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  1. meeting away team?

    yea...so how does it work with the devils, again sorry for my crappy knowledge of this stuff
  2. meeting away team?

    yea.....was thinking the same thing anyway
  3. meeting away team?

    naaaa not 10 haha
  4. meeting away team?

    so i'm coming home for break in march and my girlfriend got us tickets to the devils/caps game 3/18. I was wondering if anyone knew how to/ where to possible get the other teams autographs or something, I'll probably get slammed but I'm a huge ovechkin fan grew up watching him, yada yada yada, and so when i mean the other teams autographs, more so just his, thanks guys
  5. hey there

    hey everyone i'm new fan since i've been little kid, love hockey, playing college, firefighter from north jersey, thats basically it