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  1. no post game tonight? i want to see the presser
  2. Sue me if this was posted, but wanted to share https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/389756_800404895359_333793142_n.jpg
  3. abripper339


    penalty shot is also a different situation.. the player chooses to come in at any speed/angle which greatly tips their hand on what their end move is going to be. b/c if you have the chance to changed your angle/speed to help your end move you will.. in a game, the player comes in as he comes in through the flow of the game and all options are possible.
  4. abripper339


    was a little to passive for me on that breakaway.. would of like to see one of his poke checks on that move.
  5. abripper339


    yea basically i am not paying 600$ for 2 tix to game 1 or 2.. but if the cup is in the building i'll be trolling that corner with 1k in my pocket for a ticket.. thats my only resort left.
  6. true i should bow down to someone telling me to grow up.. my bad guys. HIGH HORSES ALL ABOARD.
  7. abripper339


    well thats my game 7 plan...
  8. abripper339


    well thats what i mean.. waiting to 8 or 815 as the game is starting and ask one of those guys.. surely if its halfway through the first and they have tix in their hand they will sell them cheaper.. no?
  9. abripper339


    I had asked this earlier in the thread, but what has been the luck of buying tickets at the start of the game off the street sellers? what kind of prices have people been getting?
  10. was just giving to a ranger fan who finally got his friday night. a ranger fan whose presence on the board "matteau" is designed around giving it to us in the same fashion on a similar moment in his teams favor. thank you.
  11. a good answer the deserves respect doesn't end with "grow up".. he got back what he gave.
  12. correction.. if i was a resident devils fan on a rangers forum to fulfill some awkward fantasy of mine, then yes i would of done the same thing.
  13. if the rangers won friday you'd of been here all 3 days so stfu. do you ever go to the garden? or are you just a ranger fan living in NJ and can't afford to go the garden? one of those guys that hears marty chants on TV from the garden, thinks its cool and tries to chant marty at the rock. GTFOOH. your team got waxed up and down the rink. go back in your cave
  14. abripper339


    Maybe I am jaded b.c I have been in the building the 2 times they won the cup. But Friday night was just as unique for me. Waited my entire life to give it to ranger fans like we did last Friday. Hell that win may eclipse all 3 cups for me.
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