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  1. Here's what's funny. Scott Gomez still has zero goals.
  2. Not a single one of us has any idea if he's staying or going. It's gonna be stressful one way or the other. The whole bankrutpcy thing isn't exactly appealing.
  3. This was just a regular jersey purchase. But yea I know they don't charge you until your item is ready to be shipped out.
  4. So I was wondering. I made my order to EP on October 27th. I did receive a confirmation email from Justin Kliebe. I don't remember he date however. They still haven't charged my card or anything some 3 weeks later. Is this normal?
  5. I purchased an authentic Elias jersey from them, and Justin Kliebe from EP emailed me back confirming he recieved the purchase. I'll post pics when I get my jersey in.
  6. Lundqvist's reaction was priceless! Gaborik with the assist! The Pens won, which would have been nice to see them lose. But Buffalo winning and the Rags choking is just as good as a perfect night for me!
  7. Couturier would be my ideal center pick. But Landeskog has Devil written all over him. Larsson is the guy we need to get if he's still available though.
  8. I hate to say this, but I think the Rangers have a legit chance at upsetting the Caps. But Ovechkin to me has the drive to make sure last year doesn't happen again. But it's weird that a team was involved in 2 consecutive 3-1 comebacks. I don't think they wanna be in that position again even though they were the ones who came out on top in 09. I think they wanna put the Rags out quicker than slower.
  9. I honestly feel bad for Ottawa. If you go to there HF board, there some hilarious stuff going on in there.
  10. My favorite moment this year was the Kovalchuk OT goal against Pittsburgh. His celebration was epic.
  11. Washington because of Arnott and Ovechkin Montreal because of Gionta and NOT because of Gomez Buffalo because of Ryan Miller Tampa because of Martin St. Louis Phoenix because of the troll aspect and Shane Doan LA because of Quick
  12. So many choices!!!!!!!!!!! Landeskog, Couterier, Larsson! IDC! I want any one of those 3.
  13. Henrique and Urbom are playing.
  14. Every Rags fan seems to think we have this obsession with them just because we hate them so much. I always found that ironic since they're just as every bit obsessed with us as we are with them.
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