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  1. Was literally just coming here to post this. What's the point of having threee HD channels if on nights when all three teams play, there's still one that ends up bumped to SD so they can show the Rangers on two of the three? There is NO logic to this at all.
  2. I'm looking forward to this. Last time I got Parise, although it was signed with a dead marker and looks terrible.
  3. Meh, can't win 'em all. Glad to at least get a point out of that one. On an unrelated note, every single time the JJ/Cam/Boulton line was out there, all I could think of was Dean Portman, Fulton Reed, and Kenny Wu in Mighty Ducks 2. Josefson is like the little bash brother haha.
  4. PWW


    I heard no booing and some cheers. He did however get a rousing "sucks" just like everyone else.
  5. PWW


    Langs was my favorite player while he was here so I'll be giving him a cheer for sure. Hell, I'll even be wearing my Langs jersey. Sure, the way he left was bad but the good he accomplished here far outweighs the bad. It was just time for him to move on and time for the Devils to move on without him.
  6. I'll never be a Clarkson fan, but man is he trying to win me over haha. Is this real life?
  7. I think the only reason I wasn't worried is because Moose was in net. I don't know why, but I just feel more confidence in this team when he's in there, as weird as that sounds. If Marty had been in net I probably would've been biting my nails and going, "Here we go again."
  8. Was everyone here really that worried? The Devils won in regulation, scored 6, and there were no injuries. Clearly the Devils should have kept running Zach, Kovy, Elias and the other tops guys out there for top minutes in the 3rd to keep it 6-0 to appease everyone. I mean, the Flyers would NEVER try to injure our guys or cheap shot them after the whistle.
  9. I'm not even worried tbh. It was pretty clear they were using the lower lines earlier because Philthy has a history of cheapshotting guys so why risk jeopardizing guys when we have enough injuries as is. Devils are still up to and now you'll see the top lines more again.
  10. PWW

    Did Gomez score ?

    Oh man, I thought he just scored. Just an assist though haha.
  11. PWW

    Ponikarovsky to NJ

    He's definitely an upgrade to the 3rd line. One thing I like that he brings is that he plays a physical game. His stats already put him 3rd on the Devils in hits. Plus, he's a big dude. I think this was a steal for the Devils at best and a wash at worst.
  12. I'm reading it was for a 4th round pick and Joe Sova.
  13. Let's go Devils! Like the saying goes: I spent a month in Winnipeg... ...last night!
  14. He had his first of the year while he was still in Anaheim.
  15. I'm a big fan of the graphic that just said "Kurtis Foster: Goal of Season"
  17. This is what it was like reading this thread.
  18. Psh, all the goals are Kovy's fault. We pay this guys millions and he doesn't even have a single save? Worthless. /sarcarm
  19. Well, I can go to bed now. Ugh.
  20. Here we fvcking go. I swear to God, guys who don't score love playing us because they know they have a chance.
  21. That was fvcking gorgeous. More of that please.
  22. He could have the worst game of his life and I still don't see how he could be worse than Sestito, Boulton, or Janssen. I legitimately have no idea why he's not playing with this team right now.
  23. I got my father a few Devils related stocking stuffers: a Devils tree ornament and a Devils wine stopper. My Devils related gift will have to wait a few days as my dad bought me two Acela Club tickets/reservations for the Buffalo game on the 28th. I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  24. PWW

    2012 Starter

    I'd love to see the Devils try to get Enroth and sign Moose for another year. Enroth reminds me a lot of Moose so I think he'd learn a lot and benefit from playing with him and splitting for a season before getting a shot to be the number 1.
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