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  1. Let's go Devils!!! We need a solid game tonight.
  2. I don't know about the sound tigers but let's go baby pens!!!
  3. Since this is public information I have no problem with this being accessible. It is just another tool to keep you informed. I live in PA and it states only violent sexual offenders can be listed but I guess this is better than nothing.
  4. I agree with your assessment jbech. I too don't post often but pop in to see what's up. Just like I'm doing now.
  5. Welcome emptynet, that definitely is a 'different' avator.
  6. It is too soon to start hanging people. Although I hate to see us in this slump I would still put Marty in when the game is on the line. Everyone goes through tough times, I think it just unfortunate that pretty much our whole team is in a funk. Hopefully we can get a some games on the plus side and put this behind us. All is not lost.
  7. I too have center ice and also enjoy watching many of the other games. It is amazing to watch how some teams have adapted. Also note that the further from the NY viewing area it seems their is more hitting going on. Maybe I am wrong but that is what it seems to me. Anyone agree?
  8. My wife and I are Devils fans and live in NE Pennsylvania. We have season tix for the weekend games. It takes us 2+ hours each way to get to the arena. But I suppose we are not the norm. On another note, I think having train access would be a big advantage. So anywhere in NE NJ near the trains is great so Newark is fine. I guess we are going to have to wait and see though if this holds water.
  9. I chuckle to recall your brothers wedding when you got so po'd at me for going down to the bar to watch the Devils win the cup in "95 and how now I can bring it up and you know why I was so intent on watching. BTW- I became a devils fan as a result of watching the Islanders and Caps in the playoffs in the late '80's and Pat LaFontaine scoring the game winner in quadruple OT or whatever and remembering the intensity of that game. After that I was hooked but since I lived in NJ I figured I had to be a Devils fan. Support the home team. Anyway-GO DEVILS!!!
  10. What kind of cards are you looking for? What I mean is recent cards or older cards?
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