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  1. Happy Birthday, Zam! Today is an awesome day huh?
  2. Why thank you good sir. Let's not forget today is also Zamode's birthday! Let's not forget the other awesome chick born on this day!
  3. I'm innocent I tell ya! Until proven guilty...which could be soon...but 'til then! Now that I think about it, that dumbass cashier at CVS probably stuck it in my bag when I wasn't looking. I mean seriously, me buy makeup at CVS? I stole from Saks Fifth Avenue for crying out loud! Oh well, as they say, no such thing as bad publicity!
  4. Winona Ryder


    That should be your avatar.
  5. I have a hat like that from an old costume...
  6. Winona Ryder


    So Anna, is this the new hair? Also, is this the friend that didn't want to be photographed? She sure seems to be cool with it...unless she doesn't know they're all over the internet...
  7. Well it was a contest and maybe the kid wanted to participate somehow since it was for her? "Mommy, can I put the stamp on and lick the envelope?" If this happened, the mother probably gave her the stamp and told her where to put it, etc.
  8. I claimed nothing of the sort. I said a six year could do it, I never said THAT six year old did it. Like I said, it's obvious the mother helped based on the links provided. The mother probably did write it and addressed the envelope. How hard is it to stuff an envelope and put a "sticker" on it and drop it in the mailbox? Not saying that kid did it but I bet she was capable.
  9. First they practice the power play, now this...what is the world coming to!?
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