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  1. I'm gonna go Clowe. I thought he was highly effective when on the ice last year and I want to see what he looks like and if he can regain that ability or if he's just a shell at this point. Could be huge for our bottom 6 if he can produce and stay on the ice. Both big ifs at this point.
  2. Fair enough. I couldn't quite tell honestly and I've seen enough people that have this sentiment of "Cory can wait for Marty" that I had to say something because I think it's just insane. I guess it shows how many people see Marty AS the Devils and can't separate the two, especially the casual fans. I'm personally hoping Marty doesn't come back. Not because I wouldn't love to see him finish here, but because I don't trust our coach to not pump him up with comments about having two starters and blah blah. That shadow hovering over Cory wouldn't be good for anyone.
  3. Just the attitude we should show our future franchise goalie. Ah, just suck it up Cory even though we desperately need you to sign so the team won't be a total mess for YEARS down the line. Not sure if serious.
  4. Bobby Hull/Gretzky/Jagr Orr/Chara Hasek Let's do this.
  5. Rangers fans are dumb and illogical? This is news to me. Seriously though, fvck the Rags and their fans. The best part is when you have these Jersey kids who are all "Jersey Pride!" and "Bennies go home!" but they're Rangers fans. Some Jersey pride. I had some 18 year old kid on the train ask me how I could be from New Jersey and not root for the Rangers. I laughed in his face and told him to get the fvck away from me. No logic for those morons and their existence. I hope they get swept against a real goalie and I hope someone breaks Kreider's face in the process.
  6. I hate the Rangers with an undying passion. They're the only team I go out of my way to watch just for the sole purpose of laughing when they lose. They could be playing a team of genetically cloned Hitlers and I'd pop on a Swastika jersey and learn to cheer in German before I'd ever root for those sh!theads from New York. As for the Philly/NY debate, I'd rather see Philly win every year for the next decade than for the Rangers to win once.
  7. I believe it's just over a grand per seat. But for renewing by a certain point I got the tax/fees waived so I don't remember how much those were offhand.
  8. Row 10. I believe rows 10 and higher are all that price.
  9. My tickets in 117 are still $23 a game for next season so no change there.
  10. Especially since he was throwing a fit during the Super Bowl, claiming that it was in NJ and not NY and should be acknowledged as such. Can't have it both ways fatso.
  11. Akeson! We've got a game folks.
  12. fvck the Habs. I hate when their fans come to our arena. They're probably only behind Rags fans when it comes to which opposing fans I hate the most, just ahead of Philly fans. They're so rude and condescending (and cocky for no reason) and they'll talk sh!t about you in French, which is funny for me because I can speak a bit and will call them out on it and it usually shuts them right up.
  13. I made it to that comment and just closed it. That was some of the wrongest sh!t I've ever read of. I understand people defending Marty against the negative, but saying that is just unreal levels of blindness to reality.
  14. PWW

    Lou speculation

    Says the guy who has been bashing Cory all season.
  15. My picks for the first round: Boston in 5 Montreal in 7 Philly in 7 Pittsburgh in 6 Ducks in 6 San Jose in 7 Chicago in 6 Avs in 5 I ultimately have in coming down to Boston/Avs with Boston winning it all.
  16. fvckin' called it. You suck MB. Also, I never got a PM. I actually just realized I haven't gotten one since 2011. I feel left out haha.
  17. This video is a perfect example of Chico at his best (and worst lol). The yell after the goal is the funniest thing to me. Pure excitement and purely hilarious. And then he goes and calls Henrique "Larsson". Definitive Chico.
  18. I'm gonna take a crack at this one. Dallas made it with 91. Mike Brown never specifically said 91 would be enough for the Devils to get in, just that 91 would be enough to make the playoffs. Semantics will strike again. An argument will happen. I'll be annoyed. Just a guess though.
  19. Not saying it's not possible, just was pointing out how opinions in this thread really run the gamut haha. It's quite interesting actually.
  20. Just not too much talent. I'd rather give him just enough guys to play so we don't have to see some sort of crazy Harrold starts over Larsson and Fayne stuff again haha. The less roster decisions Pete has to make, the happier I'll be.
  21. I'm happy Pete is back for at least another year. I'm sure next year I'll be yelling or ranting about some weird decision I feel he's making but deep down, I think Pete is a great coach. It's a love/hate relationship.
  22. PWW


    I love Clowe and really wish he could stay on the ice. He's infinitely better at his job than Clarkson ever was, he just can't seem to ever show it. He's definitely a team leader type. I'll take part of the blame for his latest concussion. I should've known he was going to get hurt once I told my buddy my next jersey was going to be a #29.
  23. I think it's hilarious that the opinions in here range from "Trade Schneids ASAP" to "He's winning the Vezina". All I'll say is I'd be shocked if they trade him and even more shocked if he isn't locked-up. The Devils simply can't afford to lose him and I see him getting overpaid if need be to stay here.
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