don't want them to go to waste if at all possible. I'm thinking $30 for the pair seems more than fair since seats are going for $23+ per for 200 levels on stubhub. Shoot me a message or whatever and I can email them to you so you avoid the fees and everything too. Figured I'd give you guys on the board first shot before I post them on one of those awful Facebook groups.
  8. PWW


    Agree with everything you said on Spellbound and Bloodline. Just tried 2xpresso myself. Really enjoyed it. Still waiting to get my hands on some Grapefruit Sculpin. The liquor store I work in was supposed to get it but the distributor was out. Hope we can still bring some in.
  9. PWW

    Zidlicky to Det

    This is what I hate about Twitter. Too few characters to clarify things in cases like these.
  10. PWW

    Zidlicky to Det

    So pretty much these are the potential outcomes from the best I can understand out of that tweet: Detroit fails to make EC Finals: We get a 3rd in 2016 Detroit makes the EC Finals: We get a 3rd in 2016 and a 5th in 2015 Detroit makes the SC Finals: We get a 2nd in 2016
  11. Bolder prediction: Clarkson falls down while doing so
  12. The Devils have one 4-game winning streak in the last two years. We'd need 4 of them just to get a coin flip. I applaud the optimism but come on man.
  13. Devils fans hating Devils fans really needs to stop. We're all fans of the same team even if we don't see eye to eye. Let's bond together and hate the ones who truly deserve it...Rangers' fans. Seriously though, I had a guy sitting in front of me give me sh!t for doing the "If you know the Rangers suck" chant when the keyboardist played it. Literally turned around and with a dead serious face says "Real original, way to steal that from the Islanders." I was dumbfounded. I mean, what the actual fvck is that? This was all after I told him to shut up because he was chanting "We want Marty" after each goal. I don't hate our own fans but fvck that guy.
  14. I remember when all of your posts on this topic were "I don't care that we do the YS chant, I just wish they at least waited until after the goal song to do it." Now they're doing that, and you're still complaining. Just found it funny because I remember you going on about it for PAGES of debate. Carry on.
  15. Contention? If he doesn't win it then there shouldn't even be an award.
  16. But I'm a bad fan. Didn't you see? Yell "you suck" and in the eyes of some of the most militant anti-YS people and you might as well be the scum of the earth. All I'm trying to get at is that not everyone who enjoys joining in on that chant is a total crazy loon who boos the owners and tells the players they suck to their faces and is cursing and getting in fights and turning this place into Philly north, which is what they'd have you believe.
  17. Because I yell "you suck"? How is the weather up there on your high horse? I go to 30+ games a year. I cheer. I chant. I don't yell profanities. I introduce new people to the game by bringing them for free with my seasons (literally have introduced 3 current STHs to the game). I don't sell my unused tickets to fans of opposing teams. I don't yell about "swallowing" or any of that. I love this team. But because I yell "you suck" I'm ruining the experience and of inferior intelligence? What a terrible fan I am. I should give up my tickets so someone else can have them. Don't generalize and take a long hard look in the mirror because if I'm one of the fans ruining this team then I have no idea what you even are. Please close this thread.
  18. You're right. I must be an idiot because I enjoy myself at games. Didn't you throw a hissy fit and stop posting on an internet message board for awhile because the team got a player you didn't like? You must be much more mature than I am. I'm beginning to hate the amount of hate our fans have for our own fans.
  19. Families don't bother me. I will continue yelling "You suck" because I enjoy it. I will continue to not partake in any part of the whistle after "Rangers suck". And no one will change their stance on anything. /thread
  20. If there is one thing I unequivocally agree with in this thread, it's that they have to up their handling of alcohol/drunks. At the very least they can't be letting people in who are already clearly inebriated. Last season I got to a game, went to my seats, and someone had vomited all over about 3 or 4 seats including mine and the surrounding area. This was before puck drop. How the fvck was that guy allowed into the building? And then when I complained they acted like they were doing me a favor by moving me a few sections over. No apology. No upgrade. No nothing. Just an "oh well, it happens." Left a really sour taste in my mouth.
  21. Man, I really need to get out to one of their shows one of these days, especially since one of my friends wrestles there. Their schedule just never seems to line up with mine.
  22. LOL at someone complaining about people generalizing a group of people while simultaneously generalizing an entire group of people. I say this as someone who participates in the chant but also doesn't hate the owners or get drunk at games or start altercations with opposing fans. Shocking, I know.
  23. This thread has quickly amounted to "You don't like what I like so you're clearly dumber than I am". Clearly we're getting somewhere with this argument.
  24. fvcking atrocious. I'm disappointed in the team and I was even disappointed in the event, but that's just terrible. Why even waste your time attending if you're gonna be an a$$hole? Grow the fvck up.
  25. I was able to get through 3 of the lines and get 11 autographs. This may sound like a lot, but in past years I've managed to get even more in half the time. Don't know why they overcomplicated things. When it's just one guy per table, I can just get the guys I need/want, but when done like this (4 per table), I end up waiting in line just to get one guy out of a group of four, which is just a waste of everyone's time. Plus, I may be taking the space in line of someone who may want a certain guy (Gionta) and can't get them because I'm in line to get someone else at the same table (Cory). I just don't get it. It screams change for the sake of change. Also, why would they tell everyone to park in the parking deck and then only open the entrance FURTHEST from the parking deck? Just a total lack of common sense.
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