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  1. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk91TiHu For the weirdness of Marty dressed as a forward and other images coming soon
  2. Niedermayer was definitely holding back for most of the game but he still had it for sure
  3. Good times seeing people throwing shade at us for the crowd tonight. If the weather was perfect we'd likely see 13.5-14K announced but alas the roads are in really bad shape right now
  4. Isles lead in the Metro is about gone
  5. You create your own luck but good lord are the Rangers a lucky team.
  6. Buzz words are fun. If anything, the Devils were trapping Philly in their own end.
  7. I know social media is not the best judge of these sorts of things but it is pretty awful to see Cory getting chirped by Devils fans on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram after every goal against -he's even getting chirped on videos from practices and morning skates. While it is fair to want and expect him to be playing better, would it hurt to show the guy who signed a long term deal to be our starter a little bit of support? The team's problems are bigger than Cory and Keith at this point in time.
  8. The team's offense and power play needs to step it up and get that extra goal a game to take pressure off the defense and Cory late in these games. I know the focus tonight is on Cory's mistake (which I'm not defending, that goal can't go in) but the Devils keep making their lives difficult by not extending their leads when they have the opportunity to do so.
  9. This was at the Dick's at Woodbridge Center. Must be a company wide thing they're doing.
  10. I was at the mall today too- the window art at Dick's made me shake my head.
  11. Is it bad that I'd forgive LA for 2012 if they make the Finals and beat the Rangers this year? The Lundqvist narrative will be quite obnoxious to hear for the next few days - he's playing great hockey, but outside of the Vanek chance did Montreal really have any dangerous scoring chances?
  12. With the disclaimer coming that home ice advantage likely results in a Rangers win tomorrow.
  13. Living up to the whole "Broad Street Bullies" reputation really makes the current day Flyers teams play stupid hockey. And in the bitter Devils fan having a bone to pick with certain Rangers fans department: I hope the fans who insist Marty's greatest successes are solely a byproduct of the Devils defensive (trapping) system one day realize that Henrik has been playing behind a team that's been effective at blocking shots over the past few years. I'm basing this off of the eye test though, and acknowledge actual hard stats might prove me otherwise.
  14. Measuring TV ratings isn't an exact science either so 12,000 households can mean more eyes are watching. Plus I don't believe the TV numbers include those who may be watching via NHL Center Ice or the Gamecenter App. The drop in ratings is a bummer but the Devils should still get their money from MSG regardless.
  15. Link to the article that speculates that Kinkaid may be the goalie traded from New Jersey. http://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-trade-deadline-keith-kinkaid-martin-brodeur-will-traded/ Not really familiar with The Hockey Writers or author Leo Scaglione. I find it interesting but I take it as a writer's speculation piece as opposed to anything concrete. Kinkaid has been solid in Albany this season so his performance may give Lou the option to include him on a deal. Who knows though.
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