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  1. bobby valentine huh? id bet you two have so much in common both of your wives would set you up on a date. whats your problem were here to talk hockey lighten up.
  2. i dont need to know you very well your arrogant attack and attitude on me the other evening filled me in quite nicely. i never said he was a pivotal player and never compared him to zidlicky. i said stralman would have made a nice back pairing 7th defenseman for the devils and adding zidlicky to the mix would have been enough NHL caliber depth. stralman has fit in nicely as a ranger this postseason anyone who covers or watches the rangers sees that but you. he doesnt need to be pivotal on a d corps that has 3 horses on it. 3 horses that tortorella rides to death as he does with top players.
  3. Here's just one article saying otherwise. My link stralman has had a solid playoffs for the role hes asked to play behind 3 of their top horses. i wouldnt expect you agree with that so no surprise there.
  4. imo they also wouldnt be in the 3rd round without the trade for zidlicky. along with that trade you have to make the player they should have signed for a lower pairing is on the rangers defense. better hope that doesnt come back to haunt lamoriello.
  5. let this problem be an omen like 1995's franchise uncertainty. we know how that turned out.
  6. so in essence it takes about 5-8% ranger fans out of the crowd and it's 70/30 split at best? As long as tickets are on scalp sites and to the public ranger fans will buy them and pay for them. You'll see the same blue jerseys behind the bench and in the same pockets in the lower level because those seats are already owned by ticket brokers. Good work by the devils to help eliminate some ranger fans but if people think youll get the same lack of rangers fans as flyers youre sadly mistaken.
  7. ive had only one interaction with her where she decided to act like a snob in the Game 1 thread. for someone her age and tenure as a fan ruffling feathers and being flippant like a 10 year old reflects just as bad as those shes trying to exploit. me: well look at it this way. the flyers will be well rested to take on the rangers and thats where youll see bryz cost them a trip to the cup. (i was wrong and admit it) her: Then we shouldn't see you watching any games or posting in this thread because you are psychic. In over a decade on these forums, I think you have taken the place of GR. You belong on the list. me: i have a pair of pom poms from the 2003 cup lmk know your section and ill run them over to you as a gift :-) relax and let people say what they want to say its a message board. her: I want them from the '95 cup. No I want them from the 88 game in Chicago. Hey I really want your banner for the first game every played as the Devils. The stuff you paid for. LOL I think I have forgotten more than you know. Bye bye. after this above exchange she then has the nerve to say "Remember this is a forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless of how others think" when i basically told her the same thing above and she flew off the handle.
  8. so you feel that since people dont agree with the majority they are in the wrong? majority rules?
  9. superstitioius nonsense. if this bothers anyone then i guess the 1,000 times you'll see highlights from 1994 will surely put the hex on.
  10. Well it looks like you'll see harrold on saturday or sunday.
  11. the kings are living pretty charmed right now but the team that wins the cup goes through adversity and the ups and downs of a long playoff run. the devils, rangers and capitals all have. phoenix has, too. i just think the kings as good as they've played and have looked we haven't seen what will happen with them if they hit any kind of adversity.
  12. whatever happens from here on out if you had told me they'd be in the playoffs and advance to second round in sept id sign up for it all day. to be here in the final four just to be still playing again with the trees in full bloom has been fun. beat the rangers? why not maybe anything is possible at this point and maybe this group as flawed and as bi polar as they can look has something in them that cant be explained.
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