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  1. It would be really frustrating if he did that because, if I remember correctly, he said he regretted waiting that long to make a decision with MacLean. And you'd have to think he's seen enough of what DeBoer has to offer at this point. I mean God, it feels like we've been watching one long losing season since the Cup run because it's the same sh!t over and over.
  2. It's really sad that when Detroit made it 4-2, I turned and said to my gf that we'd lose this one in a shootout. This team is so predictable it actually hurts.
  3. Man, real glad I stayed up for that one. fvck this team.
  4. Zids wasn't content with just giving it away there, he made sure to also put it in our own net. fvcking atrocious.
  5. God I hate Ryan Miller. Let's beat that douche and those creepy Sedins.
  6. I wouldn't mind Harrold If I knew Pete wasn't going to get silly and throw him out there on the PP and give him more than bottom pairing minutes. I have no faith in him to do that whatsoever though.
  7. PWW


    Funny that I don't think I've ever posted in this thread since I work at a liquor store haha. All we've been getting lately is Winter/Christmas beers, it kills me since most of them are heavy and I'm not much of a fan of stouts and porters. Tis the season for me to drink pretty much only Shiner Cheer. I did however recently try Heavy Seas Winter Storm. Not bad at all. I also just got a sample bottle of Sierra Nevada's Celebration that is sitting in my fridge for me to try.
  8. Only person I've ever met from here is Colin (who is a friend of a friend). Super nice guy. Used to play Xbox with SMantzas quite a bit. I'd be down to meet anyone from here really. Very curious to put a face to Mike Brown.
  9. Mike Brown is DeBoer. I'm convinced. They're the only ones on earth who believe their own bullsh!t and refuse to admit they're wrong to this extent. I'm glad I went to bed early instead of watching any more of this. We were up 2-0 when I went to bed and I 100% knew I'd be waking up to a loss. This team sucks. Nothing will change until changes are made and it all starts with the coach.
  10. Sergei Brylin. I went from a casual fan to a diehard after the 2000 Stanley Cup run so my first season really watching was Brylin's best. In my mind, he's a perennial 20 goal, 40 point player when that's nowhere near the truth. Still love Sarge though. Really need to get his jersey one of these days.
  11. PWW

    Wild @ Devils

    Schneids just saved the game on that one.
  12. PWW

    Wild @ Devils

    Not saying Schneids didn't fvck up there, just saying Gelinas also sucks. When you're a PP specialist, maybe don't suck at it.
  13. PWW

    Wild @ Devils

    Call it a Schneider softie but terrible job there by Gelinas that almost led to a shorthanded breakaway to begin with.
  14. I was only half watching the game last night but I can't tell you how many times I'd hear Cangi yell "Given away" only to look up and see a guy coming in on Cory alone or an odd man rush. It's unreal how many awful giveaways this team is making on a nightly basis.
  15. PWW

    Wild @ Devils

    Literally gave away my tickets for tonight. I have no desire to go watch this team right now.
  16. I've felt this coming since they banned the jersey tuck. Always felt the reason they did that was because they were considering putting advertisements on the backs/bottoms of the jerseys and didn't want them being hidden. Looks like I might not have been too far off.
  17. Clowe will not stand for Hartnell's sh!t. Different jersey, same scumbag.
  18. LARSSON! fvck YOU DEBOER! Your job is being saved by the same Swedes you kicked to the curb.
  19. Henrique! Excellent job by the ref locating the puck and not blowing the play dead prematurely.
  20. Bryce Salvador is the most consistent d-man in the NHL. The only problem is that he's consistently terrible and out of position.
  21. Even though they haven't converted much the last few games, I gotta say I really like how Clowe has looked on the PP. He's been noticeable in a good way and he's usually a reason that the Devils are getting these extended zone entries by constantly retrieving pucks after missed shots and blocks and making crisp passes. He's a good puck distributor.
  22. Watching a rare home game on TV. Let's do this boys!
  23. Just settling in after getting home and man, what a terrible game. Neither team could complete a pass, constant icings, just pure slop. Very lucky to have gotten any points, nevermind two. I'd love to say Pete has seen the light with his decisions but I feel that's still just not true. Very glad to get the shootout monkey off our back though, even if it was against the worst goalie in the league.
  24. Very sad news. I actually just bought a signed copy of his new book and started reading it. A true legend.
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