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  1. Great goal. Nice to see the defense getting involved with an assist on that one.
  2. ELIAS! FINALLY! He NEEDED that one and the team needed that one. Great goal to shift the momentum back a bit.
  3. This is really getting fvcking ridiculous.
  4. That was brutal. It was like they weren't going to stop trying to give it away in front until Florida scored.
  6. PWW

    Urbom and Taormina

    The thing I liked best about them was how they looked TOGETHER. Like, you can tell that they know each other's habits on the ice with the way they were finding each other on the breakout.
  7. I thought Tao looked really solid against Montreal. I'd say him for sure and they can work in Fraser when a more physical presence is needed (or when Tao needs a day off).
  8. I would be "Where They Filmed Clerks".
  9. I guess it really is hard to stay positive and interested with the way the Devils have been playing these last two periods. Hell, even Chico is talking about cupcakes instead of the game.
  10. El Oh El. What a shock that they didn't even need to review it. I guess they figured why waste everyone's time, haha.
  11. They absolutely dominated the second period and the fact that they didn't put them away and let them hang around killed them. I'm tired of hearing how they did all the little things right and the bounces will go their way eventually. They're not. They're not scoring and that's all that matters. And when they do score they give it right back. They can't finish at all. It's disgusting. Also, once again they need more than one line to produce a night.
  12. Awesome passing from Kovy and Parise. Nice shot by Henrique. This line seems to be FINALLY clicking.
  13. I just watched replays on the NHL Network and I still don't get how Marty didn't save AT LEAST one of those first three goals. If he just makes one save then it's a completely different game. I mean he literally could not have played worse tonight.
  14. One of the things that bothered me most about this game is that the Kovy/Parise/Henrique line finally contributed offensively and every other line did nothing. Where has Elias been these past few games? I haven't seen him do a single thing. I know he had to cool down eventually but he's become invisible out there...the whole second line has along with Clarkson. One problem gets sorted out and two new issues arise. It's awful.
  15. Let's keep in mind that that one save led to a rebound goal. We basically started the game with an empty net. Just awful.
  16. THAT'S what Kovy needs to be fvcking doing. 'Bout time.
  17. ...You're kidding me. What a terribly unlucky bounce.
  18. GREENEY! That's the way to start a game.
  19. I totally read this as "Johnny Mac fired by Hurricanes" and was like wow, that was fast. Anyway, good luck to him. Hope he can shed the reputation he got in his short time here.
  20. "Devils might need to kill of this power play." - Cangi Truer words have not been spoken.
  21. Why is Kovachuk like afraid to shoot it this season? He never just lets one rip, he always just passes it away, usually leading to a turnover or mishandled puck. It's awful.
  22. Are you fvcking sh!tting me? How can you let that happen during a 4 on 3? Ugh.
  23. ANOTHER REBOUND! SYKORA! Larsson's shot gets the rebound right to Sykkie and he buries it. Beautiful stuff. Great takeaway to set it all up. Man, they look confident.
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