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  1. WHAT DOES THIS ADD TO THE CONVERSATION?! Omg. Please. For the love of God. STOP.
  2. You heard it here first everyone. For the first time in the history of the NHL, the Devils will end the season in some sort of limbo. We're going to the NIT guys!
  3. I've never seen someone fight so vehemently to prove something they don't believe in.
  4. I literally don't want them to make it at this point because I feel like that will earn Pete an extension. I'm not convinced he doesn't get one even missing the playoffs, but if they make it I think he's definitely back and I don't know if I can handle his sh!t for another year.
  5. My one big question after these last 2 games is why the fvck did the Devils even get Ruutu if they weren't going to take advantage of one of his biggest skills to fix one of their biggest problems? Like, it hurts my head thinking about it.
  6. Yeah, it's really a shame he's not standing on his head out there. Would love seeing us go to extra rounds at 0-0 before we lose instead of just making it quick and painless. not srs
  7. I think what makes it so disappointing is that they've just been on the cusp of getting over the hump for so long that they've somehow hung around but never turned the corner, which just makes it so much more frustrating and disappointing than just losing outright and falling out of the race. Like, they're always RIGHT THERE but then they'll blow a lead or choke it away in the last minute or something. The amount of points left on the table is unreal. Never has one gif more perfectly summed up a season.
  8. Someone make a run and put this team out of its misery already. I can't keep being teased.
  9. They keep making one pass too many. fvcking shoot it. This guy is a rebound machine. Oh lawd. Thank you Cory.
  10. So Larsson.. can he be in the NHL again please?
  11. PWW

    2013-14 OOT Thread

    Lucy was such a b!tch. Always pulling the ball away from DeBoer like that.
  12. You can believe what you want but these people exist and their number is greater than you think it is. I have friends who I would say go to a few games a year and and the great majority of them are all in the "We need to keep Marty at all costs and Cory can wait" boat. A lot of fans of the Devils feel this way. It might not be the as many who don't, but it's still a larger number than it should be. It's unfortunate.
  13. Well then luckily you're not friends with many of these casual "fans". I know a bunch on Facebook saying this exact stuff. Believe me, it's out there. Hell, I'm sure if you go into the comments on the Devils' Facebook page you'll see it. Not that I ever recommend reading that stuff because you will definitely feel dumber by the end.
  14. Agree 100%. It made every weird decision by PDB just that much more annoying.
  15. Elias and Clowe keep getting shots and have been unsuccessful all season. Henrique can't even put it on net. Boucher wasn't in the next shootout after scoring our only shootout goal of the season. I definitely exaggerated and it feels like it's been the same few guys when it really hasn't but man, if NOTHING has worked, next in line. Half the time it feels like they're not even getting shots off for an entire shootout. After losing 9 straight how can you be against trying anything to break the mentality? Maybe the guys who haven't tried won't have the pressure or losing mindset. It can't possibly hurt.
  16. I brought up Merrill in my post. I did forget Henrique's massive step forward which was just an omission on my part. Hell, I'd even add in Clowe being an upgrade over Clarkson as something I forgot. Gelinas has been jerked around too much to call a straight up silver lining. He played his best with Larsson and has regressed since. I love Zajac, but he's had his share of struggles this season and can't seem to put a puck in the ocean. The other stuff (strong defensive play, faceoffs, etc) he's already shown he can do. If he was back to putting up the point totals of a few years ago or even hitting 50 (there's still time) then I'd call his play a silver lining. As of now, he's the player we thought he was but with that contract you know they have to be hoping for a little more. Add in Larsson rotting away in the AHL, JJ rotting on the bench for much of the year, Teds proving his bust status, Loki falling out of favor and being traded away, Ryder/Brunner running hot and cold and a general lack of consistency as a whole, Cory getting jerked around, and veterans getting worse and still having time on contracts left and it's definitely way more tire spinning than moving forward, even regression in some areas. There are a few silver linings, but man does it feel like we're just gonna be stuck in the same place next season and it's a bit tough to get hyped for 14-15. At least it is for me.
  17. That's what's weird about DeBoer. He'll change the line-up after a win but will stick with the same guys in the shootout. I don't understand why he'll be so stubborn with some things and not with others.
  18. No hate, just frustration. This guy has played his whole career in a Devils uniform. He knows the crest on the front is more important than the one on the back and I wish he would act like it for at least a few more weeks. To complain about not playing enough is unreal when he's played more here than he would've anywhere else. And to talk about potential teams for next year right before you just got named starter of a do-or-die game? That's just unacceptable. I never had a problem with Zach until he came out and said he was talking to Suter about going to Minnesota while he was still in the playoffs and that's the same problem I have with Marty now. Talk about next season when this one is over.
  19. Pete DeBoer clearly has never heard Einstein's quote about the definition of insanity. At this point I can't believe he hasn't tried Zids once. I mean, I watched him score a few at the practice the other day. Same with JJ and Ruutu. Literally saw them score with my own eyes. What's the worst that could happen? None of them score? Oh well, we're in the same position as before but at least a fvcking effort was made to break the trend. The Brunner, Clowe, Elias well has long been dry.
  20. Agreed. The other thing is it just seems like no progress is being made. Like, I can't even find silver linings in this season and it feels like we're just spinning our wheels so I'm sure others feel the same. We get a new franchise goalie and don't use him like one. We keep our top prospect in the minors in favor of guys way past their prime. We sit our young guys for seemingly no reason and ruin their confidence. I mean, yes, Merrill looks great but it'd be nice to see the team make a bit more progress. Instead they go to the same dried up well over and over (shootout choices, Marty, Sal, CBGB).
  21. You'd be shocked man. A lot of "fans" of this team really have no idea what's going on. They think Marty is better than Cory. You should've seen the outrage from casual fans that Lou was thinking about trading Marty. Calling it a slap in the face and that they'd never go to another game even though Marty was the one who wanted out and ASKED to be traded. Bottom line, a lot of people who are fans and come to games are pretty clueless.
  22. Wish I had enough time to make a sign for tonight. Don't let the door hit you on the way out sh!thead.
  23. I took about 40-something photos between practice and meeting players. I was gonna post them but this thread didn't seem like it was about those of us that had a good time so I didn't want to interrupt haha.
  24. Nah, why would he do that? The post count is more important than the content. Also, I'm so done with DeBoer. The double standard is awful and just flat out unacceptable.
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