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  1. Hey guys, lets not forget how great he was at getting the pucks out of the net during warm-ups. He was a natural. Truly that was his calling.
  2. PWW

    NFL Week 2

    This. I'm not fully on the Newton hypewagon, but he's been impressive thus far. I mean, yes he is 0-2, but he's playing on a team that was the WORST in the league last year and not many additions were made. The defense has been giving up a ton of points so the fault him for not leading them to even more points is unfair. No rookie has ever passed for that many yards and now he's done it twice. Only 7 guys have ever had back-to-back 400+ yard passing games and Cam Newton is one of them. He may fall off (likely), but he still deserves credit for what he has done so far. I think the most impressive part of it has been that he's doing all this after an offseason where he didn't really get to workout and play with the team until way late. Look how many rookies have the whole offseason to learn the offense and whatnot and DON'T do this and now he's come out of the gate firing on all cylinders. I have a lot of respect for what he's done and I think it'll be interesting what the Panthers can do in a few years once they start building the team around him.
  3. PWW

    Best Devil to wear #8

    I voted for Zubrus. I've always been a big fan of the guy and I love watching him play. Maybe he hasn't performed to expectations exactly, but he works his ass off out there. I don't know if there's anyone on the team who fights as hard down low and in the corners as he does. If there's a battle for the puck going on, Zubs is in there trying to pry or kick it free. He may not always show up in the stat line but he busts it to do the little things when he's out there. Peluso was a close second but I just had to go with Zubrus on this one.
  4. There are far too many awesome-looking games coming out that I really want to get (to go along with Dead Island which I just bought). - Arkham City - Gears of War 3 - Rage - Modern Warfare 3 - Halo Anniversary - Assassin's Creed 3 And on top of those, I still need to get NHL 12. So many games, such little time haha.
  5. PWW

    Season Tickets

    I haven't gotten mine yet. The suspense is killing me especially since it's my first time having season tickets.
  6. Currently: Ovechkin All-Time: Mike Modano
  7. From what I've gathered it's about how Christmas season is fast approaching and we should all buy our loved ones a Ferrari.
  8. No. I don't think he could. This is almost awkward to even listen to.
  9. Could not agree more. He's alive. These men aren't. Absolutely in horrible taste to have a press conference about his health at this time.
  10. It was time for him to go (or at least close to it) but I appreciate what he did in his years here with the Devils. He was a workhorse and a true Devil through and through.
  11. PWW


    RSC, I feel your pain on Childish Gambino. I was trying to go to that show as well but looks like it's not going to happen. Right now, the only concert I have tickets for in the next month or two is Murder by Death on a party boat in NY harbor which should be extremely cool and different. Also, I plan on seeing Beirut at some point this summer if at all possible.
  12. PWW

    $22 Season Tix?

    I actually just took advantage of the $22 season tickets about a month ago. I'll be up in 117. It's the first time I've ever had season tickets for anything so I'm pretty stoked.
  13. Agreed, their homer-ism knows no bounds. I loved when they were in an uproar on a no-call when they were down 5 goals with 10 minutes to go. Ridiculous.
  14. And a horrible no call to follow it up. Man. This is awful.
  15. Are we still dead? I love how quick every just abandons the team. Plenty of time left to even it up. I believe in this team.
  16. Kovy and A-Train are my top two and are really close for the top spot. Zajac, Zubrus, and Tallinder round out my top 5 but there's a pretty big gap between the two groups. I'd like to include Palmieri but I need to see more of him (with Tallinder and Volchenkov I already liked them a lot before they came here). He has been one of my favorites to root for during the second half of this season though. For the most part I root for the guys who fly under the radar with the more common fan I guess. I'm like a hockey hipster in that regard haha.
  17. What about a giant printout of the Kovy "U Mad" picture? haha
  18. ROLSTON! Great screen by Zubrus.
  19. Game misconduct for Letang. That should give us a bit of extra help.
  20. So he'll be awakened to the fact that he's no longer the poster boy even though he doesn't want that anyway and he wants to just be one of the interchangeable parts? Makes no sense at all.
  21. Just got home from this. It ended up being Stevens, Brodeur, Kovy, Moose, White, and Zharkov. So glad I wore my Kovy jersey to this on a whim because it paid off. I also got a 1995 Cup Champions puck signed by Marty and Stevens. Definitely worth the wait outside.
  22. One thing I'm really hoping for from this is that JL can teach Steckel to utilize his size more to his advantage. I think if he can do so he'll be a monster in front of the net and JL seems to bring the best out of guys so why not hope for the best.
  23. I don't know which of those two I dislike more.
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