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  1. Exactly my reaction, I had to watch it a few times to get a good look at the name on the jersey.
  2. Oh well, let's get that pick and on to the next season! My last Devils game here before I move house.
  3. Wolfy

    2013 NHL Draft

    Bit out of the loop here, is this kid anything special?
  4. The more we score and the more we win, the more miserable I am. Cannot fvcking believe we're not in the playoffs.
  5. Bullsh!t call on the Canes and bullsh!t lucky bounce for the rags. Can anyone explain to me why suddenly, when we're not in it anymore, our PP suddenly comes to life? Anyone? Edit: Winnipeg just got the lead.
  6. Wolfy

    OOT Thread

    If it comes down to our last game against the rags for them to make the playoffs, that's going to be as good as a whole playoff run for me.
  7. But I did cringe when he went into the boards.
  8. In other news, I'm a HUGE Florida fan tonight.
  9. Why can't I not watch a Devils game? I wanted to, I really really wanted to...
  10. Probably the Ducks, they've been a team I always kind of liked. Oh, and I also do hope the best for Detroit, I've had only pleasant experiences with their fanbase and they've got quite the legacy. But in all honesty, I won't be watching the actual games until they'd make the conference finals or the SCF.
  11. And this is the first time ever I don't feel any joy for a Devils goal.
  12. They're starting to make up in scoring. Still about 50 goals to go.
  13. I'm on to what they're trying to do! We started the season hot, but then we decided that we'll try what the Kings did last year since it worked so well for them. So we lost 10 in a row on purpose so that people will underestimate us, and now we'll just squeeze into the playoffs and then win the cup!
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