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  1. It seems like every single decision this team is making this year is a head-scratcher. Like, I'm going to this season ticket holder event tomorrow for autographs. In past years, they've been an hour long and I have been able to just move around the concourse and get everyone I wanted with ease as they'd be sitting at tables all over the concourse. I have no doubt with the changes they've made to it (getting assigned to a table of players and whatnot even though I may not be bringing anything for those particular guys to sign) that it's going to ruin any enjoyment I have and I'll probably get less autographs in 2 hours than I did in past years in half the time. Not everything needs to be fixed. This is of course if I can even get my tickets to the event mailed to me since now they remove them from my account if I don't print them quickly enough. I mean, these aren't as huge an issue as the on-ice product but it's seems like they've taken so many things that were easy and worked and just ruined them for no reason with unnecessary changes for the sake of change. Very frustrating. Probably not the place for this but I just needed to do a bit of venting haha.
  2. LOL at Zubrus just flailing embarrassingly and throwing his stick at the puck.
  3. “Right now, we're putting six people in the lineup to cover all different situations of the lineup,” Lamoriello said. What situation does Harrold cover? Handling every puck like a live hand grenade and participating in a PP with 1 shot over their last 6 attempts? What about Fraser? He can't play defense. He can't play offense. He's not even fighting since he "earned his spot". He's like Tootoo without the talent or Gelinas without the offense. Why is Gelinas getting hammered for playing offense when Fraser is backhanding clearances into the chest of superstars when he has a whole fortnight to make a better decision. I'll never understand it. Not ever.
  4. I definitely miss Barr as well. Oates clearly has some good ideas offensively but his obsession with handedness and other weird decisions cancels them out completely. Tootoo on the PP is an unreal level of stupid and you'd think he would change something after 6 straight PPs with no shots but nope. In fact, the lack of changes being made at all makes me believe even more that this is an actual attempt at tanking. No one coach could be this stupid so for three of them to look at these issues and none of them see anything wrong is damn near impossible.
  5. The only logical explanation for Fraser being out there and the Fraser/Harrold pairing in general is that they are actually tanking. It's the only thing that makes sense. Still though, fvck DeBoer. Larsson getting a chance to find his game has been worth Pete getting fired and then some.
  6. Maybe Zubrus can go away forever now.
  7. Being at games, it's hard to root against the team, but man is this frustrating. They're gonna win just enough to be competitive and not sell at the deadline and then just miss the playoffs securing a mediocre pick and nothing in return for the expiring UFAs. With the way things have gone the past few years I can just feel it. We can only pray that the hockey gods reward our non-tanking again like they did in the year we got Larsson.
  8. See, it was just easier to get the seasons the past few years because I work mornings and am always out by 4 or 5. I actually make it to like 30-35 games a year so it really sucks to get fvcked like this for being loyal during such a terrible stretch of history. I enjoy going to the events and I love my seats but I just can't imagine paying this much more per seat to watch a team that has been a chore to watch for the better part of the last few years.
  9. My season tickets went up 17.5%. I'd really like to know what the fvck they're thinking right now. Look at stubhub tickets for tonight and tell me what incentive there is to be a season ticket holder right now? Tickets in my section are going for 50% less than my STH face value as is. You'd think they'd want to keep as many STHs as they can right now after 3 awful seasons. These guys are absolutely clueless.
  10. Was Pete fully at fault for losing while here? Absolutely not. He didn't have a great team in all honesty. However, I do fully fault him for his baffling decisions. It always seemed like even though he didn't have a great roster, he'd make the weirdest choices where he wasn't seeming to get the best team on the ice and would almost luck into getting things right due to injuries. Basically, his players weren't great and yet he still somehow managed to make it worse on himselves at times, whether it be random promotions in playing time/situations (Gionta especially), certain guys being "untouchable", or random demotions (Fayne getting scratched for games at a time comes to mind). Glad he's gone but I don't fault him entirely for the team's failures.
  11. Bingo, at least to the first part. I haven't read this whole thread but I really believe that Oates and Stevens are here less as coaches, and more to work with guys and decide who is worth keeping around next year. And Lou is here to see these guys up close to get hands on and do the same so he can see guys on and off the ice from a new perspective. Every game is a tryout for next year for these guys. Bold strategy. Curious to see if it works.
  12. So many generalizations. I have a strong dislike for DeBoer...guess I'm an idiot who can't realize that the team has other problems as well. Time to reevaluate my fandom I suppose.
  13. Devils have been outshot by almost 100 over the last 3 games. Two of those games against team that are actually below us in the standings. Way to make adjustments Pete.
  14. Why go Kinkaid? Goaltending was the least of our issues tonight. They had twice as many shots as us. I fail to see how that helps.
  15. Hit the bricks Pete. So tired of these piss poor efforts. Show some fire. Get mad. At the very least stop standing around like a clueless Charlie Brown after Lucy pulled the football away yet again. Aaugh. Good grief.
  16. That was brutal. How many whacks were they gonna give him? The defense was just standing there watching.
  17. Gomez is the best forward on this team right now. Gross.
  18. Good for him. Hope he doesn't get embarrassed out there. Luckily he'll have to a good team to (hopefully) bail him out if/when he needs it.
  19. They don't need to be put on blast, but I'd at least like a bit of honesty. Ever listen to a Mike Babcock postgame? When asked about a certain player's performance, he'll give an honest assessment and will say a guy needs to be better or where his game needs improvement or where he was lacking in that game. It's refreshing.
  20. It's terrible that it's gotten to the point where goals that make it 4-2 in the 2nd are daggers but here we are.
  21. Just saw a couple highlights and one thing stood out that has been standing out to me for awhile. How is Kulemin left ALL BY HIMSELF to tap in that puck behind Cory? Legit, how does no one pick up the guy in front on that play? The reason we never get those tap in's is because someone is always there to tie us up or stick lift and knock it away before we can. Yet, it seems like we never make the right play on those. If a guy is crashing the net, Bryce or Zids will stay with the guy in front and let the guy with the puck walk in and score and if they take the guy with the puck, they leave someone wide open on the doorstep. Is it not possible to do both? I feel like we're constantly down a man in our own end because it seems SOMEONE is always wide open in a prime position. It's maddening.
  22. There's 100% no accountability on this team and I put that on Pete. He doesn't hold anyone accountable for their mistakes (unless they're Swedish or a rookie) so a lot of guys don't seem to hold themselves accountable. It's always "we deserved better" and "we didn't get the bounces", even Patty has been spouting quotes like this lately. That's unacceptable and it starts with the atmosphere that DeBoer has created. He'd rather find silver linings in getting a point than be upset about losing the second one. He's gotta go and someone who won't just accept these constant blown leads and lacks of effort for periods at a time has to be brought in. Do I think it will help us this season and get us to the playoffs? Probably not. But the culture needs to change before these young guys start spouting the same nonsense about "bad luck" and what they "deserved".
  23. Glad I was at a concert and didn't have to watch this one.
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